Pluto Transit MC vs Pluto Transit Ascendant

tucsonI met my friend, Ben, nearly forty years ago.  We lived in Tucson; we were servers in the same restaurant. It was an interesting situation because all of the servers were gay men except for three women.

In whatever case, Ben and I hit it off. We’ve been friends ever since. This was the same time frame as when AIDS came on the scene and quickly exploded.  I just need to mention this because it was so huge.  It shook the world and we were caught in that, together.

Outside of waiting tables, Ben played the cello. He played it for pleasure, he played it, professionally and he taught a number of private students.  Then one day, he was offered a position out of state. He was to be the musical director in the public school system. Long story short, he took the job.

This threw his entire life into total upheaval as he left everything familiar and moved to what amounted to a foreign country. I had already left, Tucson, for a rural town. Yes, I always gravitate to places where a person has space and freedom.  Though it was out of his way, Ben, drove to see me on his way out of town, stating that he wanted my face to be the last one he saw before he left, Tucson.  It’s an important point.

So now, nearly forty years have passed and, Ben, is considering retiring.  We talk about him moving here, from time to time.  Sometimes it seems likely it will happen. Other times, not so much. But it’s something we think about and my husband is all for it.

So today, Ben and I were talking and this came up again. I told him, he really needed to come here and stay for awhile so he could rule it in or out.  He agreed.  I also said, the culture shock would be equivalent to when he moved he last time… this is when it hit me.

“Hey!” I said.  Pluto is about to cross your ascendant. Your life is going to implode, one way or the other….”

I should mention, Ben has Uranus in Leo, opposing his ascendant.  “Say! I wonder if Pluto was conjunct the top of your chart, the last time you blew your life up..?”

Very curious, huh? So I looked.  Sure enough, Pluto was at 2 degrees Aquarius, squaring his ascendant and his natal Uranus.  “Apparently, this is what it take to move you…”

So check this out: what if my face was the last face he saw then, but the first face he sees this time?  You can’t say life is not poetic! Always keep your old friends!

25 thoughts on “Pluto Transit MC vs Pluto Transit Ascendant”

  1. Awesome story! I hope he does, for now does feel to be the time for ‘spirit’family to come together. I think it would be interesting to map out our lives on a timeline – then map out the transits, so we can see in a linear way, just how all the incidences line up. Maybe you could hold a class in that?

    1. Thanks. This stuff is interesting. I have had Pluto transit conjunct my sun and then square it. I’ve had those transits to my moon as well.
      My husband and I marked the Saturn return of our meeting (as teenagers) by marrying a second time, in the Catholic church. I sure would have never imagined these things back then.

  2. It’s crazy to think about. We can both still feel the crackle in the air back then. But when I realized the astrology, well it may be the writing on the wall.

    Neither of us fit in anywhere. He told me today, I didn’t fit in Tucson, either. It’s my hometown!

  3. the ones who really feel the spirit don’t fit in, do they? because it goes against the status quo. There is joy in expressing our spirit – and we are all like featherless birds – our wings clipped – in the cages of our government. And something big is happening right now. Those bars are about to melt, along with a whole lot else. It’s going to be interesting looking back in time at all of this.

    1. Oh yes. I’ve moved many many times and always wondered where and when will I ever feel ‘at home’ ? It’s finally dawned on me that I’m here to live in, and at home, in my body.

  4. This is a great story, so good to have long-time friends. Pluto will be conjunct my Aquarius midheaven. I’m retired so I really don’t know how this will play out. I am also one of those people that don’t ‘fit-in’. Oh well.

  5. The chart angles have a profound connection to change – emotional movement. A transit to one impacts all four. Sometimes it involves change in the external world – sometimes not.

  6. Right now Pluto has ingressed into my 10th H. Cap at 29. My MC is 28 Cap. Next month Pluto will be in Aqua still in my 10 th H.
    This will be a very long “visit” by Pluto in my 10thH. Many years. In the 10H Pluto will be opposing my natal Pluto in my 4thH at 2degrees in Leo.
    As Pluto enters the 10H, Saturn will have ingressed into my 11thH in Pisces .There is about a two week time difference of these two events , of the coming and going of significant transits.

    1. I feel you!!! My MC is at 29 cap., Pluto crossing MC, 2nd Saturn Return starting and Uranus is dancing around my Asc, Mars and Mercury. It’s an interesting time. Some days I have no idea who I am, other days I feel like I’m stuck in the birth canal, other days I feel free as a bird … I try to rise above and view it from a higher perspective so I can see the magic and comedy in this chapter of life.

  7. I also moved when Pluto crossed my Dsc, Completely transplanted like a bare root tree, and reestablished myself in a different environment unlike my home. Pluto will reach my midheaven when I’m in my early 80s so it’s likely that could be when I will die, and my body moves again? Wow! I never really saw my MC like an end point like that before – since it’s at the top of my chart at 1d Aries, but that sure would be a nice long life for me. I have Scorpio Pluto in my 4th.

  8. I have read many times about Ben here. I hope he does visit and would be cool if he moved near you guys!

    I have natal Pluto at 2 degrees near my MC and I have moved offers of times!! I’m getting sick of it really and want to find my forever home…

  9. I love this! We never lose our true friends but just pick up where we left off. Can’t wait to see if he likes your area.
    I like this post, too because now I know to look where Pluto is transiting when considering when/if to move. Probably Uranus too, although maybe that’s not voluntary. I’m always thinking of moving — Uranus opposite Moon.

  10. My husband has that same MC degree as Ben so it will be interesting to see how this plays out for both of them.

    We got together 41 years ago when Pluto went over my 29Libra MC. Looks like change is coming. Have never heard of a Pluto transit passing undetected!

  11. Pluto is sitting right smack at the top of my chart. 😱 Time to be entertained I guess, haha, glad I have Gemini.

    I hope Ben finds his way!

    I envy your life long friendship. I lost all of my childhood friends years ago. I still speak to one, but rarely, and all the rest moved away.

  12. Sounds like I have good company for the current transits.😂 Best of luck. Like your attitude of staying above it all to experience magic and comedy . So to the point.

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