Slippery People: Pisces, Neptune…

houdiniSome people are just plain slippery. I know, because I’m one of them.

“Slippery” does not mean “slimy”. I am talking about people who are hard to nail down. They avoid commitment, but not necessarily for a reason that’s malicious.

If you’re a thoughtful person who knows that you often wake up on the wrong side of a line that you intended to hold, eventually you’ll build “room to fail” into your promises.

You might say that you’ll “try” to do something that you totally intend to do… just in case.

This sounds like a cop out but if you get to know someone like this, you see that it’s really all they can do if they want to avoid disappointing people.

satori is like this. She intends to write the daily forecasts and she usually does. But if she doesn’t, she doesn’t!  I go to the store for something. If it’s not written down, the odds I will forget are greater than they should be.

Relationships are particularly problematic.  Leaving and/or slipping away, is default for a person with this type nature. They have to have a compelling reason to “stay” in any type of container.

This is Saturn Neptune stuff, by the way. Contracts have exit clauses but keep in mind the person who seems flaky, may be doing their level best to NOT be flaky.  It’s just hard to stay present when you’re designed to disappear.

Who can relate?


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  1. “It’s just hard to stay present when you are designed to disappear”. Couldn’t have said it better myself! I am trying so hard not to bail on people, and yet, it is my nature to bail. My husband and I wrote our own vows and I made sure there was no ’til death do us part. I wrote that we would both try every day to stay present and respectful of one another. That’s all I could commit to, even though I love having people in my life it is very hard to pin me to a particular activity or relationship. The astrology (I suspect) is that I have seven mutable planets (including Saturn and Neptune) also Saturn opposes Neptune, which is in the 7th house, together with my moom and Black Moon Lilith. I have a very busy internal life which often gets in the way of fulfilling my external commitments. Hard as I try, I would love to be more reliable.

  2. If you’re a thoughtful person who knows that you often wake up on the wrong side of a line that you intended to hold, eventually you’ll be build “room to fail” into your promises.

    This screams my Cancer daughter at this time actually the last 3 years or so. She used to be reliable but that has dissolved over the last 2 years.

  3. I can surely relate. My Saturn and Neptune are involved in an out-of-sign conjunction and I’m definitely as slippery as it gets. People can barely understand this, but it’s true, you think you’re going in a cerain direction and all of a sudden you find yourself in a place you’re not comfortable with – the concept itself is ‘slippery’ to explain.

  4. Ah. This speaks to me, and most people in my social circle. I’m a triple air but also have a strong Neptune influence in my chart. I tend to attract people with similar charts, or those with lots of Sag. We’re all either divorced or never married. The answer to every invitation to a social event in our group of friends is always “Possibly” or “Probably, but we’ll see”. Never “Yes” or “No”. When I’m in charge of reserving a table at a restaurant I just reserve for the number of invitees and wait and see who shows up because no one ever commits definitely.

    1. I can relate. I’ve been called “elusive” lol. I also have Uranus rising, so I hate being pinned down. I’ve also been chided for “disappearing,” which makes me want to disappear even more. If I disappear, it means I’ve been drained, and I’m recovering… I’ll come back when my stores are replenished. So, trying to keep me present by force is actually very painful, mentally and emotionally. It kills me. I guess I am an introvert.

      My Capricorn side really hates saying I’ll “try” to do something, but I don’t know what else to say. I am reliable when you need me to be. I mean, I drove my “enemy” to the clinic because no one else could/would, and I performed every favor asked of me for several years…which was asked once a week. If I was unreliable, they’d have stopped asking if they thought it wouldn’t get done.

      I am much more forgiving of other people than myself when they are flaky because I don’t see them as being flaky. I just see them as busy and having other commitments. I still like them and I don’t really care how often they give updates. I guess if I like you, you can’t really go wrong. Maybe it’s not flakiness. Maybe it’s just natural, interactive inconsistency.

  5. This is too funny. I am Neptune in Sagittarius rising and growing up my mom called me a “slippery fish”! My first instinct is always to run rather than fight or have any kind of awkward, uncomfortable confrontation. I am working on it but it ain’t easy for this slippery Houdini 🙂

  6. Neptune in Capricorn.

    I’ve been trying to commit. Maybe I’m kidding myself. Maybe I should commit to feeling comfortable with not being able to commit as a way of committing?

    I’m pretty sure I can commit, I just use as much time as possible before I commit, I need to feel it out.

    “They have to have a compelling reason to “stay” in any type of container.”


  7. I have Neptune in Sag in my 2nd house. Over the course of my life, I have had possessions seemingly slip away, get stolen, or totally destroyed by others. When I was younger it affected me more because I had so little; now, I appreciate what I have, but realize it can go at any given time (and we still struggle). As an adult, I prefer love and affection over material goods, but that has remained “elusive” in my life as well.

  8. Hahaha that is totally me. Life is a river, and you can’t control the flow! My favorite responses are “maybe” and “we’ll see.”

    1. Also, venus mitual reception woth Neptune in Libra, Pisces midheaven conjunct with Aries Sun intercepted in 10th square Uranus in 12th.

  9. I’m wondering for the Neptune in Sag people what the Saturn Sag transit will be like – harder or easier to commit…?

  10. This is strange. When I say I will do something, I do it, even if it kills me, because for me, this is like giving a promise. Calling me slippery, in such situations, is an insult. I usually do it even when I say I’ll just try. (Virgo rising, perhaps?)
    But when it comes to relationships, I do tend to slip away, drift off.
    I have a Sun, Neptune and Saturn conjunction in Libra.

  11. 3H Neptune in Capricorn conjunct Uranus opposite Cancer Sun/Moon/Venus plus some other positive aspects. This is me and I try really hard not to be flaky, but I know myself and I know I can have a change of heart so I try to leave room for that just in case. I do try to keep my promises as best as possible. I do forget a lot of things sometimes just going through daily life. I need structure even with my Aquarius Saturn/Lilith conjunction. I don’t really like being tied down unless I know that I won’t be smothered or controlled. It’s hard for me to get into relationships for this reason because I just hate hurting people so ill date and weigh my options(Libra Rising). And keep weighing them until I have no more options and have to start all over which sucks lol. Trying to get better at it. With Saturn in Sagittarius coming up, I feel like I’m trying to find freedom within the structures. Saturn in Scorpio for me was more of embracing myself shadow and all, my independence, freedom, and finding the truest way to express it. I feel like I’m going to be speaking my unhindered truth more now and enjoying my freedom within the structure since Saturn will finally be out of my 1H.

  12. totally relate to this. scorpio saturn in 12th (conjunct mars) / neptune in 2nd house capricorn / uranus in 1st sag / sun and venus in 7th (gemini). i hate to commit and i hate to let people down. i will stand by my word, just am pretty crafty with what i am saying…

  13. Capricorn Neptune…
    Instead of working on a great novel, or series thereof, despite I can… I’m working on a fanfiction plot (I love BLEACH, sorry LoL), and… Linking celebrities to songs, and poems suddenly tonight from nowhere while Mercury’s in my Second House.
    I gave a new artist permission to do one of my songs because she sounds like me to me, but trained. And, the music they give her is beautiful.
    She’s very young for the song in question, but I think her voice, and her music style suit it. For this, if she were to do it, it’ll be some kind of love/hate thing from critics because of her age, and because she doesn’t have the literacy level of the song in question. But, the point in the pick if she does it… Is to bring the song o life beautifully by someone who I feel can perform it.
    The other case… The poems might be of interest to him, because they match his mission.

    The song in question, if it gets done… It’s a pro-sexual-equality song, a real one, of a woman asking a man why he did not save himself for marriage for her. Such a song could potentially cause a positive movement if performed by a singer who can top charts.

    I just learned the artist exists. Literally.
    A YouTube recommendation on one of my videos of my singing was her.
    After I messaged her that she can use the song, I checked up more… She’s a fellow vegan, and a fellow religious person, though of a completely different religion. And, when I checked the astrology, it was as I expected, there’s similarity regarding our personalities, and such.

    Anyways it probably won’t get used.

    Maybe the poems will, though, for inspiration in a movement I’m in.

  14. I also recognize this as being very mutable. With saturn soon transiting natal mars + neptune in sagittarius, this is such a timely post. Issues around commitment, freedom and a longing to escape from last time saturn was here in ’86-’88 are to pop up again…

  15. This is me. Neptune in Sagittarius in the 12 the house sextile sun in the tenth. I’ve learned some tricks. I don’t make plans for the weekend before Thursday. If I don’t feel ready to give someone a definitive answer about something ask them to let me get back to them closer to the event itself. I’ve also learned to make plans but to not ever expect them to go off without a hitch.

    The only time my “slipperiness” has been difficult to manage is with my little boy. He doesn’t let me get out of shit! My word is cement to him. “Let me think about it” only induces harassment.

  16. i like the community here, being able to see that i’m not the only slippery one out there. its comforting.

    i’ve got sun in early sag conjunct neptune (5th house) opposite saturn in gemini (11th) and cancer rising ruled by a very dry aquarius moon ruled by uranus in the 4th, and a capricorn descendant. this is more like relating-phobic, actually. but i try. the most confusing part is that i’ve got so much sag and a 5th house sun so i’m super enthusiastic and jovial and at first i appear to be a really amazing people person – until i disappear!

    someone asked what saturn in sag will be like for neptune in sag people. i want to know that too and i’m also wondering what it might be like for saturn in gemini people. it seems like the saturn opposition doesn’t get as much press as the saturn return, the uranus opposition, the pluto or neptune square. why is that?

  17. My slipperiness comes when I join a group or club and after a time I just don’t want to be involved anymore. I really try to be reliable, so I only commit when I know it is important (like, no other help is around). I’m a Saturn in Pisces, 6H, opposite my AC.

  18. I have Neptune in Sagittarius and in the 12th and trine Saturn in the 8th. When mentioned disappearing, I have done many disappearing acts you could say. Events in my life end up forcing it. Yet sometimes it seems like I am only around for as long I am needed. I hope that makes sense.
    Ironicaly I have an email address that begins with:
    Also one of my favorite songs is Capricorn by 30 Seconds To Mars which in the song is over and over “I will disappear…”
    (BTW, I also have Mars conjunct Neptune in the 12th and also trine Saturn.)
    I am dreading the up coming Saturn transit. I think this would be a great time to make like Houdini and disappear! Don’t I wish! 😉

  19. This is like my life in a few short paragraphs. Looking in the rearview, I notice that no one can hold me down. The only time this characteristic is a problem is when I can’t me down.

  20. With Pisces and Neptune you can relate meeting master Yoda and Luke Skywalker, when such a small, old Yoda can be master jedi. Or Carlos Castaneda’s books are full of mystery. Or meeting hero Jason and old woman, who is powerfull Goddess Hera. Or your description that “who seems flaky, may be doing their level best to NOT be flaky”. I think you did good encouraging statement in your newsletter: the benefit of the doubt. Because people, who don’t doubt can mistake. Or not.:)

  21. Thank you, Elsa. You perfectly described my 28- and 30-year-old adult children! Both have Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in Sagittarius and Capricorn. I can’t get them to commit when making social plans let alone return phone calls. One child has a Gemini Moon and the other child has a Sagittarius Moon. It also doesn’t help that both are Aries Rising. Oddly, this astrological interpretation gives me some piece of mind. It’s not me.

  22. From what I read about this article, there’s a difference between someone needing space and breathing room, and someone being a passive aggressive dick. Nice writing.

  23. Avatar
    Hildegarde's girl

    Oh!! ME!ME!!!
    It has been an absolute curse. I envy those that can stick to something or commit for the long haul. Im petrified because I feel trapped…unless someone holds my feet to the fire or Im on a timeline
    Im afraid to disappoint myself.definitely others
    Getting better. Its been a boon in one way… my former career because I see the loopholes in things…contracts, agreements etc. slippery knows slippery.

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    Yeah, a lot of people are like this and it is difficult not to take it personally. Libra rising, Cancer suns. Etc.

    They often get heart broken though if you do take it personally. So it is a learning process for you both. Often ending in having to keep arrangements pretty much on the fly.

    Then when you do meet someone with whom it’s best to arrange something longer term with you’re out of practice.

  25. Yikes! After really studying my chart further, I discovered that my natal Scorpio Neptune semisquares my natal Sagittarius Saturn. In addition, my Neptune also semisquares my natal 7H Juno. As an Aquarius Rising with a Leo Uranus in my 7H, I do have to see good reason to stay in a relationship. Reciprocity is a must or I’m gone.

  26. this is funny. I am a Pisces and this describes me well. Since I do have Capricorn 7th house I do not physically slip away from husband but sometimes do mentally even during a conversation with my husband my mind is miles away. He has even asked me during conversations ” where do you go ?”

  27. I am very Neptunian. I hate seeming like a flake, so I force myself to do things when I am not in the mood and it never goes well. I need to have breaks between social events. I’m introverted. My husband is extroverted and it is hard enough keeping my energy stores up at home.

  28. lol i dont like committing to things, but if i do i show up on time 😇 i have Neptune in Capricorn in the 10H conjunct uranus and midheaven. i liked what someone else said on here about having a 5H sun and lots of fire placements, i have sun jupiter and rising in fire signs so i also come off super enthusiastic and extroverted to people when i talk to them, but will often disappear for periods of time and not be available. it’s a fun ride 🤙🏾

  29. Hi, interesting topic. Pisces and I have always gotten along well and. It’s are my best friends. Leo 7th house ruler in the 6th. The Pisces I have met professionally in the past few years are the most unbelievable liars I have ever met… and cheat!! I feel attached by them for their own agenda or have been. These Pisces are late 30s… stellium in Scorpio . All out for themselves at any cost hopefully they will get prosecuted. Yes it is that bad. My old Pisces friends are still wonderful abd I defiantly wouldn’t call them slippery 🌸 my Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th. Sextillion Pluto abd moon square Saturn/ Jupiter and sun.

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