The 8th House And Legacy

Sometimes it hits me like a brick. People like me with a lot of planets in the 8th house have everything to do with legacy and then some. We tend to leave a legacy and we most definitely carry a legacy.

I carry my father’s legacy, my grandfather’s legacy and legacy of a gal I met when I was 15. That’s me in the picture, dressed as her. I copied her, see?

She was 26 when we met, a Libra Sun with a Scorpio Moon with stelliums in both signs. She was very generous and told me right away that she was going to teach me everything she knew, which she did… and then she promptly died. I was 17 then.

It’s a lot of years later and my hair is jacked at the moment. I have an appointment to address it later this week but in the meantime I am resorting to barrettes. I tacked my unruly hair on top my head, first one side and then the other and there she was in the mirror. ::shakes head::

I look so much like her, still, at times. I look like my father too. I have his curl on my forehead see, it is exactly the same and his (and my) criminal mind(s) are legendary.

I feel okay about all this, carrying the energy or what they call the “goods” of the dead but this stuff needs expression and on that front, I am very frustrated right now.

These people (and there is a lot of them) want their stories told and if I don’t get it done, their stories die with me.

That sounds dramatic but in fact it is true and this weighs heavy these days.

17 thoughts on “The 8th House And Legacy”

  1. I respect people with a lot of 8th house stuff…I have nothing in the 8th, but God Elsa, this is really HEAVY stuff to tell all the stories..

    Much love..

  2. Interesting — and everything they have to work out in their eighth house is directly tied to that legacy they inherit/leave? For instance, with mercury, sun, uranus, pluto, north node there, what are your thoughts?

  3. Wow…this post really made me think.

    The past few years have been sort of brutal for me. I have had a very heavy emphasis on 8th house transits, 8th house progressions,and my scorpio moon is getting battered also. I have dealt with some pretty heavy emotional house-cleaning for sure.

    I really felt as though I was dealing with emotional baggage, not only my own, but garbage from previous generations within my family. See…I come from a long list of Plutonians, whose lives carried heavy Plutonian themes.

    Sounds hokey, but its true. I really did feel like I was redeeming not only myself, but my family also. It felt like a very heavy burden to me..and I kept thinking “this is more than just my own crap”…like I was carrying their legacy, but at the same time, overcoming it.

  4. Been thinking about exactly this these last couple of days. Telling the story on behalf of those that didn’t get the chance.

  5. Stories teach and inspire and entertain and expand. They offer diversion and uncommon access to things you could never know or find out any other way.

  6. That’s right – I was thinking of it in terms of a working out of something. Needing to tell the story, a story as a way of accessing knowledge or understanding something that would otherwise remain in the realms of the felt, the sensed, but consciously unknown. Bringing the patterns to life.

    As an aside:
    I had a friend once, who was writing his first film, based on a true story about a murderer who was executed,and got writer’s block. His mother suggested he contact a psychic medium she knew – he was sceptical but thought he might get some interesting material so went ahead. This woman told him that the man in question was using him to write the story, to try and explain to the world why he had done what he’d done.

    They say all the stories are already written in the astral light, they just need writers to write them down. Interesting, I think.

  7. Ah yes the gift of inpsirational writing it certainly is there with you and I hope you manage to share all the good peoples stories that you need to. Celebrations =)

  8. “go tell it.., and allelujah” all their stories, they won’t fall on deaf ears

    Very interesting photo and concept, now I have nothing in 8th, besides venus right now, with Sun and Mx to follow, but sure am entralled…

    I jokingly asked a friend yesterday if I could borrow 30K to buy a house I want…

  9. Moon in 8th opposing my Venus Scorpio. Saturn in 5th. Aquarius Saturn return in 2020.
    There must be a reason I have mercury in my 1st house and cant stop talking.

  10. intresting and enlighting- thank you elsa for this read!
    in regards of legacy- how do you think neptune in 8th house is best used energy wise?what would be the story the dead want to tell?…

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