Pluto transit 10th

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Pluto Transits & The Root Of Your Psychological Patterns

My early morning client had a really interesting chart.  She’s down low and simultaneously, high-flying. She’s open and closed and she embodies several other dichotomies. Stick a Pluto transit to the angles of a chart like this and it’s going to be a hellacious party trying to sort what’s happening. Sometimes, a Pluto transit seems […]


Pluto Transit To Your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC

First, this disclaimer: I use EQUAL houses. When I say “angles of your chart”, that’s exactly what I mean. I am referring to Pluto transits over the angles of your chart, where the angles are the same degree as your ascendant. Pluto transits over the angles of your chart are invariably drastic and life-changing. For

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