What Happens When Pluto Transits Your 10th House?

Pluto roman godWhen people have a transit coming up, they search for information. They tend to terrify themselves over what they read. This is especially true when it comes to Pluto.

Pluto spends on average, fifteen years transiting a house. Whatever you read may sound like a death sentence or something horribly grueling that you’ll barely be able to endure. In reality, the transit is so slow and so deep, you’re not likely to have conscious awareness of it, day to day or even year to year. I’d go as far as to say it probably takes ten years after Pluto has wrapped up in house to really assimilate the effects.

Case in point, Pluto is currently transiting my 12th house. I recall Pluto’s transit through my 10th. It most definitely ended my career. I took a stunning fall which is devastating for a Capricorn rising.

I was completely identified with my job. I had status because of it. I suffered a complete wipe-out on that front during this transit.

Prior to the transit I had a good answer to the question, “What do you do for a living?” With Pluto in the 10th, I answered that question with a blank stare!

I lived underground throughout my entire 10th house Pluto transit. I went from being prominent, easy to find, listed in the phone book, with a beacon on my head, to being invisible!

How invisible? Well the internet was not what it is now, but it was here. It took someone brainy, who knew how to use resources no less than six years to find me!

I hope people who search and land on on this post don’t think this will happen to them. Something will happen to them but it won’t be this. Their experience will be tailored to their chart. I just want to put real information out here.

This transit did obliterate my 10th house reputation and my career. It also wiped out both parents. It was painful but I did not writhe around about it on a daily basis. I got used to the situation. After awhile, it’s just your life.

What happened when Pluto transited your 10th house?

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  1. Pluto is going through my tenth house. My 36 year career with the public service ended. It was a very challenging time, but I was sooo glad when I finally took my exit, especially as I managed to negotiate a very good redundancy package as well. This has allowed me to focus on more creative pursuits, and has given me the resources to survive while I reestablish myself … in whatever it is I will be doing in the future. Now I write in the area of cultural heritage/history. I am a storyteller, and artist. It doesn’t pay much, but I have just been asked to join a luxury cruise liner to be an onboard lecturer, all inclusive cruise and my husband can come too, and they will fly us to and from the start and end points. I love that I don’t know where this ‘new career’ will take me!

  2. Hmm another born with Pluto in the H10. Mine conj Mars & MC in practical Virgo. I remember Tadd Mann stating that configuration was a mother trying to abort the fetus & he’s quite correct. Double-bodied sign & I found out she did in fact try this twice with 2 different doctors in 2 different states. She was obviously unsuccessful ‘cos I made it into this world – I’m lucky to be alive! I also had 2 mothers with the other being a foster mother.
    Career wise, at this age, it is all a meh now. . .

  3. Pluto transiting the 10th house is very ‘reap what you sow’ pretty instantly. So a person should watch their nose during the transit!

  4. After looking up when Pluto entered Capricorn, yes, there has been an unceasing amount of high drama and great transformations occurring in my life. For me, Pluto is now about half-way across the 11th House. All – and I mean ALL – of my old friends have been released and replaced with truer friendships that have more depth and meaning in my life. Here’s an interesting anecdote: The 4th degree of Capricorn is on my 11th House, and in July 2010 when I separated from my ex, that 4th degree was “doing its thing” that month. She and I had had our last confrontation of wills in the garage, and it was like my heart spoke instead of my brain, as the words “If I met you today, I would not even want to be your friend” poured out of my mouth. Oddly enough, I had been warning her since Pluto left Sagittarius in 2008 that it was increasingly difficult to want to be around her because we did not act as if we were friends anymore. To this day, I have no desire to see or talk with her. “That ship has sailed!”

  5. Pluto is transiting my 10th at the moment and applying to a final square with my natal Pluto in the 7th. It’s been a rocky ride and I lost a person close to me. I still work at the same company I did when it entered Capricorn.
    What scares me more is when it transits into Aquarius and opposes my natal Jupiter/moon conjunction at 1 degree Leo.

  6. :DDDD Natal Pluto is on the cusp of my 10th house. I have never felt defined by my job, nor my service. I understand myself more as a function than a thing. (I always am stumped by the question, ‘what do you do?’ 😀 again. But while on the job and in service I give it my all. I pack some power endurance wise.

  7. Hi Elsa!
    I am re-reading your article as well as the comments here and unfortunately I can confirm all this!I myself have been a successful sole entrepreneur before Pluto came on my MC.It hit MC exactly when the world crisis began.Instead of the planned huge projects I had no more income and I had to sell my properties one after another.I started a new business and my wife worked hard and still we had to borrow money for living for a period of several years!Even now almost ten years later our income is less than our expenses!My old and new businesses meet constant difficulties from nowhere and make things finally crush.At the same time I am trying to find job but no luck,even jobs I would never think I will ever apply for!My wife (also has transit Pluto in tenth house) has made big progress in her carrier but her salary is far from sufficient for the whole family.I am very ambitious person and you can imagine how I feel.I turned into a baby sitter,at the same time I am trying to push things from home.I am absolutely isolated from the world and had to do things like house work which has nothing to do with our style of living before that.We switched the roles with my wife now.She was my office assistant in my business before that.I have no idea whether I can survive that situation.It is a nightmare!My only project left has suffered sudden law changes and it can be fulfilled by some 20% of its previous potential.Can somebody tell me whether I can come back to life after Pluto comes out of tenth house or this will be the new normal?

  8. Transiting Pluto is currently transiting my Capricorn 10th house, and is conjunct my MC. It is also opposing my natal Mars in my 4th house. The ruler of my 10th house, Saturn, is transiting my 9th house opposing my natal Sun. I am only four years away from retirement, and was laid off from a job I’ve been doing for over 20 years and had been receiving recognition for. I have been unable to find another job. I am now trying to get funding to go back to school to change professions to the counseling field. It will pay less than I was making, but it is a field I’m passionate about.

    The thing is, I had become unsatisfied and unfulfilled in my work. I didn’t really want to do it anymore but felt I had to stick it out until I retired. Then Pluto hit and forced me into changing careers into something more purposeful and fulfilling. I’m waiting on funding, but with Saturn opposing my Sun, I’m relying on God to provide. It has been a time of testing my sense of security, which is vsry important to me. Pluto has really shaken things up. It will eventually trine my natal Moon in Virgo in my 6th house, so I’m hoping that will bring good job prospects and some financial security.

  9. I have my sun in my 10th house Capricorn. I’ve always been a workaholic. I worked/school 50-80 hrs a week since I was 15. I would go months without a day off. When the Pluto transit hit, I worked harder… until it came in conjunction with my Sun. That conjunction has been devastating. Just as your article states, I went underground. The Pluto transit is also squaring my brother’s moon in his 1st house. I read in another article that this square, in rare occasions, could mean death of a female relative or mother. We lost her a few months ago. Her sun conjunct my sun so his moon squares our sun conjunct Pluto. This Pluto transit is rocking our world and the stress on the relationship between me and my brother is indescribable. Can’t wait for it to be over and the rebirth, whatever that means, can start. Good luck to all.

  10. Transiting Pluto has just entered my 10th house. My mother died over twenty years ago. My daughter is highly critical of me at the moment, so i’m guessing that my role as a parent is going to be scrutinized along side who i think i am? Over the weekend i met up with some people i have not seen for over twenty years, one comment that stood out was, “i did not recognise you.” Heh!

  11. Hi Elsa
    i currently have both Pluto and Saturn transiting my capricorn 10th house for last couple of years…WOW..i am SO focused. While still in my current job, I have completed an HE Access Diploma in Health, just finishing 2nd and final year of a Foundation Degree – Assistant Practitioner, and intend to go on to do a fast track 2 year nursing degree next April!..Its like i woke up!. These transits have been hard work but have helped me to really focus mentally, (for which i am really grateful because when younger I did not do so well at school). Pluto and Saturn have given me a second chance at academia and change of career in my mid life…life can really turn around under these two planets, but it does take work and effort, but these planets also provide stamina. Also i’ve taken up jogging to relieve this extra tension…i’ve got transiting Uranus across my ASC to thank for that! 🙂

  12. Hi Elsa, I am experiencing what you were experiencing, cause since 2017 pluto transit in 10th house and square my natal pluto. Wao, talked about lost in the far away land. Everything I have built up for life all crashing down. Trying to figure out how to start over and in what way. I am trying best to follow the guidance toward something new, but there is still part of me who still clinging to the old pattern (old job). Career? Turn out I am now led to the career that completely the opposite of my education, my previous job, etc. What a scary things. But Pluto given me no choice. Though I still wishing that I can compromise with Pluto, lol.

  13. Oh wow. If this is what’s in store I will simply kill myself thays not a hard call to make. I’m not going to deal with this kind of crap, existence isn’t mandatory. I’m surprised you all hung in there through this shit, it’s not worth it.

  14. “When people have a transit coming up, they search for information. They tend to terrify themselves over what they read. This is especially true when it comes to Pluto.”

    I just did this, although I’m not quite terrified haha. Pluto JUST entered my 10th house. The 9th house transit was definitely intense and things I never predicted would happen, happened. So I’m interested in seeing what’s next. I don’t have a public career and I don’t know where I’m headed other than staying put. So cheers to 10th house Pluto 🙂

  15. Is pluto in Capricorn right now, but moving into Aquarius in 2024? So if I were a Capricorn rising then Pluto would be in my first house of self right?

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