Self Destructive Women

Rob writes regarding Women Who Chase Other Women’s Men: “It’s a social capital thing… the more desirable a person seems to society in general, the more people who weren’t that interested to begin with find themselves attracted… If a man is married the woman must have thought he’s pretty special, yeah? Couple that with the

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OCD & Sexual Repression: Scorpio Rising, Stellium in Aries

Dear Elsa I’m in my last year of university, but I feel it’s hard to move forward to what is next in my life. Ever since I’ve been 15, my sex drive has been non-existent. I remember it was very strong for a bit, but I felt very guilty about it and the feelings I

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Mercury in Aries vs Mercury in Libra: Love of Taboo and My Criminal Mind

These are excerpts from the other night’s conversation with my ex from almost 3 decades ago, the career Special Forces guy. He has Mercury in Aries opposite my Mercury Mars in Libra. He’s a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune. I’m a packed 8th house. “Well it was just like lighting a match. And we’d both just

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