Virgo: How To Stop Worrying

Virgo goddessVirgo is well known to worry. They’re often criticized for this which does them no good at all.

You can read about Virgo worrying all over the place.  Their tendency to worry is one of the main angles used to denigrate the sign. Everyone can tell you about the problem. No one offers a solution!

There is a solution, Virgo.  What you’re really known for is your mind & your thinking. If there is a puzzle you’re the one most likely to solve it!  Let’s go!

It’s not your job to worry. You have a lot of work to do but you’re off the hook on this front.

Worry is mental energy. If you tend to worry, you’re choosing this. It’s an act of free will.  If you don’t like to worry you can stop.

Worry is just one channel on your TV. If you don’t like it, change the channel.
If you prefer your new mental landscape, opt to never spend time on “worry” channel again.

It really is this simple.  The problem is, astrology has become “simple”. It’s so dumbed down, people believe a fine Virgo mind is helpless.

19 thoughts on “Virgo: How To Stop Worrying”

  1. I don’t generally find it as simple as changing the channel, though I applaud those who are able to do so! For me, what I find helpful is taking whatever is causing me to worry out of my mind and into the physical plane. I shift my focus to things I can do like research the topic that is making me worry, make plans around the issue, contact someone involved in the situation, organize, clean, or any other Virgo activity involving the physical world that can address the ‘problem’. And yes, if after trying all the above and nothing can be done, I feel confident to leave all worry behind. ??

  2. Its really not a simple as “just stop worrying” – this is rarely if not impossible to achieve as minds work more or less by themselves – as the buddha said “this arises that arises”; its a thought pattern, a natural tendency.

    You try thinking what you want to think uninterrupted by a thought and see what happens; try to blank your minds and keep it blank and see what happens.

    1. “Its really not a simple as “just stop worrying” – this is rarely if not impossible to achieve as minds work more or less by themselves – as the buddha said “this arises that arises”; its a thought pattern, a natural tendency.”

      This may be true for you and it’s your option to hold to it. But I’m pretty sure not everyone born in late August or the first three weeks of September is not destined to worry.

      I also did not suggest clearing your mind. I think we have options; Virgo included. For example, Virgo can think about how they might transcend their worry. That’s it. Done and done.

      This is true for all the signs by the way. The stereotyping has people in chains. Oh! I’m a Scorpio, therefore I am obsessed with sex. This is not real. I invite people to discover who they really are… and non-worrying Virgos exist on this planet. I can tell you this for sure.

      It’s a habit, you know. 6th house / Virgo habits.

      I used to smoke… A LOT. Nerves or whatever. This was not a good solution to my problem so I mutated.

  3. Is it that Virgo worries or is it underlying anxiety, and what makes Virgo anxious? I can only answer as a Virgo rising that I think the anxiety has something to do with incorporating Pisces. The Virgo energy seems to be tasked with framing, rationalising, making conscious the vast mystery, the unconscious. Being subject to that on a daily basis, having a kind of acute awareness/consciousness can cause a lot of doubt and existential anxiety, manifesting locally as worry. A lot of the conflict exists on the mind-body boundary, hence hypochondria can be experienced. The more you can lean into the flow of life and accept the unpredictable chaos of life-death, the less anxiety you feel, to the point you could become quite zen! Learning about, directly working with, and finding words for what is unconscious really helps. I think that’s often a reason Virgos write, in order to process their acute experiencing.

    1. I’m Virgo rising too, with lots of Pisces and I find this to be true. It’s the hyper-thinking, the absorption of so much information at once, the observation of so much at once that, to me, can become severe anxiety. It can be difficult to parse. When I was younger I went through a period of panic attacks that were ultimately about my perceived lack of control over the world. Ultimately, no one has any control and reality is only perception. Getting older has helped. Also weed 🙂

      1. I have my Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces too, so the whole Virgo Pisces thing asks to be figured out. Also when Virgo is in your 12th and Pisces 6th house it’s weird. Agree about the weed!

  4. “This may be true for you and it’s your option to hold to it. But I’m pretty sure not everyone born in late August or the first three weeks of September is not destined to worry.” But then you do a similar thing by “I also did not suggest clearing your mind…” did I suggest that?

    I do not understand why you got on your high horse. Maybe this forum is not about freedom of speach or the free exchange of ideas – what you have done is laid straight into me square on.

    Was there any need for it – really?? Did I have a go at you – really??

    Was the Buddha speaking only of those who were not Virgo by stating this arises that arises – I think he was talking about humanity, about each individual – therefore its is just as relavent for a Virgo as for an Aries – there are no original thoughts as someone somewhere has thought it – think about that.

    1. You know more about it than I do, fiasco. Luckily, it’s a big internet so if you find me lacking you have endless other places you can go. Because I can be a lot stupider than this, you have no idea.

  5. I have a Virgo Moon conj. Pluto. I absorb other people’s worries more than worry myself. I always try and suss out what the outcomes are or what the strategy could be and then go that way and get it done. Of course I can get anxious, and I feel it in my gut which is Virgo rules. If that happens, I take deep breaths and remember fear is only Fact That Appear Real. Then calm and clarity comes back. Mediation does help too. Especially in these times.

  6. Funny, just the other day I was talking to this Virgo guy I know. We were talking about the weather, it’s that time of year where it’s still winter temperatures but sometimes it rains, or “wintry mix”, or if snows then melts then re-freezes. I only walk, I don’t drive, so I was talking to this guy about having to wear my boots or if I should bring my ice cleats with me in the morning. “Why are you worrying? Who worries about that? I don’t worry about things, about the world.” My thought at the time was “beware the virgo who says he never worries” so it’s funny this post popped up. Like, never? That’s psychopathic! He has a child and he doesn’t worry about her? I call bulldookie. Secondly, I don’t consider what I was doing worrying! Is considering what to wear in inclement weather worrying? Now I’m worrying about worrying! Of course not all Virgos are going to be nervous wrecks but the energy, the impetus is innate. That’s just this neurotic’s opinion.

  7. I remember reading Stephen Arroyo’s description of Virgo in 1980s and being totally demorialized. Of all the signs in the zodiac, Virgo was the most horrid re Arroyo. When I pulled myself together I realized either a Virgo done him wrong and/or that his descrition of Virgo fit his own nit picking, nasty, critical judgment of the sign. Thing is Virgo’s really hate to criticize anyone, but fie on the person who is capable of doing what is expected and fails either due to laziness or lack of concern. It seems only in recent years that Virgo appears to be accepted among astrologers as fit to be part of the human race.

  8. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I love my Virgo stellium energy! Jupiter, Pluto, and Uruanus in Virgo. The stellium trines my Cap Sun and Mercury and they all work together well. When I deem something worthy of worry, I get to work about it. I mean I really get a lot of shit done!!

    When I was younger, I didn’t know what to do with all this energy and was put down by people who didn’t understand me and my fidgeting when nervous or anxious. But since I understand and accepted this energy of me, I love it so much.

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