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What’s Faith Worth?

In recalling these short clips of my childhood, it seems this would be a good time to explain how faith supports a person (Saturn in Pisces).  My siblings and I were in a world of shit, that for sure, but as I mentioned, we were all intending to get out of there, eventually.  You can […]

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Have Faith? How? I Don’t Have Any!!

Sometimes a person will tell me they have no faith, they do not know what faith is, etc.  I understand this, because I thought it myself at one time. You actually do have faith and I can easily prove it to you.  Do you drive? Driving requires faith. Faith is what allows you to pull your


Rat Poison Media – Saturn In Pisces: Fear & Faith

I wrote, “Saturn in Pisces supports those who have faith while disabling those who do not.” Pan remarked, “My younger friends anticipate blood in the streets; I fervently pray we are better than that.” See: Dissatisfaction With Your Life. This disturbs me to no end.  I hate the idea, younger people are scared of unending

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Getting A Grip On Life In The “Now”

I’m caught at the moment as the astrology community is in an uproar over the April eclipse.  If you’re looking for clicks, this is the way. I feel it’s distracting and damaging.  Rather than do something productive or self-improving, you wind up, transfixed, waiting for the sky to fall. It steals your time and energy.

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Neptune & Loss Of Faith

Dear, Elsa It is said Neptune stands for faith, but it also stands for a dislike of the real world. How can you be faithful, if you live in a place that you don’t like and that never satisfies you in any way? That’s a paradox I don’t get, (which is very Neptunian I guess).

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