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Neptune Conjunct The Descendant Interpretation

Elsa, You’ve written quite a bit about your Neptune at the midheaven. What about Neptune on the Descendant? I know the Savior/look for a Savior would be part of it. I’ve played both. But, lately I get to thinking that with Neptune on the Descendant I am one of those people who absorbs other people’s […]

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Delusion, Avoidance & Addiction

Neptune is challenge to work with. Once you delude yourself (and others), it’s really hard to work way out. I have a story to illustrate what I mean. With Saturn and Pluto in my 12th house, I’ve really withdrawn from the public to a large extent.  I became uncomfortable as part of the fabric of society.

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Venus In Aspect To Neptune In Love

I have Venus in aspect to Neptune. I’ve written about the sensitivity to music and the deception which is perpetrated by the Venus Neptune person. As often as they are preyed upon, they’re usually more comfortable in the victim role then they are owning their side of things. Assuming they can see their side of things!

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Men, Women And Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is a fairly common story.  What’s unusual is that it seems to dog men and women fairly equally. There not many things that fit this bill. As far as a marker in a chart goes, pining is a Neptune phenomena. Neptune tied up with Venus  in any form, would be the thing to

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Boundaries And Neptune

Elsa’s blog post about Scapegoating got me thinking. One of the most common things I am asked about is the pattern of boundary issues and enmeshment. Enmeshment is when you stop being able to figure out where you end and your partner begins. It can feel wonderful at first, because you’ve merged completely with another

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