The Cardinal Grand Cross and “Sudden Death”

When talking about Uranus squaring Pluto, the phrase “sudden death” comes to mind.

I googled the phrase and pulled up it associated with heart attack and as the title of a movie but my personal association ties it to sport, (Wiki, sudden death – sport) where it describes a scenario in a game where the next point wins.

It describes a situation fraught with drama and tension. The whole match comes down to this one point and thinking about this I realized a term like “sudden death” would be out of style in today’s world. Sure enough, “sudden death” is now called, “sudden victory”, which reflects our changing culture I suppose.

In whatever case, Uranus (sudden and unexpected) squaring Pluto (death), marries these two energies. Jupiter is involved which adds sport to the equation and explains why this came up in my mind. Jupiter is also associated with all things international and widespread so you can see how this all adds up.

I mentioned on the boards, when Uranus in Pisces has been in mutual reception to Neptune in Aquarius and when it moves into Aries it will lose that benefit. I wish I could draw better conclusions but Uranus is inherently unpredictable.

What I can say with a high degree of certainty, is Jupiter and Uranus in Aries will deliver violence when you least expect it, around the globe. We already see signs of this of course.

I am sorry for the stark nature of this post but I know there are a good number of people out there who want this stuff up in and in their consciousness. If you can add anything, please do.

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  1. I am so grateful for this blog! I have had super-aggressive drivers these past few das tailgating me, cutting me off, etc., and I am just doing deep breathing and letting it go.

    I am trying to keep smiling and keeping it light as much as possible, but I just have this underlying feeling as though something, I don’t know what is, but something is about to blow!

  2. “The whole match comes down to this one point.” Will Uranus bring up such an aggressive, out of the blue event of change that we will be unable to ignore it? For us Neptune types, I see this as the ultimate dropping of the veil–like some huge truth is going to be revealed very suddenly (that can feel like the violent ripping off of a band aid) that will irrevocably either make me the winner or the loser. Uranus will be conjunct my Jupiter at one degree Aries in the 3rd house. I am hoping this means I am the winner. Guess with Uranus we’ll have to see, but so far Uranus has been pretty good to me. Natally I have it trine my ascendant and my Mercury. My dreams have been very violent lately, unusual for me–perhaps I am picking up subconsciously on this energy of the collective.

  3. I know what can happen. But something tells me that with these transitions in Aries, many of us might be less afraid of what is to come. If nothing can be done to stop it or reverse it, why waste time worrying and fearing? Aries is the sign of the warrior.

    At the same time, if we’ve been appreciating and enjoying life here to the best of our ability, really, what’s the point of freaking out?

    Maybe we’ll get some really cool beginnings, too :). Who knows?

  4. It would be less concerning (planets moving into Aries) if Pluto and Saturn were not involved. These are cardinal signs too – not exactly known for yielding.

  5. This grand cross is setting off my natal Pluto/Mercury square big time, not to mention the fact that the pileup of planets in Aquarius these past few years has been squaring all my stuff in Scorpio. I have never felt so lost and alone and completely, utterly frustrated (stop the planet, I want to get off!!!). All I can do is try and go with the flow while also trying to be realistic.

  6. I am actually feeling some of what Deb has mentioned– that the surprise of Uranus may actually be a lot of positivity, at least in the emotional arena. Those who are willing to embrace new beginnings will be allowed them, is what I feel.

    What I think, however, is that we will indeed see some of the violence you predict, Elsa. My guess would be the possibility of an assassination attempt on President Obama the 23rd or thereabouts by one of these “grassroots militia” groups that keep springing up. I surely hope not, though.

    I also suspect there will be more trouble with that volcano in Iceland (Aries = explosions, Pluto = coming from the depths?). I am concerned there will be trouble if the corporations are allowed to push profit before safety and restart air travel before it is safe.

    But for all the continued troubles of the world, I truly do feel something good happening at large, for the first time in a long time.

  7. I don’t think the grass roots types you mention would attempt to assassinate Obama because the line of succession as it is won’t help their cause even the least little bit.

    People who don’t like Obama will just have to vote down his power, this next election and then vote him out in 2012 which is exactly what will happen if the “grass roots” is actually the majority in this country.

  8. Isn’t this planetary stuff hitting Aries similar to the energy that fueled Hitler/ Nazi-ism / World War 2 in the 30’s and early 40’s?

  9. Hi Elsa, good job on trying to make sense out of what are clearly very difficult & complex world transits.

    My take on the Cardinal T-Square, and advice for people is this – avoid Impulse, Haste, and, as Elsa said – “keep your shadow to yourself.”

    This is the major thing to remember from 2010 to 2014 through the series of cardinal transits of the outer planets.

    These are Transpersonal – so there will be large-scale energies hard to handle for most people, who, undoubtedly, will allow themselves to be inclined towards hasty actions, impulse, and all kinds of negative emotional behaviors.

    People will come in basically four-types, and will have various reactions to the Cardinal Cross Transits:

    1) Emotionally reactive, hasty, immature, mean, temper tantrums, cynical, acerbic, projections onto others

    2) Impulse via negativity, pushy, hasty, angry, extreme ideologies, opinionated

    3) Close-minded, regressive, tense, limited, pent-up, sudden outbursts, unclear mentally & emotionally

    4) Over-optimistic, false positivism, perfunctory, unreliable, clueless, vapid, scared.

    Those are just some of the behaviors associated with the inclinations of the Cardinal Cross this year and through to the mid-2010s.

    By the time Uranus fully enters Aries next March, and starts its series of cardinal squares to Pluto in Capricorn in 2012, most of the above will be transferred toward rebellions, revolts, and revolutionary sentiments from 2012 onwards to about 2018.

    The strongest Uranus/Pluto squares come between 2012-2015 w/ seven (7) exact squares in just three years.

    The basic idea to handle all these energies is to calm down, and slow down. Do not give in to mere Impulse, no matter who tries to activate it with emotional reaction and prodding.

    Many will be so inclined to do just this – mainly because they are unable(or unwilling)not to handle these energies like adults.

    So, they project out on others who they “think” will do this for them, like Elsa for instance, who is already doing more than her free share astrological work.

    I worry about Elsa. She gives a lot. Astrology is time-intensive, and one has to be careful not to burn out because of daily demands some people who just will not grow up.

    Hand-holding is okay, but not all the time, and some people want pro astrologers to babysit them. I say no way. I do not do it. There is no “babysitting in astrology” – we can help, guide, teach, and heal, but we do not “babysit” adults.


    I teach my clients how to do that for themselves under the coming powerful transits of the coming decade. This is best. We need more strong, healthy and “functional” people in the world.

    Not dysfunctional people. Those come a dime a dozen, and they all want someone else to do their personal work for them. Guess what? The transpersonal global transits are about to shake all that up nice and good – for years.

    The transpersonal planets can take many months and years to apply, then come to exact configurations, before they separate. These energies are not temporary, but can be long-lasting over many years.

    This is the case going into the new decade. There is nowhere to run. This is nowhere to hide. I say face it, and bring it ON. Then again, I was born & raised in Philadelphia… that’s my excuse.

    The adult personality that is balanced, healthy, and functional… able to see these things clearly, will do best.

    Elsa expresses this through her astrological expressions that are real world, but grounded in common sense.

    She knows that bullshit and luck are factors. Transits are.

    As a Capricorn, I can appreciate this because it allows for common sense to prevail, and prudence to act as “shock absorbers” for the bumpiness of the Cardinal inclinations.

    Haste & impulse (Aries) can be turned into brilliance (Jupiter/Uranus) by seeing new ways of expressing old ideas and by letting go of the outworn (Saturn oppose Uranus) which can lead to transformations (Pluto.)

    Some people, though, are stuck in the past (Saturn) and reject calls and the signs of coming changes (Jupiter/Uranus) while fearing the future (Saturn/Pluto) because they are unable to cope with looking forward in a positive way (Jupiter) to bring about what they fear (Saturn) which is significant transformation (Pluto.)

    The point is this – these global transits are not going away for some time, so get used to them.

    Rather than fear, or run away – face them with thought compounds of courage, strength, humor, and practical common sense and see the potentials exciting times ahead.

    People who are Creative – artists, writers, musicians, designers, scientists, engineers, etc., those who create using thought-forms that are positive, will do best because their brains are already wired to see new inclinations as opportunities to make good things happen.

    Anyone who is not realistic that times are changing is going to have a very bad time of it in the decade of the 2010s. I’m talking about hard times here. Uranus in Aries is the desert.

    Short-sightedness, surface-feeders, those with twitter-like mentalities who want all their answers in less than a minute are going to do very badly in the decade ahead. They haven’t seen anything yet…

    These are “deep” world transits – and not for the surface-kind of person, skimming over everything in a take-out food mentality. That is impulsive, and leads to more disruption in life.

    With Uranus about to transit Aries for seven (7) years – and squaring Pluto for much of that time – not wise at all. Not one bit.

    The ones most affected will be those described in the numbered list above. They will act out like spoiled children, or, as Elsa said, casting their “shadows” on others.

    My advice is the same as Elsa’s – chuck anyone’s snotty shadow back where it came from – and that is right back to the person who owns it.

    Then, be on your merry way. “Follow the Yellow-Brick Road… follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Yellow Brick Road, we’re off to see the wizard…”

    Seriously, this is because the next decade is so very important.

    Lives, and destinies are changing, and this will speed up in the 2010s, so, those who are most ready and willing to be practical, open-minded, cool, calm, strong, spiritual & mature, and not prone to being impulsive, hasty, spoiled, mean, and acerbic surface-feeders – will do great.

    Heady times are coming for the world, and everyone will be touched by it one way or another, some, more than others.

    Nonetheless, the powerful transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are here to STAY for some time to come, and those who accept this, make plans, and get in life moving FORWARD will do much better than those who resist progress.

    In a word – this is Star Trek: TNG – not Gilligan’s Island.

    It is time to GROW UP. The future is almost here, and it’s going to stick around awhile…

  10. Glad my Aries stellium is backloaded in the sign… hopefully the grand cross will have broken up by the time these planets role over most of it. Ugh.

  11. PS> A note on Saturn’s coming transit in Libra (2010-2012) – remember the early 1980s. How the times (1981-1983) and personal relationships were then?

    A bit emotionally “detached?” Saturn’s energies in Libra, though exalted, will call on people to be socially decent, or, to suffer breakups that will last through Saturn’s transit of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius – 7.5 years in all.

    Though marriages will peak in 2011 because of delays since 2008, there is a need to be more flexible when it comes to personal relationships as Saturn tends towards inflexible.

    In Libra, ruled by Venus, Saturn is “cold”, and “distant,” so the best relationships will be those of the social mental function over the next 2.5 years.

    Well those times are coming again.

  12. Thanks for the post, Theo, lots of excellent points you made. I especially liked this: “Short-sightedness, surface-feeders, those with twitter-like mentalities who want all their answers in less than a minute are going to do very badly in the decade ahead. They haven’t seen anything yet…” — You made my Moon in Scorpio VERY happy. Also, I liked the emphasis on slowing down, being prudent, not acting on impulse–very wise. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  13. Theo, can you give me your website address? Is it

    Don’t worry Elsa, I’ll still read your website, it’s just that I go on to dozens of astrology websites to read. 🙂

  14. Theo said: “In Libra, ruled by Venus, Saturn is ‘cold’, and ‘distant,’…”

    I have been feeling this, and it’s the best thing that’s happened to me, for me, in some time. Uh, I’ve hated the hyper-sensitivity to everyone’s feelings, even towards those who clearly don’t deserve my sympathy, and honestly welcome a break from any related ills.

    I’m not being mean, here. I’m being open and am tired of feeling guilty about not fulfilling others’ expectations or standards. If I am compassionate and sympathetic even towards the nastiest of folks, there will be no compassion left for me. Screw that.

  15. Theo– I appreciate your remark about slowing down. The information age has saturated us with bites of info, which we are used to shoveling down. Perhaps it is time to let thoughts accumulate and digest. Perhaps it is time to get off the computer more often. 🙂

    Deb– I have also experienced something like what you describe, a pulling away from people close to me who didn’t deserve my energy. It was painful at first but turned into the most lovely freedom as I learn to keep my resources for me. Saturn in Virgo purified those people out of my life and Saturn in Libra is helping me build structures for myself. (Strange, because I thought Saturn was going to be about relating to others. For me, it is far more about relating to myself.)

    I wholeheartedly support your new tack.

  16. Hi Deb & Shaina,

    That’s a good idea, just relax. I have the benefit of being a professional astrologer, and able to know how there are times within times within times, and how the planets can return atmospheres and mini-eras within eras. We are entering one of those eras within eras now…

    Regarding the times, we are going to see some things that remind you of the early 1980s, with Saturn’s transit into Libra.

    Slowing down is a good thing. Try a little of the sounds below. I was into this sound when I was 19 years old. I was a new waver back then. Its a mature sound (for a Capricorn like me) and good for chilling out, slowing down, and enjoying healthy relationships.

    I took my girlfriends out in the early ’80s … no drama, no heavy commitments (not with Saturn in Libra as I knew back then) … just friends with benefits, and we always had a great time.

    Go out dancing, sway to soft sounds, kiss a cute guy on the cheek, wear flowers in your hair, play with a puppy, hug a Teddy bear, and SMILE.

    The world is getting serious, NO DOUBT, but there’s no law against spreading some sunshine in the world, and having a good time, is there now?

    Enjoy –


  17. wow, we are definitely feeling this on the international side (i’m in Italy). the violent eruption of the icelandic volcano is really making a mess of things in Europe’s airspace, and in Europe in general. is this the way 2010 will go- with big, messy disruptions at frequent intervals? yuck!

  18. Theo – Thank you for your insight! I really appreciate your opinion for what’s to come…Jupiter/Uranus hits my 1 degree Aries soon..(Fastening seat belts, checking mirrors, etc)!

    On another note, I too am old enough to remember the early 80’s. Lots of easy friendships, no hassles was the theme. Looking forward to those feelings again…

  19. Brian Ferry land! Those were the days. On Friday, April 23, we had a wave of violence in the middle school where I work. When I walked up to the school at about 8 a.m. CDT, I saw a knife in a boy’s hand, which I asked for and got. By the end of the day, we had another knife (and a wound to go w/it), a broken bone, a sprain, and a thrown rock that drew blood. That’s what I can confirm, and I’m not even in the loop.

    As it turned out, the knife had only a three-inch blade; too small to be considered “illegal,” so the penalty was very minor. (Needs to be five and one-half.) Apparently the district is looking at new policies which will make it even harder to segregate or expel seriously violent children, so the hands are tied at the local level. Things have become chaotic and charged on a good day. We’re looking at a perfect storm.

    “Slow and steady wins the race” and it’s no time to be either reactive or passive. More Brian Ferry in the mix with my old Clash.

  20. Avatar
    Appollyon Rising

    Powerful. The volcano in the Gulf of Mexico could become an ‘extinction event’. That is international alright. Oil/ocean concentration will hit critical mass in midsummer during Cardinal Cross. Gov has started to bandy about setting off a nuke to stop the spill amidst all that methane gas and a volcano on the sea floor. 10,000 yr event right there.

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