How do solar returns work?

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What If There’s a Solar Or Lunar Eclipse On My Birthday?

Hi Elsa, What happens when a Solar Eclipse (or Lunar Eclipse) happens on your birthday? In 2020, I am supposed to have a Solar Eclipse right on my birthday. For some reason I feel like that is a remarkable thing and something I should take notice of and prepare for. Looking Ahead United States Related posts: […]

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How Are Solar Return Charts Used?

The “solar return” occurs when the Sun returns to the exact position it was when you were born. This is on your birthday or sometime the day before or the day after. A chart is cast for the time of the solar return. It gives information as to what kind of year you’re going to

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Cardinal T-Square In Your Solar Return

This is from a email consult for a man with a Cardinal T-Square in his Solar Return… “…All in all, it should be a good year. It will be demanding, but you’re likely to wind up top of the pile rather than beneath it. It’s just hard to ignore this kind of Cardinal force.  Related


Five Years Of Solar Return Charts

In the old days you had to either calculate a chart by hand. In the early 90’s, I lived in the city. I could go to the local metaphysical chart and get a chart done by a computer for about four dollars. They’d hand me a sheet of old time computer paper, with the chart

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Interpreting Your Solar Return

I wrote a piece about solar returns in 2009 – Solar Return: As Far As I Can See, They Work Beautifully.  I had a cardinal grand cross in my solar return at the time. That was the year this blog became a structured business. My current solar return is also pretty heavily cardinal. Next year’s


What Is A Solar Return Chart?

“I quit high school on my birthday. It was my senior year and I didn’t see the point. This was 1962, and I was ready to make music.” –Barry White Every year near your birthday the sun returns to the same degree of your natal sun. The chart of this moment is called the solar

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