Astrology: What Is Causing This Current Rash Of Suicides?

“Elsa what is going on with these suicides??
Anthony Bourdain now too??”

I just got this email a few minutes ago. I’ve had a few people ask me about this since posting this thread in the forum: Designer – Kate Spade – Death By Suicide.

I want to address this because I think there is an astrological trigger here. Further, it’s is personal to me because I know (and love) more than one person with this trip wire in there chart. I am seriously, if not gravely concerned that one of more of them take their own life.

What I think is happening here is a one-two punch.  Saturn in Capricorn is reality, in your face.  It’s all about limits and aging and rejection and hard work and hardship.

When you combine that with transiting Jupiter in Scorpio which  has or will conjunct natal Neptune in charts of any born between 1957-1970, you come up with a perfect storm and I’ll explain.

I have Neptune in Scorpio. My generation romanticizes death. It’s the supreme escape. We imagine we drift off into bliss.

Now put these things together. You’re feeling old.  You have aches and pains, your breasts sag, whatever. You feel or rather you FEAR your best days are behind you. It’s easy to see how a person (with Neptune in Scorpio) can take this off ramp.

Now I realized I might get bitched out for this, but I don’t care. This is very serious!  Saturn and Jupiter are both slowing down to station and change directions in early July. This means their effects are amplified, soooo…

If you know someone with planets in Cardinal signs, especially between 1-10 degrees AND Neptune in Scorpio between 10-20 degrees, please check on them, particularly if you know they tend towards depression.

If you fit this criteria, you probably know exactly what I mean. You might want to contract with a friend; make a non-suicide pact because this time will pass.

Matter of fact, Jupiter is heading into Sagittarius, soon.  New story on deck!

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  1. So true. I bet Mars retrograde will dig up stuff too as it’s on the South Node now almost to the minute.

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    the laughing goat

    OMG I love Anthony Bourdain… 🙁

    Last week in my town a teenager (11th grade) took his life. So tragic. Around 5 years ago, 2012 late summer/early fall, our town experienced a rash of teen suicides – it was completely insane! Literally every 3 days for 3 weeks another suicide. There was rumor of a suicide pact but not confirmed.

    I will be checking all my loved ones charts – thanks for the heads-up Elsa.

  3. It’s not a rash, suicides are up 25% over the last 20 years, so generational at least. Of course, the economic demolition of the middle and working classes could have something to do with it…

    1. I think it is generational…Neptune in Scorpio.

      But my point is, these particular transits are liable to set off a wave of suicides AND if you know people hit w/ Neptune in the mid-degrees of Scorpio who also have Cardinal planets (esp. Capricorn) at these degrees, they are highly vulnerable at this time.

      PARTICULARLY if they have other risk factors.

      So now I have just repeated my post above and the reason is because this is SERIOUS and I truly think someone might be helped by this post.

      I mean, people keep saying they are shocked. I can pretty tell you that people who match this criteria, right now this minute, would tell you they’ve thought of suicide or wished to die, *recently*.

      So if you do know someone like this, do touch base and if you ARE someone like this, let this post prove to you, you’re not alone and someone does care.

      1. If someone really wants to die, they will make darned sure you can’t guess at what is really going on. They won’t “cry for help,” they’ll be smiling and cheerful until you hear news like this. Folks are shocked because of the smiling and cheerful and they had “no idea!” They didn’t want you to know.

        I can’t really tell you how to thwart that.

      2. Bourdain’s Pluto was almost exactly sextile Neptune in Libra, and trine Saturn in Scorpio–seems relevant, but what was the trigger?

          1. He had a Grand Cross transit, with a natal T-square at 1st degrees, so Uranus’ move to Tau was activating this in a big way.

        1. con’t
          I just took a quick look at the Internet and found a chart without a birth time, so they did an Aries rising chart (this is one of the techniques for doing a chart when you don’t know the birth time). Interestingly his moon comes out to be 0° Aquarius exactly opposite his natal 0° Uranus.. This would mean transiting 0° Uranus is setting off a tight T-square between an exact moon-Uranus opposition.
          I’m always amazed when these approximation techniques work anyway: Independent of the birth time and the possible Aquarius/0° Aquarius moon, he had a tight Jupiter conjunct Pluto (both direct) square Saturn retrograde that just screams to me “I want to break free from this stifling limitation!” And he has Mars in Pisces square the nodes. So, not only does this indicate a strong imperative in this lifetime to “take action”, it can also mean self-sacrifice or taking the action but getting it wrong/doing it backwards/misfiring.

        2. con’t again

          I know I’ve been hitting the same note, i.e. Uranus, the last couple days. My gut is taking me there because of the “shocking effect” on the public of these “sudden events”. And also the fact that Uranus has just change signs has antenna is up looking for any anomalous events. Let’s hope that Uranus in Taurus does not herald a seven-year stretch of suicides. I don’t really believe that will happen, however it certainly is explosive to put freedom seeking Uranus in a fixed sign. It’s making me aware of the sudden explosive effect Uranus could have on planets in the fixed signs. The god of freedom is declaring a seven-year war/healing on the status quo (and rigidity, complacency and being stuck in the mud).
          Again, peace and healing to all. According to my beliefs, there is no judgment there is no karma there is only love.

      3. From 2015-2017 I had the transiting Neptune in Pisces to natal Pluto in Virgo opposition taking place really close to my MC/IC, 4th/10th house chart angle. I think everyone who’s got natal Pluto in early to mid-Virgo has been struggling with this transit in some way. But Jupiter has been pinging my Moon, Venus, and Neptune in Scorpio this year, while Saturn right now is almost in an exact square to my Libra sun AND almost in an exact opposition to my Pallas in Cancer. Strangely enough, I feel pretty good right now, though.

          1. Could it be like this: you feel the pressure with progressive planets on that degrees in your chart but you can rely on the planets in your base chard? or is this explanation too simple?

      4. My Neptune is in Scorpio and my husband, adult children and close friends are on watch with me. I’m recouping from bronchitis so I’m taking Prednisone which makes me think suicidal thoughts. I’m so grateful to have a family that doesn’t dismiss my depression. I’ve had severe depression since my childhood. I stay away from alcohol completely when I feel it’s coming. My husband and children know me so well, they can look at me and tell when I’m in the bowels of depression. It’s crazy scary if you have depression this makes sense. I almost asked to be checked in somewhere except in the south help is more like a prison unless you are mega wealthy.

  4. Thanks for this. I know some people that suffer from depression and have reached out and extended a hand in case they feel these thoughts. So very sad.

  5. Heart breaking. I loved his shows. So enjoyed his travels and his show casing different countries. I looked up his chart on astrotheme, he would have been 62 on the 25th of this month.

    CNN said he was starting to film next years show ,that is why he was in France. One just never knows how much pain another is in.

    I hope he rests in peace.

  6. I think this is excellent advice and you are right to spell it out, Elsa. I’m definitely going to look through some charts. I don’t have this personally but have lots of people in that age group.

    1. And another thing that people should consider: suicide doesn’t always work. You can be left a vegetable, or immovable in a wheelchair with all your mental faculties, a true prisoner in your body. Add in the absence of money and people to care for you and I don’t think anything could be more hellish. Alive with problems that can one day be resolved is a million times better than that.

      1. Never works, is my belief, with the countless near-death witnesses. Body ceases, not you. No such solution (The thought “If only”… admittedly having grazed the mind at times, but only as a bad distraction). Neptune in Scorpio, but Saturn in late Capricorn. Feeling slightly f***** up and out of it at moment but not nearly to that point.

  7. Thanks Elsa. I’ve actually been feeling severely depressed and suicidal for the last 2 months. I even have a solid plan (plus a couple alternatives if the first plan is unexecutable) if I have to endure one more setback on top of everything.

    1. ((((q))))

      You are exactly the kind of person I hope to reach with this. We really don’t know the future.

      I just wrote a newsletter about love when you least expect it. It will go out next week, so stick around it for it, okay?

      Because things do and will change. 🙂

      1. A big Hug Elsa gor the Q.Elsa am i dont know much about astrology facts but i lnow i was norn on the 1st of September 47 years ago at 5:30am in Malindi Kenya.I lost my job in 2014 uptodate.what is happening with my life?

    2. PLEASE HOLD ON q! Things will change. I guarantee they will. Reach out…we are here and will get you through it.

    3. Thanks everyone. This saturn return is really kicking by butt. And transitting chiron is square my natal chiron. Sigh.

    4. Please take it easy. Everyone have to undergo these periods at different time frame in their life. You are not alone. Enjoy both positive and negative moments of life. That’s what life is all about. Positives can turn negative and negatives can turn out to be positive. It’s God’s plan and not us. So, no worries!. Keep your thoughts light, add lot of humor and enjoy whatever may come without fear!. After all it’s life! we should enjoy living facing challenges!

  8. I will need to look at my youngest sisters chart. She is an cappy sun sag asc.She finally has a fiancé after 20 years of being single.
    If this relationship goes south I could see her in emotional trouble. Thanks Elsa.

  9. People don’t realize the smallest kindness can help a person through a hard day and ultimately save their life in some cases.

    1. Often more so than the directed kind. Something about a spontaneous kindness with no chains can be so powerful to someone having a hard time in the dark. A light out of know where.

    2. Your act of kindness can make a huge difference to people even when you think it’s nothing…I have seen examples of this with kids I was teaching.

    3. I can vouch it does. Somebody blessed me with a totally unexpected small act of kindness yesterday and it made an ENORMOUS difference in what had been a particularly difficult and disheartening day and week.

  10. Maxima`s, Queen of Holland, sister killed herself on wednesday in Bs As. She was 32, so I don’t think this is generational.
    I myself am rather depressed and do have Neptune in Scorpio,plus Saturn third house square mercury in Sag. Not considering anything so far, basically I do not understand the procedures of successfully hanging oneself from a doorknob!

    1. Again, I am trying to draw attention to this certain group at high risk.

      But also, Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces is another connection here.

      Believing in death as an escape.

      1. “Believing in death as an escape”.

        I do. It is. It will be.

        And I have the markers you talk about.

        A cashier at my local grocery store “checked out” this week. And another acquaintance a couple of months ago. Both in their 50s.

        Life has NOT gotten better for me. As a matter of fact, for me, it has been an unstoppable downhill for decades now. And there is NO sign of a turnaround in the foreseeable future.

        There’s not much further scraping the bottom I will accept before saying “Enough is enough. There is no point to the incessant failure.”

        The only thing stopping me so far had been waiting for my parents to go first. But at least one of them is likely to live another 20 years. So this is no longer a factor in my decision-making process.

        In any case, why is it everyone feels the need to keep others alive? Personally, I am happy when people’s prolonged suffering comes to an end.

        I believe in choice. And I believe in people’s right to choose to end their own life.

        Note: No one needs to worry. I am not about to do anything in the immediate future.

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          Warped by Wuthering Heights

          Can anyone really KNOW for sure that it would be an escape? An escape into what? What if instead one becomes trapped in an endless loop replaying over and over the unbearable horror one sought to escape?

          1. I think the same way. What if it is worse or u suffer the unresolved issues u didn’t stay to complete on this journey. My son is 11 and he has seen spirits all his life. He asks me all the time what happens after life because I can still see them they are still here, we don’t go anywhere.

  11. I have sun, moon, Uranus and asc all within 10 degrees Libra, plus Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio. I have cried EVERY DAY this week. In fact, I made one of those (what I thought) silly Facebook posts where I asked my friends to say something good about me, because I feel terrible! I’ve been looking for a therapist. I knew there must be something going on astrologicaly but I’m not good enough at reading my chart to know what was wrong, so thank you, Elsa, for the warning.

    1. You’re welcome.

      There is a true CRUSH + sense of disillusionment + yearning to escape that can be utterly deadly for obvious reasons. But this really will pass. (((((mishka77)

    2. Mishka — Please just hold on…. things change, everybody goes through cycles. In 1981, I was living in horrible circumstances, but by 1985, I was married to a lovely, lovely man and my life took an upswing. Then, in 1996, things changed again. In 2008, things changed yet again. Life goes in cycles — if you understand this, it will help you pull through to the next cycle. And, remember, that there are many small pleasures in life that help everyone enjoy life … sunshine, a pet, a nice meal, pretty flowers…. many, many things. Focus on those things, dear Libra, and, you will get through it all!

  12. Plus natal saturn square Sag Sun in 12th, natal Uranus /Pluto square mercury, Saturn currently transiting my natal Mars and Jupiter transiting my scorpio neptune.
    Sorry about my black sense of humor.It helps
    Bluemarine = mareliberat in the forum

    1. Yes Gemini7… she is the sister of our Queen Maxima. Many of us are shocked. But it is a horror for everyone who comes across this. Also for those who remain behind.

        1. There is a whole lot going on Gemini… more than we all know and not only with Inez.
          I am not sure what happend here and maybe we’ll never hear about it either.
          We only can pray for all people who have a tough time and like Elsa said… take care of the people around us who are vulnerable during this time.
          I myself feel uneasy. Lost dear friends by suicide. Anyway I lost several beloved ones lately.
          Let’s hope for better times!

  13. I have Neptune in Scorpio and my will to live and be healthy doing it is stronger than its ever been in my life. I want to be here. I need to be here. And, I am doing everything in my power to eat right, get rest and exercise. I don’t think I have ever taken the will to live more seriously. And, I love life. I feel blessed every morning I am able to put my feet on the floor.

    Also, I have suffered terrible loss and illness over the last three years. So, I want to say to anyone who has these thoughts to PLEASE HANG ON because things do change. They can change so fast you wont believe it.

    We were financially hit hard when I got sick, and I wasn’t sure of the outcome. I came here and talked when I had no one else to talk to. These people don’t know me but held me up when I was at my lowest.

    PLEASE HANG ON….go into the forum and ask for conversation if you have no one in real life to talk to. They are kind and compassionate and will hold you up till change happens. And, I swear things do change.

    I have felt all the things everyone has felt when the bottom drops out. I have felt useless, hopeless and worth nothing. The easy way would have been to lay down and go to sleep and let it all fall away.

    If you are feeling like there is no other way but to let go….COME TO THE FORUM and talk to any one of us…we will get you though it. I swear things change. If you reach out I will personally talk you though it at any time of the day or night….please DON’T LET GO! You are here for a reason and change is just around the corner. You are needed and necessary!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Absolutely. Please take this advice if you are feeling you are at your limit. Thank you, soup, Elsa, and all here ❤️

    2. Your story tears me down sir.Exactly what i had for the last three years.All my properties,wife,job,Friends went away from me.Thanks God am here today.Yes guys,though not yet but i belive THINGS WILL CHANGE!! Thnx soup on.

  14. I have a friend who knew someone who committed suicide last week. And now all this. Thank you for providing this information and your analysis, Elsa.

    I am of Neptune in Scorpio generation, 19 Scorpio in 3H and I have Mercury and Venus at 10 Capricorn. I feel very good and hopeful. I do need to check on at least one friend who can get down at times.

    People love you. Even complete strangers care. Trust me.

  15. Also acknowledging the tenderness of all this Capricorn. Kate glad this stuff huddled around her ascendant. She needed a retreat not a new product line. She a person if depth look to her. So good to hear magic mushrooms and the such are being looked at again seriously in the psychology world. It’s what the natives used. So much more effective than opiate anti depressants and not addictive.

  16. I have Neptune in Scorpio, 4th house. As long as I have my nice safe roof over my head, I am fine. If something upsets that apple cart, then depression hits and fear strikes my soul.

    I have been taking care of two different disabled neighbors with my time and energy because I know how difficult if not impossible it is for them to find the help that they need. It is funny, they both have paid their homes off and enjoy a nice sized disability and or retirement check every month which I do not. My method of earning my meager living is constantly threatened and scrutinized. I had to fight tooth and nail just to obtain my tiny home. In the meantime, I get to deal with other nasty neighbors who hate me for no good reason and make no secret of it. They too enjoy security in their retirement that I could only dream of.

    Sometimes I wonder what the hell I am doing here and what is the point of it all. In self talk, I will tell myself that if this or that is taken away from me or if I am subjected to arrest or property seizure due to tax debt or student loan debt that I would not stick around to be punished further. I find myself jealous of the people who depend on me to take care of them, wishing that I had a guarantee of some sort financially or an asset instead of outrageous debt that I have not a prayer of unloading. In the eyes of those who depend on me, they are envious of my excellent health.

    I guess it is all a matter of perspective, and we all have secret struggles that eat away at our psyche. I almost committed suicide once, back when I was pregnant due to unrelenting bullying on the part of my father and my child’s father who just thought that single motherhood would doom me. I endured homelessness and was shunned by society. All I wanted was a safe roof over my head and to not feel threatened. I still feel threatened, it has never left me.

    I honestly do not understand how anyone can hurt their child by checking out so obviously. My own child is now grown, and I would never do such a thing because I think that is the ultimate act of cruelty. A parent should never be so cruel as to purposely remove themselves from their child’s life. Even when that child is old enough to technically take care of themselves or has another parent to help raise them.

    1. It’s a mystery–just so selfish. One of our neighbors suicided leaving 4 kids, because her husband filed for divorce. She was financially in good shape…Those kids needed her.

      1. Well, yes it is selfish. But telling a suicidal person that, just solidifies their sense of isolation. And most are not so sure of their good influence here anyway. Theres often the idea that the world would be a better place without them.
        What they really need is for their pain to be validated and seen and not judged. Its the judgement that pain is wrong, or that feeling it makes us wrong, that justifies the need to escape it. If it can be looked at without judgement it can be seen as a natural gateway to more understanding. Its not the pain that compels someone to commit suicide, but the the thought that it shouldnt be happening or that Im flawed for feeling this pain. Thats why so many people with so called perfect lives, commit suicide. Theyve been told that these things will make you happy and when they dont, well the conclusion must be that Im flawed in some way.
        But theres no flaw in seeing that happiness is never “out there”. The mistake happens when they are not directed back into themselves. Because suicidal people are right. Happiness can not be achieved in the world of things. But where they get it wrong is that its nowhere. Its nowhere in the world of things, thats true, but theres another dimension of Self where thats all there is. Suicidal people are closer to this because theyve seen through the lie that life can make you happy.

        But they need to be shown that inner dimension and fully embrace it. That the peace that they associate with death is actually present within them and accessible. And the desire for peace is the highest desire.

        1. It came out of the blue, no one suspected…It was the same way with my niece, who OD’d when she seemed to be doing so well. We still mourn her.

      2. Did you see last week two mothers threw their children to their death and followed them? That is insane! My thought is, what happens if you are plunged into another life doomed to repeat it all till you get it right?

        1. Suicide can guarantee another instant trip back here to do the exact same thing over again. We don’t get out of it. We have to finish what we started no matter how painful that might be.

          I agree with Libra noir…. we can have our own ideas of how things should be but when a person is at that place…best not to judge. They need hope, not judgment. Holding a person up can change everything. We all need hope no matter what we are going through.

          1. Yes I actually have memories of committing suicide in a previous life. There is no end. The soul continues and you need to return to this earthly life and still learn many lessons. Is it any wonder that I am a Capricorn Rising with moon in Scorpio? I am determined to tackle, learn and address unresolved issues from that previous life. It will take the rest of my life … and that is just the way it is

        2. You will definitely have a chance to do better in your next life, after a time of contemplation…But ultimately, a soul has a degree of free will, so nothing is guaranteed.

          1. Unless this is a one shot deal.

            I am from the west and judging from the epitaph on the gravestones, people definitely thought life was one and done.

            1. I believe we all come back in the sense through your children grandchildren etc. Because that is you being reproduced into another and another. And I believe they inherit everything in DNA not just your eye color or shape of your body but your issues too until someone resolves them and grows…evolves your being. Just a theory I have.

  17. I really like Teal Swans take on suicidal thoughts. She has a few videos on youtube and she keeps it very real.

    The only other thing I can say, is that its worth it to hang on for the possibility that theres light on the other side of the dark tunnel you are in. And dont believe everything you think. The mind lies sometimes.

    Ive been to the edge myself.

  18. I can vouch for micro dose lithium. Available as a supplement in 5 mg capsules. I take 5 mg twice a day, 10 mg total. Very inexpensive and the effect is within hours.

    “… Evidence is slowly accumulating that relatively tiny doses of lithium can have beneficial effects. They appear to decrease suicide rates significantly and may even promote brain health and improve mood.”

    1. This is the second time lithium has come into my awareness. Im going to go get some today. Thank you.

      1. Lithium orotate or aspartate…try Swanson Vitamins and Amazon has it, too. Either form of lithium seems to work the same for me; aspartate is much cheaper.

        1. Avatar
          Warped by Wuthering Heights

          Good to know! Might at least be something to keep in your first aid kit in case of devastating events.

    2. Mike is correct!!!! lithium orotate!!! Order it real quick on Amazon and have it the next day. It works!

      1. I know an actual many times hospitalized bipolar woman (one ep: going outside with no pants on, found a guy with a motorcycle at a gas station, found 20 miles away, did not recognize anyone) and once she was at my house when she started an episode. Her problems would happen when she did not take her (doctor prescribed) lithium. Seeing how it works, I would never just blithely take it like a Vitamin C tablet. Definitely do your homework on this one. Sorry for the dire warning 🙂

  19. How do I figure out who has Cardinal signs, especially between 1-10 degrees AND Neptune in Scorpio between 10-20 degrees? I’m confused if that means people with Cardinal signs or if it means something more complex?

  20. Thanks to those who are offering warm tenderness and compassion instead of stone cold judgments of blame and warnings of possible dire consequences.

    The first are helpful to me.

  21. Thanks, Elsa, Libra noir, Soup, and Mike. I’m personally not in a crisis atm, but you’ve provided valuable information for those who are.

  22. I hadn’t had time to read about his passing this morning because I was working. Now it seems there was a girlfriend involved in this somehow.

    Ultimately we have free will and will do as we choose….but there is rumor that his girlfriend of two years was seen in pictures with another man… its all over the internet. They claim she cheated. They are also claiming something about him previously being a heroin addict. I don’t know anything about either…but there is more too this than just depression.

    The girlfriend is the Weinstein accuser. There are pictures of her with a young man (reporter) all over the internet and people claim she was caught cheating and ….who knows the rest. The photographer that took the pictures and reported the cheating has since taken the photos down but half the world had already did screen shots.

    So sad….

  23. So very sorry for these lovely people not making it through this crushing time. Have to say I’ve felt it too, not just now, but now and again for last few years. It has passed, luckily. But in all my years I have never experienced anything like this. Very aware of others struggling too. Doing my best to to notice them, to contact. And to say when I am struggling. Not so easy to do that right bang in the middle of the crush though.

    Sun cancer 15
    Moon Scorpio 15
    Jupiter Gemini 17
    Saturn Pisces 17
    Neptune Scorpio 17

  24. I needed to read this today – hanging on by a thread and fighting back from the edge of that appealing abyss every – single – day. If I thought my kids had anyone to turn to, I’m not sure I would have made it the last few months, but they don’t and the guilt of possibly leaving them stranded overwrites the guilt of not being able to provide adequately for them and being in such a dark hole I feel like the ultimate crappy mom. AC Cancer 8, Merc Cap 11 and Nept. in Scorpio 14 – I have dealt with depression my entire life so thank you, thank you, for the glimmer of hope.

    1. Right there with you.
      Sun Libra 2
      Mars Cancer 2
      Saturn Cap 11 (heading into my 2nd Saturn return)
      Jupiter in Scorpio 14 as of today

    2. Avatar

      The fact that you feel such guilt for not being able to provide for your children simply tells me that you are a great mom doing as best as she can . .

      Give yourself more credit!

      Will be waiting for stories from you on how you are worried or happy about your children’s lovers! Their kids! Allll of that drama! 🙂

      Talk later then ?

      *Big hug!*

  25. Avatar

    To anyone who is reading here,

    I’ll say this:

    – It is worth it :), fighting and getting on the other side is SO worth it!

    – most likely your mind is lying to you. Don’t encourage it.

    – if you need something absolute to depend on; pick the sun, pick the moon ( though she/he might ask for a day’s leave every 15 days or so! :p ), gauranteed they will show up! You see, nature doesn’t discriminate 🙂 You may think you are not worth it, but not them 🙂 they are going to be there. They can be a tremendous source of security. Try it!


    For anyone who is inclined to spirituality:

    – method: (transformation) INTENSELY/ with every cell in your body, you have got to NOT want to feel this way! You should be willing to give up anything for it! The universe won’t have a choice but to open up a door for you.


    – method: (Embrace it) this is very hard, but if you thank the universe for this experience, suddenly, you may feel ease. . It might occur to you what the point of the process is and you may receive grace to get through it


    – method: (meditation) There are some very SIMPLE breathing exercises that you can do every day, (even five minutes! Will bring about a noticeable difference!) This calms your mind down and brings balance! (I can post a link here that I practice if anyone is interested)


    As others above said, this is a great place for a conversation! A lot of compassionate people here! Give it a try 🙂

    Take care everyone. . ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Very good. Id like to know about more about your meditation practice. I was kind of alluding to spirituality in my post as well, but I dont know if I spelled it out clearly like you did.

      1. Avatar

        Haha! So glad I could help! 🙂


        Everyone here could make a pact!, as long as the sun is showing up, they will also have to! 🙂


        Fun fact (completely unrelated!): We are all solar powered 😀

  26. I see you erased my links about depression as a social,not generational disease and thus not linked specifically to baby boomers.
    It hasn’t helped me much. It has frightened me. You know my chart, Nep scorp,cardinals and all the rest.
    I guess I’ll give astrology another rest

  27. As I commented on someone’s post above, I believe the trigger was transiting Uranus square his natal Uranus.
    I just took a quick look at the Internet and found a chart without a birth time, so they did an Aries rising chart (this is one of the techniques for doing a chart when you don’t know the birth time). Interestingly his moon comes out to be 0° Aquarius exactly opposite his natal 0° Uranus.. This would mean transiting 0° Uranus is setting off a tight T-square between an exact moon-Uranus opposition.
    I’m always amazed when these approximation techniques work anyway: Independent of the birth time and the possible Aquarius/0° Aquarius moon, he had a tight Jupiter conjunct Pluto (both direct) square Saturn retrograde that just screams to me “I want to break free from this stifling limitation!” And he has Mars in Pisces square the nodes. So, not only does this indicate a strong imperative in this lifetime to “take action”, it can also mean self-sacrifice or taking the action but getting it wrong/doing it backwards/misfiring.

  28. I know I’ve been hitting the same note, i.e. Uranus, the last couple days. My gut is taking me there because of the “shocking effect” on the public of these “sudden events”. And also the fact that Uranus has just change signs has antenna is up looking for any anomalous events. Let’s hope that Uranus in Taurus does not herald a seven-year stretch of suicides. I don’t really believe that will happen, however it certainly is explosive to put freedom seeking Uranus in a fixed sign. It’s making me aware of the sudden explosive effect Uranus could have on planets in the fixed signs. The god of freedom is declaring a seven-year war/healing on the status quo (and rigidity, complacency and being stuck in the mud).
    Again, peace and healing to all. According to my beliefs, there is no judgment, there is no karma there is only love.

  29. Thanks Elsa this has been an incredible post, I’m so pleased this conversation is being held here. I live in New Zealand, we presently have a terrible dairy cow disease “threat” to the milking herds country-wide. Many farmers are in shock, disbelief, their loved herds of milking cows are being culled by Government order/decree, where the blood tests show the disease is present, even though the cow isn’t sick in anyway.

    Suicide numbers amongst the farming people is high already, and documented, as their debt worries, income worries, BUT now this awful GRIEF sweeping the farming community is so so sad to witness.

    i have Neptune 4 degrees Scorpio, planets in Cap, Sun in Aquarius conj Chiron, SURE CAN FEEL this planetary pull to suicide, it feels like an undertow.

    Thank you so much again for openly discussing this subject.

  30. anonymoushermit

    Bourdain states, “I will find myself in an airport, for instance, and I’ll order an airport hamburger. It’s an insignificant thing, it’s a small thing, it’s a hamburger, but it’s not a good one. Suddenly I look at the hamburger and I find myself in a spiral of depression that can last for days.”

    1. Cancers have a tendency to strange mood swings, but being depressed for days over a hamburger is rather extreme.

        1. I understand the hamburger.

          The hamburger probably reminded him of the meaninglessness of life. The mediocrity of many of peoples expressions, ie, a crappy hamburger. Maybe it reminded him of his own disconnection to source. That void within himself. The misalignment between him and his true being. Thats why beauty (art) and truth are on the same level. Mediocrity kills the soul of an artist.

    2. Anthony Bourdain wrote with an exaggerated kind of black humor, which I found to be quite funny. The comment about the hamburger was most likely another of his witty exaggerated statements. His Sun was his only planet in Cancer, ruled by an early day detriment Capricorn Moon or if born after 11:25am an Aquarius Moon,either Moon opposed his detriment Uranus in Leo all day. From zero hrs to midnight the day of his birth held an assortment of complicated planetary patterns which mostly involved the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Neptune. Most noticible was a consistant difficult quadriform pattern of Mercury square Mars both sesquisquare Neptune which held formation all 24hrs of his birth day.

    3. I understand Anthony’s comment about the hamburger as follows: the mediocre burger is only a starting point. One that initiates a sequence (a spiral) of thoughts and feelings that move well beyond said burger. I myself used to go through that process, that downward spiral into deep existential depression over and over and over. It is only recently that I am becoming able to nip the spiral in the bud. It takes great effort. I hope I will be able to continue.

        1. If there is depression started off something as simple as a hamburger then most likely there is a bigger problem behind it, like people arguing or fighting over something all the time but its actually not the real problem. Some discussion with a trained licensed professional counselor that has the ability to understand and give feedback might help get at the root of it.

  31. Lost a best friend this week. She was shot by her husband who then shot and killed himself. They had a young daughter.I looked at her chart (after)and saw that every planet in her natal chart was severely compromised by every planet transiting. ie; uranus opp. mars, saturn conj.nept.,pluto conjunct moon,jupiter conj. Mercury, sun opp. saturn, mercury opp uranus, moon oppose mars, venus inconjunct uranus & venus.
    Ironically, she once warned me (loudly) to get away from someone just 2 days before I was attacked and strangled. I wish I could have done the same for her. She always loved it when I looked at her chart. Thanks for listening. It’s been a rough week.

  32. Avatar
    James Slattery

    When Uranus eventually moves to 4′ Taurus it will oppose my Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th, all loosely square a Leo stellium in the 6th. Yikes! Maybe Pluto on the Desc. at 2′ Virgo will help.

  33. Cappy here Neptune in Scorpio here
    Yep blues come in and out
    Lonely you bet , could list my abusers and events, older yes
    But if they haven’t eaten and chewed be to the bone yet?
    My ego has been on a south beach diet the last decade
    I am not done yet
    Shit I don’t even have good sneakers for the race
    But brother watch out for me and my long bare feet I am in the throws
    Of building my bubble dance
    You know when you blow bubbles
    From soapy water and when they pop you get a rainbow
    And then Glenda floats thru to offer you one wish
    I have Aquarius rising can you tell?

  34. Bourdain had a history of heroin abuse and had a hard time enjoying life afterwards. Kate Spade had a hard time with her celebrity and subsequent divorce. The queen’s sister(not England’s)in Argentina was chronically depressed. I hate to even mention this, but Bourdain met Obama in Indonesia once for a show and stayed at his exchange student home. Spade was involved with the Clinton Initiative’s rape of Haiti. In Argentina, that poor soul was a Bilderberger(or top elite). In general, our generation benefits from having a sound religious base that strictly prohibits suicide. So suicide or suicided, it is highly unlikely that it should spread to the masses.

    1. I am sorry, that is my mindset. I do know a lovely boy in University in Chile who used to visit the house who committed suicide last year- seems so pointless when emotions change. I even had an involuntary sympathy mimicking of his experience where I nearly choked to death in the bath out of the blue and had to get up and run around the house naked trying to breathe and couldn’t. I figured I had a minute or two before I passed out so I had better figure out what to do. I tried spitting and ended up vomiting which helped me get some air slowly and saved me. That was even worse than the heart attacks and strokes I picked up in real time from friends when they had those experiences.

  35. Sad when people can be at their lowest or even after they’re gone and those still judging them. Wow. Please know that everything changes–the bad, the good, it will all change. Please get help if you’re having a hard time from a qualified mental health therapist. People care about you, even anonymous online people care about you.

  36. I have Neptune in my 8th house (Scorpio) squaring natal Saturn and Chiron and conjuncting Pluto and Uranus (not pretty – what the hell was I thinking). I attempted (and nearly succeeded) suicide when I was 15. Today I’m a suicide hotline counselor because I understand this abyss so well. And yes, these transits have a BIG affect on me; I can feel the “pull downward” like having a millstone around my ankle but I keep wanting to stay above water. It’s a lot of work to want to stay here. But on we go and this too shall pass. Never give up!

  37. A big Hug Elsa gor the Q.Elsa am i dont know much about astrology facts but i lnow i was norn on the 1st of September 47 years ago at 5:30am in Malindi Kenya.I lost my job in 2014 uptodate.what is happening with my life?

  38. I am so on the edge. Sliding down to the bottom, which I thought was as bad as it could get, Climbing out is worse! Everyday I fight to climb upward and cry feeling I won’t make it. I am totally alone in this struggle.

    1. Avatar

      You are not alone Dolores! Everyone here is with you!

      You will not only make it! you will later feel proud about yourself for getting through it! JUST KEEP GOING! that is all you have to do!

      Don’t worry about the better or worse, you just have to show up! everyday!!

      PLEASE DO POST in the forums, there are many kind people, who can give you a listen… sharing may unburden you, at least a little ..

      Praying for you and sending lots and lots of love 🙂

  39. I am probably out of time on this page to chime in an say that, from what I can understand, some of these “celebrities” did not kill themselves at all, they were taken out. Murdered. Collateral damage in a struggle with and around the festering pus of the Clinton Foundation that is about to burst. I don’t know how this plays astrologically, but it sure is a historical crucial moment politically in the U.S. and for the world.

    1. Another thing that I found interesting, if you have heard of QAnon, he mentioned to look for a lot of celebrity suicides and this was before AB. And I also heard a rumor that Bourdain was a spy and was silenced.

  40. Cap sun w/ Neptune in Scorpio here.
    My dog is really the only thing keeping me grounded on the earthly plane.
    It’s not constructive criticism anymore but constant criticism & judgment & fielding other peoples projections &…
    I gotta go home. To work in the garden with the dog
    12th house Saturn in Taurus. Maybe the anchor point?

    1. Avatar

      I am not equipped to help with the astrology but please do post your chart and if you feel like, issues that are troubling you in the forums. . Someone may help you out, at the very least, you may get some encouragement 🙂

      About your dog, they genuinely may be god’s angels! Everyone should be lucky enough to have a dog in their life!

      Hope things better for you soon! Hang in there!

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