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Getting Comfortable With Your Pluto Transit

Pluto transits are well and widely known to drag a person into their un-comfort zone.  I had a gal call about Pluto transiting her first house.  I also have Pluto transiting my first. Our ascendants are one degree apart.  Reading through the lines of her note, I surmised she was calling me because she wanted

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Benefits Of Pluto Transiting Your 12th House

My 12th house Pluto transit has wrapped up. I chronicled the whole ordeal. I’ve written about how this played for me but I have not written about how I feel I benefitted from the transit. This seems a good time to go into this, mostly because of the Pluto Transiting 12th: Brink Of Homelessness post. 

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Pluto In The First House – Lone Wolf

I think it was, Jeffrey Wolf Green, who associated Pluto in the first house with the person being a “lone wolf” but I may have conflated the two things. In whatever case, I heard of this interpretation in the early 90’s. I am biased in favor in favor of relating to others so it disturbed

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Negative Affective Presence

I feel I have a negative “affective presence” at this time. I’ve just learned this term. It means, my presence has a negative affect on the group. I don’t think it’s always been this way but it’s this way now. I give this to Pluto transiting my first house and perhaps my Scorpio heavy, progressed

My lumbar spine scolosis

Pluto Transits Conjunct Ascendant – One Year Later

Pluto crossed my Capricorn ascendant a year ago. My life has changed dramatically. With Pluto transiting my 12th house I was diagnosed with Lupus. I am not even sure I have Lupus, today.  Yeah, the FOG. I was also completely undone with bone stuff. Spine, both lumbar and cervical. I also had a hip replacement

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