Neptune in Libra

Saturn Neptune in Libra

Saturn Conjunct Neptune In Libra: Effect On Love & Relationships

There is a generation that has Saturn-Neptune conjunct in libra. Were we just meant to have difficult people in our lives? Saturn and Neptune were conjunct in Libra around 1952. While you may have experienced difficulty with others, I don’t think this is the meaning of this conjunction.   At best, it’s one possible manifestation of […]

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Neptune Conjunct The Descendant Interpretation

Elsa, You’ve written quite a bit about your Neptune at the midheaven. What about Neptune on the Descendant? I know the Savior/look for a Savior would be part of it. I’ve played both. But, lately I get to thinking that with Neptune on the Descendant I am one of those people who absorbs other people’s

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