Pluto In Capricorn: Suicidal Baby Boomers

The second Saturn return. Lately I’ve worked with a several people who wish to die.  These are baby-boomer era people, heading into their second Saturn return and scanning the horizon, they just don’t like what they see up ahead. They are facing their age. Many of them are alone, the conditions of their life are

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8th house

Coping With The Suicide Of A Loved One

I don’t know anyone who has not been touched by suicide at some point in their lives which makes it a difficult topic to approach.  I still want to try though. I feel it’s incredibly important because people do want to talk about it and this blog has always been an safe place for people


Pluto In Capricorn – Despair And Gratitude

When you combine Saturn with Pluto or Scorpio with Capricorn, it is inevitable you come in contact with darkness and  despair. If these energies dominate your chart, it may be the path of least resistance. With Pluto transiting Saturn-ruled Capricorn for the next decade this will become an issue for the collective. I am definitely

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