Taurus Holding On To Stuff

yellow-legal-pad.jpgTaurus holding on to stuff, it never ceases to amaze me. Today the soldier needed a tablet, he can’t believe I live without them and he comes up with a yellow legal pad and get this:

It has notes to (and from) his ex-wife from 20 years ago.

“I’ll do the dishes tomorrow… too tired from study,” the pad says in his hand from 2 decades past.

Can you believe this?

And there is a song he wrote, he says he woke up after a dream with the lyrics in his head. He surprised himself by picking up his guitar and playing the damned thing but boy is P unnerved. What the hell?

Do you keep things?

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  1. I have a box full of things I want to throw away, but keep anyway. Kinda like a bad habit. I have lots of things that are really old, but tend to hang onto for some reason. Taurus Moon Maybe? For those non Tauruses out there, for whom this may not be an issue, like to say oh, yeah so you and all your crap… WEll for Us T’s its NoT CRAP!!! When you borrow somthing from us you’de better return it cause it might be our favorite sweater!! LIke even though it may be old, and used looking its probably that way because we loved it and wore it so much… Its all broken in and feels so good against the skin. MMMM…

  2. Taurus Moon here, and I do the same! I mean, I have dozens and dozens of notebooks or legal pads that I have started and not finished. I usually take away the pads in hotels, so I can have something to scribble on, but it’s seriously a case of “how many memos do you want to write???”.

    I have recently discovered letters from the 80s and scanned the most important ones… I am in the process of throwing loads of things away and it is my theme this year – Saturn is now going back and forth over my IC and will remain in my 4H for some time.

  3. yes.
    articles and paperwork and letters and such.

    learning how to decide when to get rid of such stuff, which feels like dropping a huge weight i’ve been carrying. the more stuff i get rid of, the less stuff i want to have! 😉

  4. I keep things..no Taurus, but I’ve moved a lot, so my things are like my house to me.Maybe it’s my Cancer that is sentimental about things. It’s really hard for me to get rid of anything that was a gift, whether I like and/or needed it! That and I’m a piler, so I’m never quite sure what I have, but I bet there’s something valuable in there somewhere!

  5. mmmm. . . my old taurus boyfriend of six years kept *everything* – scary. the stuff i didn’t like were the slippers of an ex girlfriend that he put up on a shelf . . . huh?

    father is a pisces and he’s a “packrat” – won’t throw anything out. curious to know his rising sign (born march 1, 1946 – edison nj sometime in am – anyone?)

    I feel like there are different levels of saving stuff.

    I have a book i wrote when i was seven, yet i pretty much purge everything every six months.

  6. not like this…I hate things, they make me feel weighted. Except beautiful fabrics, ha.
    My sister is a taurus and she’s had to buy back things (eg, hairdryers) she’s donated to the local thrift shop. we’re not your average Tauri.
    (I should mention she also has Pluto Rising and 8th House Sun/Moon which explains a lot).

  7. Yup, I come from a long line of Taurean packrats. I am TRYING not to be as bad as the rest of them, but realistically, I’m doomed to have a house that takes six months to clean out by the time I die too.

    There is just so much GUILT that comes with getting rid of stuff…especially stuff that can’t just go in the trash and is still useful to someone. Ugh.

  8. Very recently my ex, Mr. Westpoint graduate, sent me about 20 large boxes from his basement in Virginia of my old stuff. The last one came just a few days ago. We can tell he’s a Virgo, huh, with his own massive cleaning up his basement I guess he is feeling Saturn? Anyway, I am a sun Taurus, and one of the notes that I pulled out of the boxes is still on the shelf here, is from him saying “I’ll do the dishes when I get home.” That note had to have been written in, maybe, the late 80’s. I don’t know why I pulled it out, I threw most everything away into the Goodwill box. As to all of my own writing and my journals, that stuff is boring as hell…OMg boring, I could not believe I could stay awake to write it. Toss! But that little note from him to me…maybe I see it as evidence or proof that I was once married and domesticated.

    I don’t hoard stuff like Cancers do though, and I am dreading my progressed sun going into Cancer as it will do soon since I am so old.

  9. Venus in Taurus
    A lot of times I do get rid of things, and then I regret it horribly. I actually come back to things I discarded years ago and want them again, so for me it makes sense to keep things a while just to make sure. I try to keep it to a reasonable level nowdays though.

  10. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    Yes, I’m a keeper of stuff. As an example, I’ve still got my yellow Sony sportswalkman (haha!), and I don’t really know why. Probably because every time I see it, I’m reminded of all the places I used to bring it with me… Maybe someday, I’ll give it to a museum of popular culture (or the like). Moon in Taurus trine Mercury retrograde…:o)

  11. Nope, I purge. I’m a bit lazy so it’s a periodic purge, but every couple months I go through some of my stuff and toss a lot of it out.

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