All about Virgo. Sun, Moon, rising, etc…

Virgo love

Virgo – Nourishing Love!

Since we’ve covered the Leo love wave, let’s move to the next sign in the zodiac and talk about what it’s like to be loved by Virgo. Virgo love feeds your soul, and when they let you in, this is one sexy sign.

Madame Alexander Katrina

Conversations With The Dying

I started visiting this old gal who is dying, back in November.  She’s got cancer all through her, into her fingers and toes. I really didn’t think she would be alive at this time but she is and I’m glad! She’s a classy woman, in spite of being destitute. She keeps herself pulled together; I

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Demanding Virgos Who Play “Little Maiden” (Venus Conjunct Pluto)

“…You don’t want anyone stupid – you’re a Virgo!  But to find the right partner, you’ll have to let go the “little maiden” thing. You’re far more complicated that that. Part of you is voraciously demanding though this is not something you’d put in your press kit! By accessing your own intensity, you’ll increase your ability to attract what


The Demon Kudzu

I thought I’d give you a kudzu update.  The front of the property is 85% clear of kudzu. Whatever is left is hanging down by the road. I patrol along the front of the house every couple days, looking for anything I missed or new vines trying to stage a comeback. I feel like a

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