Saturn in Libra

Saturn Neptune in Libra

Saturn Conjunct Neptune In Libra: Effect On Love & Relationships

There is a generation that has Saturn-Neptune conjunct in libra. Were we just meant to have difficult people in our lives? Saturn and Neptune were conjunct in Libra around 1952. While you may have experienced difficulty with others, I don’t think this is the meaning of this conjunction.   At best, it’s one possible manifestation of […]

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People Born 1980-81 With Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Libra

Jupiter joined Saturn in Libra at the end of October, 1980.  These planets maintained a conjunction for about a year, due to the timing of the retrograde periods. I’ve worked with a number of clients with this conjunction lately. They’re largely unaware of the power of this conjunction in their chart. They also don’t realize

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Why Are Some People Constantly Miserable?

Have you ever noticed there are some people who are just never happy? They are always complaining about something, nothing is ever right, nothing is ever good enough. They complain about you, they complain about their life, they complain about their neighbor, their boss, their lover or their ex-friend but never, ever stop and think

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