Saturn Neptune

Saturn in aspect to Neptune, effects. Square, opposite, trine, conjunction.

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Serving To Stave Off Suffering

belle write on Intense Suffering Unbeknownst “Are you also the rock for people in your personal life? You definitely are on this board. I see such inner strength, which might draw people to you for their comfort. On the other side, when people are looking to you for their emotional needs, they might be looking […]


Presenting a Distortion Of Yourself

It’s common that people in my life who communicate with a distorted version of me. It’s possible this is because it’s all they can see, but it’s just as likely the confusion is on my end and it’s too thick to overcome.  It’s as if they send me lines of communication and I send them

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Relying On Others (To The Extreme)

I tend to consult others (friends or experts) when I’ve got a sticky problem. I was stunned the first time I wrote about this as the overwhelming majority of people reported they ran their own life, they preferred to make their own mistakes and basically just wanted (or needed) to learn things the hard way

Neptune leather cuff
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Lying To Undermine Someone – Neptune!

This is an old video about Neptune on the midheaven. It’s about being mistaken as an alcoholic. Someone told a number of people that I was drinker…hiding bottles under my sink, no less. Total lie. I made this video about my experience. A couple days ago, someone watched this video on youtube. They left a


Fake Reality – Life In A Socially Engineered Petri Dish

This has become so extreme. Search “fake reality” on this blog. I’ve been chronically this for awhile. As an update, one glance at the trending topics on twitter, makes it obvious those spots are sold. There is no way anyone is talking about what they say we’re talking about, up until they introduce the topic and

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