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Relying On Others (To The Extreme)

I tend to consult others (friends or experts) when I’ve got a sticky problem. I was stunned the first time I wrote about this as the overwhelming majority of people reported they ran their own life, they preferred to make their own mistakes and basically just wanted (or needed) to learn things the hard way […]


Neptune & Loss Of Faith

Dear, Elsa It is said Neptune stands for faith, but it also stands for a dislike of the real world. How can you be faithful, if you live in a place that you don’t like and that never satisfies you in any way? That’s a paradox I don’t get, (which is very Neptunian I guess).

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Is There A Man Out There Who Is Right For Me?

This was for a gal with an exceptionally complex chart. She’s got a strong “till death do we part” signature in her chart”, but she’s also quite independent. She’s young (25 years old) and starting to wonder what her relationship life might look like. Saturn is transiting her 7th house, it’s time to figure this

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Jupiter: Luck, Faith & Perspective

Recently, we had a cold snap in Colorado. We had a week where the temperature never rose above 10 degrees…and fell below 0 each night.  I don’t crave the frigid temperatures, but there is nothing a person can do but wait out the cold spell. It shows a person how little they have to say

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