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Neptune Conjunct The Descendant Interpretation

Elsa, You’ve written quite a bit about your Neptune at the midheaven. What about Neptune on the Descendant? I know the Savior/look for a Savior would be part of it. I’ve played both. But, lately I get to thinking that with Neptune on the Descendant I am one of those people who absorbs other people’s […]

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Venus In Aspect To Neptune In Love

I have Venus in aspect to Neptune. I’ve written about the sensitivity to music and the deception which is perpetrated by the Venus Neptune person. As often as they are preyed upon, they’re usually more comfortable in the victim role then they are owning their side of things. Assuming they can see their side of things!

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How To Break Pattern Of Unrequited, Destructive Relationships

Dear Elsa, I have Venus square Neptune. My experience with Venus square Neptune: Unrequited love. I’d rather fantasize about having a wonderful relationship instead of putting forth the effort to obtaining one. The foot work is way too difficult. Plain and simple. How do I stop this destructive love pattern. Dream Lover Dream Lover, you

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