Saturn Conjunct Neptune In Libra: Effect On Love & Relationships

Saturn Neptune in LibraThere is a generation that has Saturn-Neptune conjunct in libra. Were we just meant to have difficult people in our lives?

Saturn and Neptune were conjunct in Libra around 1952. While you may have experienced difficulty with others, I don’t think this is the meaning of this conjunction.   At best, it’s one possible manifestation of a sea of them.

For example,  you may be tasked to learn to transcend blocks in this area. Or to transcend rejection.

You may have to come to terms with the idea that expecting a lifetime of bliss is unrealistic.   You may have to learn not to choose impaired or addicted partners.  You may also be the one who is impaired.

You may have to learn not to view people with “rose-colored glasses”. You may literally have it better than your realize… I’m talking about  bearing imagined burden.

You may also have a negative expectation that manifests in reality.

You may see the other person’s shortcoming while obscuring your own.

I could sit here and list hundreds of things. You may not like this list, but for what’s it worth, I have done all of these things and more, many times.

One thing I have learned about Neptune, it is never as good or bad as you think!

Can anyone else weigh in?

5 thoughts on “Saturn Conjunct Neptune In Libra: Effect On Love & Relationships”

  1. Does Saturn @8 Libra and Neptune @19 Libra qualify? Born Oct 22, 1951.
    I know I was blown away at least 20 years ago when I realized that I just did not believe in “evil!” I had rejected Catholic teaching that we were born with original sin and are therefore corrupt at the core of our beings. But life showed me that evil is prevalent.

    1. It’s not a conjunction but you do have these energies mashed. So do, in a different form.

      It’s Saturn and Neptune mashed with Venus, basically. So if this sounds familiar, you’re probably one of us! 🙂

  2. I have this conjunction as does my husband of 43 years.
    I’ve been a little of each of things listed.

    Perhaps my biggest thing has been denial of reality in its various forms. My conjunction is my sixth house of health, so I tend to be overly concerned about some issues. I’m also in denial over some other health issues.

    To the question, yes, I’ve had difficult people in my life. I learned to cope. I’ve also had wonderful people in my life. Libra is balance, after all. Before I read this post, I recently brought up this subject to my husband. I said something like this: We’ve both worked with both terrible people and wonderful people. Most fell in the middle. That’s balance.

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