Are Saturn Transits Always Heavy?

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Should a person be alarmed when Saturn transits their 7th house? Is it inevitably heavy?

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Hi, Concerned.

It’s common a person feels weighed down during a Saturn transit, especially in the initial stages. It’s as if a force is pushing against you or down on you.

As a result, you feel blocked or oppressed But you don’t have to stay that way. Once you get over the shock of having to do something hard and you start to push back against the force, things change.

They change because applying counter pressure, strengthens you.  It’s like lifting weights, or pushing yourself to climb a mountain against the invisible force that makes it difficult. Over time, your condition improves.

The main problem people have, is they don’t want to push through their initial resistance.  They want someone to carry them up the mountain, I guess.

This will never happen, under a Saturn transit. If you want to fare well, survey the mountain in front of you and then get yourself in gear.  You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.  And once you go, keep going.

It’s hard to accomplish anything with the ability to sustain your effort. Saturn rewards perseverance…and does nothing at all for those who won’t help themselves.

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  1. I have Saturn transiting my 7th too, currently making exact aspects to my Moon and Mercury, and I just met someone I have incredible chemistry with. I don’t have a lot of real experience in love though. But the feeling is too strong to deny and it’s gotten to the point where my defense mechanisms and overanalyzing nature can’t take the lead anymore and prevent romance from happening. (Having a loose Moon/Mercury conjunction both ways with this person definitely helps!) The situation in itself is a blessing but also a huge challenge to be able to let go. I’m so glad I decided to meet it though because the rewards have already been immense. What you’ve written here is spot on.

  2. My experience of this (when I was 20-21) was that I started dating a guy going through his Saturn return, and his Saturn was on my sun/descendant point. It was pretty memorable and a learning experience, though the relationship of course ended.

  3. Saturn has been in my 7th for almost two years now and it has been one of my favorite transits ever. I have never been more popular or loved, or felt so included or been so happy with my relationships. I have made handfuls of new, close friendships during this transit, as well as deeply committing to my prior friendships. I have had a few friendships that were a giant pain in the ass, that I had to really work with, but the pros GREATLY outweigh the cons, and besides after I put in more work in those relationships they got a lot better.

  4. I’m scared. Saturn has just finished its Scorpio last quarter journey on my 7th house (will pass again). And now has started for rest of the 7th house in Sag.

    My close relationship (with my hubby and my office manager) is not good. I work hard to keep the relationship as I need my home and my job. Even not going deep, I would like to keep the relationship. Both of then are cheater according to my Virgo Sun.

    What Saturn will ended up my relationship I don’t have any clue.

  5. I am one of those people who wanted to be carried through my saturn return (I do have Neptune in sag on my saturn ruled cap sn and square both luminaries) and i guess i wanted to be rescued by my knight in shining armor. needless to say, he never showed up or maybe he just liked getting drunk and not caring. . . whatever the case, I did have to suffer a lot for not getting my ass in gear and doing what i needed to do. I wasted so much time. It is true the only one you can depend on during a saturn transit is yourself. I am past my saturn return and still cleaning up the mess i made from my self neglect. Now the transit south node is hitting all my personal planets one after the other . its currently sitting on my mars which is simultaneously being hit by transiting uranus and pluto at 13 aries… I never imagined my Freaking knight would not come. I waited too long and missed way too many opportunities. should have been practical. Then again, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. Im a bigger belie

  6. believer in free will than ever before. nothing is ever handed to us. i no longer believe things are meant to be etc.. sorry for the rant.

  7. I had this when I was about 18-20. In my 7th house. And in the beginning, it truly was a barren time, so to speak, for meeting anyone of a romantic nature, but towards the end, I had a lot on my plate. I do not think I learned all I could when it was transiting my 7th. With my 8th, I do think I learned a lot more though.

  8. But…. Saturn never rewards. You are forced to expand in whatever area of life he is present. If you don’t expand, the restriction will get tighter. You’re going to have to deal with it, when he’s around. What a pain in the ass! ; )

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