Being In Proximity To Suffering

A few days ago, a client posed a question, “How do you live, when people around you are dying?” For many, nowadays, this is the question of the day! I ran across this post from 2012, which touches on this topic. It concerns my marriage, and a dozen years have passed since I wrote it.  I […]


Consequences Of Collective Delusion

Do you remember Jupiter conjoining Neptune in Aquarius? This was around 2009. I wrote a bunch of posts about worldwide delusion. Legions of people began living in this huge idealistic, imagined utopia. The truth all but disappeared. Addiction expanded as well. This was probably the beginning of true “Internet addiction”.  People were addicted to the

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I was reading about suffering last night. I made me aware I’ve not suffered in a number of years.  I’ve suffered in the past, that’s for sure. But I’m not suffering today. It’s almost curious. It’s definitely good. It leaves me available to help people who are suffering. I know a lot of them and

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