Scorpio and 8th House Types Sensing Death

Pluto roman godScorpio and the 8th house are associated with death. Scorpios and people like me with a heavy duty 8th house are exposed to more than their share of death. Often they can sense a person’s impending death.

I’ve had the experience many times and I’ve been on the other end of it as well. For example, some years ago I was called back for a suspicious mammogram. My partner at the time, with his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, laughed at the thought I might be ill. He knew I wasn’t.

I frequently know someone is going to die even when others think they’re not. I also tend to know when people are going to be okay, despite their dire situation.

I don’t know how or why this is.  A person is either dead (dying) or they’re not. I don’t recall ever having a strong sense one way or the other and having it be off.

I may not know, but when I do know then I know. I can’t remember the last time someone’s death came as a surprise…or their non-death for that matter.

I’m pulling up this thirteen year old post because this continues to happen. There is not really a lot of conversation about it. I would like to better understand it.

Other Scorpio / 8th house types want to weigh in on this?

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  1. Capricorn eight house sun and merc which trines pluto in virgo. I can relate to this, my father is dying . . . my mother died suddenly ten years ago, that was a shock. My son is recovering from cancer and I believed he would but to be nine months in hospital with children who are dying from cancer is really tough. I am still haunted, deeply haunted by the trauma of having experienced the death of five children on the oncology ward. There is nothing to describe this, it is so . . . .Holy. Four of them had become friends with my son, death this way takes living to a different level. I’m not normal anymore. I was afraid that I knew that three of them were going to die. It was in the air. although I tried to fight the feelings. I seem to live between the zones. I do often find myself having ‘experiences’ at cemetries, churches. Once I had a powerful spiritual experience only to discover later that I was walking on a viduct that had actually claimed the lives of many suicide victims. Another such place is in the woods next to my home. For years I walked there, feeling mystically inclined and always returning there. I eventually uncovered the fact that 60,000 people had died there during the second World War, people from all over Europe had been sent there, now it’s a woods and pretty fields but it was a concentration camp, ruled by Nazis. The atrocities were enormous, brutality, mass murder of children, families, priests, soldiers French, German, Polish, Russian, Catholics, Jews, Orthodox. Here they were sent on to the bigger death camps. Such a Holy place. I have been researching the truth since and am working towards bringing more recognition of this to light. I feel them, I pray for them and ‘visit’ them . . . or perhaps they are visiting and comforting me.

  2. Neptune and Jupiter (rulers of my Pisces Asc) at either end of the 8th house. I’ve dealt with so much death around me it’s a surprise I don’t work in a connected industry dealing with it. I fear pain or senility
    more than death and believe that our energy continues past death even if it’s only in the memories we leave with others.

  3. Yes, I have a packed 8th house in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Scorpio and I know these things. I can tell when they have given up…I also have a strong sense of when other things are not right in a person, or when they have strong feelings about me…..It can be painful, since I am very empathetic and want to help, but know that I can’t…..

  4. Just to be the control, I am a Scorpio Rising with Uranus in first, and no, I absolutely cannot sense these things. I am often completely taken by surprise. I can sense pregnancy, though, oddly enough. My 8th is empty and ruled by Gemini.

    1. Adding to the control group, I also have Scorpio rising and Neptune and Moon in 12H giving me strong intuition, but not about death. Empty 8H ruled by Gemini with mercury in Virgo.

  5. Yes, I’ve sensed this and other times, have “seen” it. My 8th house holds: chart ruler Neptune in Scorpio conjunct scorpio Mars, and it’s ruler Scorpio Venus. I have uranus-pluto-moon conjunct descendant angle.

  6. I have Neptune in Scorpio stationary retrograde 8th house. Yes, I have sensed and predicted death accurately ahead of time and have corroborating witnesses!

  7. I feel this. Though I am young so far in this life. I feel it’s familiarity each time it’s been true. The strangest comfort. To be even a little prepared. To feel sturdy in grief (pre-grief?) sure is something. I take it as a gift to be grateful for.

  8. Based simply on life experience, it seems to me that most people (and even animals, for that matter) actually know when they are getting close to their own death, even if perhaps most don’t quite accept it/bring it all to the forefront of their own mind while awake. Possibly whether they do or don’t has more to do with how they perceive death and whether it has otherwise a more settled/accepted role in their own view of every day life as well.

    I mention the above because I’ve seen this sort of contrast for instance between modern towns where death is usually quite entirely out of sight/almost taboo or at least avoided in general and older countryside places where death is/has been much more closely integrated as part of life. It’s highly unlikely that ~all inhabitants of old-style countryside really share otherwise some specific innate characteristics to link to it. It can however be indeed that in environments where that sort of more wholesome integration is not present, most simply don’t “see it” for lack of looking/it being so entirely and seemingly out of place that it pretty much gets edited out rather than being noticed at all. And in such environments, it will be perhaps indeed that it takes some specific characteristics to not edit it out and still notice it instead. So it will be that there are only some that find it easier to pick up or notice the subtle differences and thus “know it” while others/most don’t.

    Since you are trying to look at it though through the lens of an astrological system, as far as I know, the vedic astrology includes this in a more general way: both as a change in the person getting closer to their death and as to whether a chart gives more or less “access” to that sort of perception.

  9. I forgot exactly the answer to the question in the article: it happened to me that I didn’t *believe* my own knowledge of it, not that it was incorrect.

  10. I have Mars, Moon, Mercury, and Neptune between 6 and 10 degrees Scorpio in my 3rd, Pluto in the first house and Uranus cj the asc in the 12th. I feel people’s death and near death experiences. It started when I was 20, with my brother in law in the hospital dying unbeknownst to me, but my hands wouldn’t stop shaking and I couldn’t shake the feeling that something supernatural was going on until he died 8 hours later, when I suddenly relaxed. Since then, I experienced my ex’s stroke, mimicking his movements and hearing his thoughts in real time. Many heart attacks, fatal and otherwise, of friends and neighbors, where I would feel the pain, think I was dying, then hear the thoughts of the person actually experiencing it, and say, Oh, that’s not me! Who could it be? and then finding out later who it was. Mind blowing.
    It is very comforting to know that when someone is dying and they think of me, I can feel them and hear their thoughts as if by radar. It comes and goes, too. When I lived in a big city I felt several neighbors die in a short period of time. One I felt his heart attack in real time, another I felt enter and pass through out apartment just checking things out after he died. Another I felt an attempted hanging which choked me in probably my worst experience, but I mercifully didn’t feel it when he succeeded later. My grandmother used to dream of a red cross, and would awake agitated until she found out who had died in the night.

    1. Susan,

      It is so comforting to read this – “Its not just me!!” I have Uranus in the 12th house. I “know” when people are going to die before they die. They often come and visit me shortly after death to give me a message or a memory of something we shared. I have also had dream visits with messages for others. This started when I was in high school – I “Knew” that my three grandparents were going to die, and I told my friend. But I did not purposely say it, it just came out of my mouth from no where – shocking me as much as my friend. After that It became routine. I just knew. I can’t say that I find this comforting. I have learned to live with it.

  11. my mother with stellium in scorpio saw and felt it before it happened, it really is terrible. its a wave of helplessness but also they gave her a sign that its nearing the end. I remember when she saw the outlines of my grandfather and her niece; a ethereal golden halo around but it was the feeling that washed over her that it would be the last time she saw them. Less than a week later they both died. I dont have stellium in scorpio but i notice i do have a stellium in 8th house. I never thought much of it, but mine are feelings that overcome me. I’m in the same room with someone who has cancer as an example, and while everyone believes they will go into remission like they did before i just start crying uncontrollably. I’m embaressed i keep crying and i cant stop.I dont know why. they ended up passing away few days later. my husband is scorpio sun; no stellium or 8th, he has more seeing future premonition (maybe thats his stellium in sag)

  12. Nataliya I have moon conjunct Neptune & that’s conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. I sense things and sometimes I don’t know what to do about it. For instance,yesterday I found myself just tearing up since I see that a friend’s relationship is ending…but it is too emotional for him to discuss. With this Jupiter in Pisces, I sense more than ever…it is a little eerie.

  13. 8th house Sun and Mercury. I often sense death and other things. I can’t remember ever being surprised by someone close to me dying. I’ve even seen it in celebrities sometimes. Is it their energetic signature, or some other clue they’re exhibiting? I wish I understood it better, too, but I definitely take it for granted that I get premonitions. I’m grateful because it softens the blow to some extent.

    1. I guess I should add that I have Neptune conjunct Venus in Scorpio on my descendant, opposite Jupiter. I don’t know if that’s helpful, Elsa.

      1. I’m an aries 8th house Sun.. From a young age I’d get sad and anxious around old people. I was young and couldn’t understand my feelings. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized I was sensing the end for them.

        1. I also just remembered lol- Random people will just pop into my head. A celebrity for example. I’ll hear their name in my head and then like 3 days later they pass away. So sometimes I get scared when random people pop in my head like “oh no are they next”?! It causes some anxiety for me figuring out if they are deaths coming or something else. Also been happening from a young age.

  14. I’m a Capricorn but my Saturn is in Scorpio. I’ve sensed it before and most recently (last year), my own mother (she died this year from terminal cancer but when I was sensing death for her last year our family didn’t lnow she had cancer [again]) sadly. I’m weirdly drawn to morbid things from a far (like true crime) but I’m terrified of death up close and personal.

  15. Thanks Elsa for this interesting 8th house subject.
    My AC is in Scorpio with Neptune sitting on it sextiling Moon/Pluto in Virgo. My 8th house is a Gemini, Mercury in it making quincunx to the AC/Neptune.
    Uranus is on my MC.
    I am also an Astrologer. When I look into a chart the first time, I frequently get a “strong knowing” about the person in question or a situation that person will encounter. Death has been among those sudden revelations. I then put those impressions aside in order to interact in more “neutral” way with the client. However, these strong insights have always turned out to be true, also in other live situations.

    It would be very interesting, dear Elsa, if you could analyse the house and planet positions/aspects of the people who have responded positively to this phenomena here.

    1. I too have Scorpio asc with Neptune conjunct, sextiling uranus and Pluto in my 10th. I have sun in Cancer in 8th and also mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini in 8th. Lilith conjuncts my Neptune. I am an astrologer too but also do mediumship work. It is was so nice to read your comment and your planetary placement is so similar! It seems we have similar chart, do the same work and have similar experiences!

      1. How interesting, Mary! So, you are a bit younger than me, I am just guessing, born 1963? And your moon?
        I would be interested in how you got into mediumship work.

        1. Yes correct. I was a tv reporter for years, met my biological mom who was an astrologer. She said I was more intuitive than all of her psychic friends put together. I didn’t believe her! LOL. Saturn return pushed me to do the work after a series of events and left me with out a job. Mom trained me on the tarot and astrology and then I pushed by friends to do the mediumship work. Didn’t want to. But ended up being good at it and here I am 30 years later. It’s a good life. Wonderful to connect with someone who has similar chart. I know you are good at what you do.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    🦂Scorpio Stellium in the 2nd, including Ascendant ruler, 3 of them sextiling •Pluto. ☄️Mars in 🦂Scorpio, in that Stellium, ruler of 🐑Aries♈️🔥 8th, sextiling Ascendant.

    At one time I became enamored with the idea of becoming a biker, wanted to buy a ‘Pan-European’ to go on long travels (Jupiter square Ascendant). About that time I was starting to learn Astrology. When it dawned on me my 8th House was 🐑Aries♈️🔥 I knew it would be the ☠️Death⚰️ of me so I set that idea aside. With bikes your body is the bumper, usually there’s no second chance.

    We are not well understood and people are afraid of us.

    I’ve had people come to me after they’ve passed. It’s like I’ve got this mission to assist them afterwards to ensure they move on positively. I could do this as a profession. I’ve also assisted the living after they had relatives passing it doesn’t matter how long ago, and I can see them changing afterwards.

    As far as I know, having 💀dead⚰️ people latching on to the living is one of the greatest causes, if not the only cause, of depression and suicide. Yes, something can be done and it’s not even that difficult. Times have changed.

    Also, people have been being duped that the rising ☠️☠️Deaths⚰️⚰️ in the 🌍World are caused by this or that reason that’s being promoted. It’s not. It’s hordes of 💀dead⚰️ people panicking that the 🌍World is going to end latching on to the living and (let’s hope) unwillingly killing them as a consequence. Maybe the people writing here can do something about it when someone close is falling into that condition, now that you know.

    I read your email and this article on the day I’ve got a wake to go to and tomorrow the funeral. I was thinking of not going but reading your article made me toughen up for it is a mission of mine, not the only one but this one is undoubtedly one of them.

    Recently I had a really old close relative on the verge of ☠️dying⚰️ and, after I assisted with energy therapy, I started smiling and felt calm and 🕊Peaceful🕊, this from the knowing that, contrary to all indications, that person would not die. I just knew it. The person next day went to the hospital and had a surprisingly quick recovery. Also all signs indicated the person would become bed ridden or needing permanent nurse assistance but I told everyone the person would fully recover to a state equal or better than before and so it happened.

    ☠️Death⚰️ has always been a subject that has fascinated me and I’ve never been afraid of.

    Now I have to get ready to go to that wake.

    I’m very ✨Grateful 🕊✨ for the sense of duty you have, Elsa, of sharing these matters that are really uncomfortable to the common folk in a world where people tend to hide everything that bothers them or they feel it’s weird. Magnificent work you do for Humanity, I’ve said it before and I repeat it. ✨Gratitude 🕊✨ to you! 🤗

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    Irmi1969 / Char555

    Pluto conjunct Sun, packed 8th house, lots of Scorpio.
    Only once have I ever known someone was going to die, and she was a stranger, and I never said a word.
    To me, this earthly life and the so-called ‘Other Side’ are a continuum. I talk to ‘dead’ people all the time. The tunnel is short, the veil hardly exists. People to whom I’m not really close, come to me after their ‘death’ with urgent messages for their loved ones (the first time this happened, though, I was terrified).
    I wasn’t born with this attitude, it developed over time.
    I am not afraid of death at all, though the thought of dying painfully and hitting destitution on my way there terrifies me… Death as my next big step excites me, because I know we are all immortal.
    Once I knew this, relative strangers sought me out to tell me about their sadness at a loved ones death, and I was able to tell them that far from being gone forever, the loved ones were not only still around, but were far more aware of what was really going on than when they were incarnated. AND that they would be reunited one day.
    It doesn’t matter AT ALL if you didn’t tell them often enough, or even didn’t ever tell them all that you loved them – THEY KNOW!
    I see this as quite a big part of my life’s work, and I am pleased to see that over the years many people now have similar ideas, not through anything that I did, but the idea is sortof ‘out there’ now.

  18. I sense death too. I know when someone is on their way out like they have turned a corner. I have saturn in Scorpio in 8th house squaring my stellium on leo so I’m not sure if I’m a classic 8th house person. Pisces asc and moon in 12th house, maybe that increases my intuition.

  19. When I was in college, my bus route passed by one of my city’s main hospices for very poor terminally ill people. Mostly cancer and aids. People would ride the bus to this hospice and check themselves in daily. I have come to recognize the dying this way. They all had a similar dimming of the eyes look about them. Thinking back, it was a weird way to start the day.

  20. Oh my – this post is excellent – thank you for putting this info in plain sight.

    I have had this my entire life and learnt from a very, very young age to keep my mouth shut with my thoughts to myself. I got scolded by my nanny, then my mother, so I learnt after a thorough smacking with a leather strap to keep quiet at all costs!

    The knowing without knowing why – it just is what it is. Sometimes I would feel a sadness, other times I just ‘knew’ I would not see them again. Having to feign surprise to those close when I knew otherwise is the hardest, for if I ever told the truth, they would then ‘blame’ me.

    For myself, it is the ‘lights’ as you say, going dimmer – be it the eyes or the body’s ‘glow’. Sorry, I do not know how else to put it.

  21. i’ve known when i was seeing someone for the last time even when their passing was a couple years out. sometimes it’s a lot faster. last time i had to leave the room sooner than i wanted because i didn’t want to start bawling in front of them. i wanted them to remember being loved.

  22. I do the same thing. I had 2 sisters diagnosed with cancer last year. I knew one would be ok the other would not make it. I had a cousin diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago.. knew she would be ok.

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      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      Im like that too Opalina. I always knew who would be ok and who wouldnt. I have a friend whose girlfriend had a tumor removed. She moved into his house. He said she was convalescing and it would be a long process. But I know she wont recover. I keep my perceptions to myself tho. I seem to know moon in Taurus in 8th house. Virgo stellium(sun uranus pluto) in 12th. Pisces in 6th

  23. Great post, Elsa! I went through a period where the spirit world was louder than humans in my life. It was in 2012-2014 when Transiting Pluto was conjunct my Mercury in the 12th trine Natal Pluto in the 8th which is sextile Neptune on the MC. CRAZY time. They were so intrusive, I felt nearly forced to read for people as the spirits were so loud. It was an intense time, and I wasn’t sorry when it calmed down. I could probably tap in again, but I don’t have the desire. It was a lot when I was going through it. I’m so comfortable with death and also know when someone is fading away. It’s just a feeling of understanding death and being comfortable with it.

  24. Lol, sensing death you say?

    Triple Scorpio here…
    It’s only a month ago I told my BF that Twitter wouldn’t be here anymore very soon.

    Fast forward to this week and boy, was I not surprised to see a certain billionaire fuqing up a media platform for good.

    Totally Mars Rx / Pluto pre Aquarius vibes.

    The crashing of the mountain goats on top of the mountain has begun.

  25. I have Pluto in 8th house and a lifelong experience with death due to being child of older parents plus loss of all immediate family including twin at 33 so now sole survivor. One friend even died the same night after having dinner with him classic case of him thinking he had indigestion . He went to the car to get some bicarb soda. I had stepped outside restaurant because I was worried and then realised I was watching a ghost as he walked to his car ie he was going very soon. I am a nurse so have seen a lot of death. Another time in airport waiting area looked at a man and saw he was going to die very soon maybe on flight. I wanted to warn airline staff. He did die.. It’s good to share this and know it is normal for some people. Also my twin had no cardiac history & presumably fainted but in emergency I grabbed the triage nurse urgently & said ” she’s really ill I think she will die”. I had realised a week earlier her shortness of breath was not just cigarettes it was cardiac. My nurse brain got it my sister brain denied it. ? Neptune 10th opposite my sun in 4th .I used to think I had a 7th house Pluto due to chart I had done in my twenties in late 70ies but have renewed almost compulsive interest in studying Astrology the last 6 months and I’m discovering so much about myself & others. ? Pluto transit on late Capricorn asc opp Uranus & Jupiter in Cancer. Im fascinated by & watch a lot of NDE having had the long ie reincarnational view of life since learning Transcendental Meditation again in my twenties. It’s great to hear people sharing their experiences as the topic isn’t readily adapted to social situations.!!!! That’s my Mars in Gemini being flippant.

    1. That is powerful to hear that your 8H Pluto gave you lifelong experience with death. I have Pluto in the 1st, empty 8th, and a lot of scorpio in the 3rd, which had me never knowing any old or dying people- no grandparents in my life, no cousins, no aunts or uncles. Ok, maybe friends my sister’s ages died but they kept me far away from it so it wouldn’t traumatize me. Sorry to hear about your twin.

    2. thats very powerful to see death especially in your occupation; i also have pluto 8th, and i noticed if i push myself too far, like i did in the past, i dream (12th influence) of the gates of heaven and there St. Peter or who i believe is guarding the gates and they keep telling me i’m not done. Go back. Sheesh. ( i always have this feeling i can’t go “home” yet) and honestly i really can’t when i have people i love here not yet fulfilled in their happiness: I always have to straighten my health or do something drastically to allieviate things because people who love me need me.

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    Irmi1969 / Char555

    Don’t forget that Mars is the ‘old’ ruler of Scorpio…
    And Saturn was the ‘death planet’ until we became aware of Pluto…
    The most prominent feature of my natal chart is a yod with the South Node at its apex. The two quincunxes leading to it are Pluto and Mars. This also means that my North Node (in 8h) is at the yod’s focus – am I getting this terminology right?
    I only discovered this yod when I decided – (or decided?) – to include the South Node in its array of points. The yod has really pulled my chart together and also opened it up. Before, all my main planets were squinched together in the southwest corner of the chart.
    Since I posted here in November, I have recalled that, far from only once knowing when someone was going to die, it has happened dozens of times in my life. I just didn’t really trust the feelings back then.
    I’m sorry too about your twin, Kate.
    I had a similar experience with a very close friend and indigestion that was really a heart attack, at a restaurant. I knew he was going to die, but he adamently refused my suggestion to take him to the emergency room. He had spent the previous year travelling around the world, making peace with everyone with whom he had been at odds – and before that he had been at odds with EVERYONE. He was a Taurus (which, as we all know, is opposite Scorpio). I guess he was really determined to go.
    I have Mars in Gemini too, Kate, at the one end of my bundle horoscope config. It’s trine Neptune, at the other end of the bundle.

    1. Thanks for mentioning the indigestion in association with a heart attack. I saw this back in January. Recently I had my hip replaced and have been recovering at home. My diet was getting out of hand as I was overseas and on my own 12 hours/day, and I would eat whatever was at hand, which was not good.
      I went to the doctor for a 2 month check up and he was upset I had paused physical therapy, and I was stressed out and went home and took an afternoon nap where I dreamed I and a bunch of groups of people were climbing a steep hill(we had all left our cars below) and I looked down to see what I was wearing and it was all fresh white, fine clothes, plus boots with metallic trim. I did a fist of victory up to the sky I was so happy with them(plus I was climbing with no assistance). I continued and saw a food fair and was thinking of calling my guy to come join me to eat, and I inadvertently followed some people out a back door into the service area where there were garbage bins and service equipment. I turned around as the door swung shut behind me and I spoke through a little round hole in the door to a lady saying I had gone too far and could I come back in, and she opened the door for me and I returned to the festivities.
      Well, I had been having severe indigestion for a week with no relief, and that night I got a sharp pain in my shoulder, and I thought back and figured I was being given a huge heart attack warning, chewed some aspirin, and fasted the next day, and part of the next few days and got rid of the indigestion, and drastically altered my diet. I am pretty sure I dodged a bullet and my dream backs that up. So thanks!

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      Miguel Melchizedek

      People with Yods or Grand Trines have come down from the highest angelic realms, really close to GodHead (checkout Christian Angelology).

      That’s why people with such a configuration have a huge 🎁gift that usually expresses through artistry. The Yod is nicked Finger of God but it would better be called ‘hand’ instead of finger because it’s a huge hand that’s offered the person. Getting ‘God’ involved in it is, in my humble opinion, due to ignorance and the system’s manipulation to devalue and push people to worthlessness. I say this because it’s the Main ✨Soul✨ of the individual that comes — or is! — at the highest frequency/levels/worlds of the Universe, connected to the incarnated person, thus bringing down their own A(rcha)ngelic harmony, beauty, 🕊Peace🕊, bliss, perfection to the personality.

      I haven’t observed much different between the Grand Trines and Yod, maybe the Grand Trines are more stable and softer and the Yods operate more in bursts, I don’t know, both show tremendous potential and I personally consider these people to have a special specific Mission to enhance Humanity, a very strong calling.

      The higher and the more intense the ✨Light✨ the greater the individual is attacked, sometimes even before being born, and they usually have, in this system of duality, been assigned proportionately dark or challenging forces, including the Karma of the family they decided to be incarnated into, and other (Ego) Souls of their internal configuration. Turns out that many never express or put their 🎁gifts to the service of Humanity, some out of fear, others thinking that “if they’re so pure and angelic why isn’t life easier for them?”, not having the strong overcoming internal push that squares, T-Squares and T-Crosses confer.

      ☄️Mars and •Pluto rule 🦂Scorpio and the North Node is the individual’s Dharma so it’s really your fate to express such 🎁gift. But I’d say that you’re an innate psychologist, likely with great propensity to work in No-BS Spirituality, also from the harmonious trine of ☄️Mars to Neptune, great writing / story telling skills.

      Maybe you can help a lot pf people find their vocation/purpose/✨☀️IKIGAI🍓✨Joie de Vivre, which I believe that, now more than ever, there’s a tremendous demand for. People are tired of being lied to, they want to know what they came here for, to get some guidance.

      You could turn into a Vocation Master in which you’d not only provide services helping people find their purpose in 101 sessions but also teach *practical* No-BS tools to a broader audience assisting on how to guide themselves through ✨Life✨ such as Astrology, 🧘🏼‍♀️Meditation🧘🏼‍♂️, developing 🍓Heart centric techniques to enhance the individual’s connection to the All-Knowingness of their ✨Soul✨, how to write, short and long, books/video/media…

      Of course, you may also learn how to facilitate and assist people and their families in the transition to the afterlife, how to prepare for it and what to do once it happens.
      Better yet, how to strive healthily, rejuvenating, this because you easily intuitively know and thus can grade things / food in the % of ☠️Death⚰️ and ✨Life✨ they can bring to a person. If you cannot do this already, then you will by further developing your 🍓Heart-✨Soul✨ connection to its own All-Knowingness.

      Stay ✨💪🏼Strong⚔️✨ and (Self-)Confident!

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        Miguel Melchizedek

        Your challenge could be a tendency to take refuge in the mind/intellect, which is that you need to silence or better said to lower its arrogance and controlling tendency making it submit and subservient to the 🍓Heart & ✨Soul✨ which is what the mind was created for and is happiest with.

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          Irmi1969 / Char555

          Wow, Miguel, I’ve only seen your reply to my post now. You have given me much food for thought, but the first thing I must tell you, is that I am most certainly not as exalted as you make me sound, with my yod that I only found late in life… I have no more come down from the highest angelic realms than anyone else on the planet. Perhaps a yod formed according to older rules, for example rules that don’t permit anything but planets to be associated with a yod, certainly not something like a Moon’s Node.
          I think I tend to agree with your view of the Godhead…
          What, if any, is your connection with Drunvalo Merlchizedek?

          1. Avatar
            Miguel Melchizedek

            The Melchizedek are a Universal Order. I have no connection to that person whatsoever. There’s also a character in the Bible going by the name Melchizedek that cannot possibly (have) belong(ed) to the Order.

            Most Human beings are not aware of their ✨True👊🏼 origin, they don’t know themselves. If they did the 🌍World wouldn’t be like this and a few individuals, Human or otherwise, would be be able to ⛓🤖enslave🔗 them to say the least.

            Last but not least, the highest the level the ✨Soul✨ is coming from the greatest attacks s/he receives namely being captured and replaced by an usurper, also being brainwashed on how worthless/nullity they are.

  27. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    I only hope and pray that I too will be OK of letting go of this world when it’s my time to go like your Taurus friend.
    My family and I are very close and love each other very much (thanks to a wonderful Scorpio mom we had and a very affectionate and dependable dad) and we are passionate about our children. We are all still relatively young and hope we will still be close as we get older.

  28. Laying low on hidden post!!
    Speaking into ether August 2023!

    Scorpio ascendant here and packed 8th house, people dropping around me.
    But they knowingly brought this in their sphere sorry to say it outloud. People/family are dropping- aka- gone or dealing with illness/suffering. It’s so hard to watch and to foresee/sense by which ever medium in which it presents itself. I just cannot believe how so many don’t see how abnormal it is. I asked my 86 yr old father the other day (see if i can knock sense into him after so many gone)….hey Dad when we grew up and you were in your 40’s/ 50’s did you loose and see major illness in like 25-30 people around you be it work/ neighborhood etc… in one year?

    Absolutely crazy… how does the 100th monkey play into all this???? I am building walls around me…very BIG WALLS

    1. So you are blamed for warning people of the obvious ‘thing’ yrs ago and you are fully aware with a strong 8th house sense on top of it all and then yrs later BOOM… as it starts to unravel you are shut out and kept out of the loop as family members die one by one (not counting all the others around you). Essentially the Mass Formation Psychosis is entrenched within them and weaved into their ego’s with such strong threads and with such a strong hold that even as it happens before their eyes ‘they’ can’t even go there. You have to be shut out because you have become the voice in their heads.

        1. Yes this is really happening and it’s extremely difficult!

          No astrology, charts, their chart/ my chart, combo chart, transits, meditation, heart connection prepares you for this.

          I am trying to find coping mechanisms so as to stay grounded and solid. I know in my truth I did everything I could while honoring both the truth seeker within me (strong 8th house and Scorpio ascendant) and my compassion and heartfelt nurturing side ( sun in Cancer). I as lovingly possible asked family members to please just WAIT multiple times..…don’t do anything yet…. just wait to see how things go (provided information as well). Nope they all rushed out and did what they did. I am the only one out many cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, parents that did not.
          Today i sit and receive, know, watch, wait and just see it unfold and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. Just about to loose another family member that is in complete organ failure.

          1. So what to do!?!
            Amongst the many, you really honed in and concentrated all that energy to say the right thing at the right time with cool calm utter calmness and you warned that one particular family member who’s son happens to be your god child and now 3 yrs later the sensing went from sensing to cusping to actual – all the while the 3rd family member just so happens to ‘die suddenly’.

            2014 USA population – 319 million
            2025 USA population 65 million

            This is unreal and I have no idea why this was never for seen to the extent that it is happening all around. I just don’t understand.

            1. The world today….OBITUARY

              What happens when you know someone in a distant but close kinda way that doesn’t respond to your text messages. It was going on 3 months now and no response to the verbal contract of coming back to our property to do some work excavating (large equipment work) as he has done here many times. A wonderful young 38 yr old father of 5 down the street from us.

              Well after no word for months and people popping off left and right in my sphere, I thought this is the world we live in lets google his obituary. Lo and behold he passed during our autumn to spring non communication time. Last text words were ok see you this spring.

              Obituary is the new way to find someone post mandates…more then 1 now….

  29. Avatar
    Miguel Melchizedek

    The Astro chart defines the Life Plan and in that the date of ☠️Death⚰️. So a person may have multiple Soul “deaths” who are usually termed traumas but also disease etc., like for example going into comatose state or in many instances fainting where when waking up the person doesn’t recognize their relatives — in such cases there is replacement of the Soul by another because by 📜Incarnation Contract🔐 the body only goes on a certain date. This is pre-established and agreed upon by all parties.

    There are multiple back-up Life Plans, by the way, before people go off about this. Once the person changes course another Life Plan is activated.

    This is in the Astro Chart but also in 📜Incarnation Contracts🔐 and in the 🧬DNA/Akashic Records.

    So, a person with a lot of 🦂Scorpio is well tuned in into the (radio/magnetic/etc) frequencies and connected to 🦂Scorpio Beings and given that 🦂Scorpio is coded to deal with ☠️Death⚰️ then such a person may likely be connected to Beings that handle the processes of incarnation and desincarnation/☠️Death⚰️.

    Another possibility is that 🦂Scorpio people being brutal ✨Truth👊🏼 seekers may be naturally connected to or skilled in the Art of Akashic Records reading i.e. knowing how to and having the permission to read and know what’s in the 🧬DNA. If they don’t, they can easily learn, train, acquire the permissions for that.

    Alternatively, the person may be connected to Spirits that know or get the information about what’s going on in that person’s life once the question pops in their mind.

    But it’s very important to understand that one thing is the pre-agreed moment of ☠️Death⚰️ of the body, another is the entry and exits, start & end, replacement etc. of Souls in (connected to) the body.

    This can be a really big blessing or a 🧟‍♀️💀Curse🦇, depending how much ☠️Capricorn🐐 they may have. Usually the person is blocked of knowing such things about themselves. But if the person is tough and ready who knows they may be allowed to know and in such case they may change behaviors and time wasting etc. such as what happens to people who experience NDEs.

    But now that we are well into the End Times and the Wheel of Samsara/reincarnation has stopped, rules have also changed so I believe one can radically change their destiny. It’s enough to observe how the mean life expectancy has increased 20-30 years in as much or not so many more years. We are now navigating on sight and things are not as fated as before.

    I believe we will see immortality happen soon and that’s why they found it necessary to brainwash people about inexistent global crisis etc. to try see if gullible people co-create their own doom and such.

    1. True thing you said about Scorpio being tuned into radio frequencies around death(I have MO,ME,MA,NE all within 4 degrees in Scorpio); I very often tune into the death of people I have touched at least once, but often family members or friends. At their death or near death(stroke, heart attack, choking) I feel their pain and hear their thoughts just like radar or a radio.
      It was traumatic at first; my sister’s ex died of AIDS in 1982, when it was believed to be terminal and he refused ventilation. I came home after work, and noticed my hands were trembling and fluttering beyond my control. I showed everyone. At bedtime I was nervous and paced, watched tv all night until 4:25am, when I breathed a huge sigh of relief and said I could sleep now, but later found out that he had died then-I hadn’t even known he was ill. Being 20 or so, I worried why me? but later felt he wanted me to care for his son, who later got cancer and came to live with us during treatment. Subsequent shared death experiences were more clear, me feeling a pain near my heart and hearing words in my mind that didn’t work for me, so I immediately realized it was someone else. When my ex had a stroke, I mimicked his actions of getting very angry, shutting off my phones, and throwing myself on the couch and not moving(just as he had), then rising and dropping onto my bed and not moving(They picked him up and put him to bed before realizing he had a stroke)…so very strange…

      1. Avatar
        Miguel Melchizedek

        4 celestial bodies 🦂Scorpio Stellium here too!

        Sounds like you c/should start working to become a Healer and putting those faculties to work, harnessing and controlling them for the good instead of becoming increasingly a victim of such condition you don’t control yet as the Apocalypse unfolds and the dark ones manipulate and twist it to make it worse.

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