The Mysterious Ways Of The Universe (My Saturn Return Story)

Now I swear I am sober in this but this is what happens to me when Neptune sets my chart off. Er.. you gotta admit I look sorta drunk. It’s the story of how some old man (Saturn) straightened my life out….


29 thoughts on “The Mysterious Ways Of The Universe (My Saturn Return Story)”

  1. Elsa, what an unusual story! How amazing and sort of funny! So do you count up from when you entered elementary school to find out your next Saturn return?

    P.S. a little drunk looking at the start :o)

  2. And on the drunken look coming and going – That right there is Neptune in all it’s glory. Tide is in / Tide is out… is she or isn’t she.

  3. Elsa- That is one hell of a great story! And you do not need to have a drink to tell it or appreciate it!

  4. Love the story Elsa! I’ve had one or two experiences like this – things just fixed themselves beyond what I could have done.


  5. Elsa! I have been reading your posts for a while, this one is great! I am in need of a new start too. I wish I could just walk away from my current life and start again. Kind of like a video game, just insert more tokens 8)

    Straight Leo here (and all Leo), Taraus rising. Not sure about the rest 8)

  6. Funny Story – these Saturn return stories are great. Im getting a really good heads up, Thanks Elsa.

    BTW all the best to you Amber, sorry to hear your so sick

  7. Elsa – I like these Saturn cycle stories. I got to your site for the Neptune – Saturn stories. Both my husband of 28 years and I have natal Neptune – Saturn conjunctions.
    After reading your blog for a year, I finally got an ephemeris. Your stories are that impressive.
    I looked up my Saturn return. I was shocked. It was the very week I had an inkling my job would soon end, which it did. It was the same week my husband took the job he retired from. I followed a year later to take a job I retired from. I had two temporary jobs until then.
    It was amazing how exact the Saturn return was for me.

  8. I love this story! I could only hope for something like divorce to go that smoothly and amicably. That old man was like an angel or something, eh?

  9. Aww yes, Shell..I love it too. What a fantastic story..that’s another thing about Neptune on the MC..magical things can happen..dreams can come true..and yes sometimes they’re bad dreams..but they can also be amazing. Neptune’s inspirational, and are you.

  10. Fantastic, I love that story! The universe provides:)))

    I never knew or thought about Saturn coming in and “sorting everything out” – hearing this story made me google saturn return and suddenly I realize, d’uh, I’ve been going through my saturn return! Explains *a lot*!

    Also now I am left wondering if it means anything that I was born when my mom was going through HER saturn return, and now I am back at home with her going through mine… we must have some karmic obligation to one another.

    I am learning a lot from your blog, Elsa:) Thank you!

  11. I used to be worried about my Saturn return (which is sometime next summer) but every permanent structure in my life has already disappeared so I am not scared anymore LOL! Hopefully though, when it happens things it will help me REALLY sort things out…

  12. Well I think I am at the tail end of mine, and ugh it was a rough ride. Lots of failed plans, lots of tears. Meditating regularly made a big difference for me. I think Saturn must cut through the crap – sort of like the Tower card in the tarot deck.

    You’ll be just fine Monica:)))

  13. The Devil card is often associated with Saturn, as is the World. And that devil (at least Rider-Waite’s version) could pass for Cronos…I’ve also seen the Hermit associated with Saturn, although I tend to associate him with Virgo myself. So the Devil is the restriction, the World is the payoff for doing your work. 🙂

    The tower I hook up with Mars but I don’t remember if that’s generally accepted or just my own interpretation. But looks like a whole lotta Mars going down to me.

  14. The tower is eminent change and I think Pluto..

    It tears down the unworking structure that was not built on Saturn (stable rules) structure

    So they are very much part of that card..

    There are so many symbols on each card in the background. Each card represents a special energy
    For me anyways. I have not mastered them

  15. Saturn straightened things out by getting me out of my marriage during my first saturn return, but then something else must not have been going my way in the stars, because I ended up in another marriage that was not right for me either. Looking back, I should’ve never married the second guy. The first marriage ended simply and peacefully with some sadness but a knowing that it just needed to happen. The second ended in much trouble and trajedy. At least they are both over.

  16. What an amazing story.

    I am about two years away from my first Saturn Return. Saturn sits right on cusp of my 12th house. Any advice on how to prepare for a Saturn return now that Saturn is transiting my 11th house?

  17. I quit my job that paid very well but I was tired of and went off to become a photographer, met new people and I must agree I’m happier now than then. When I gave notice I told my boss that I was going fishing…he hated me for it I could tell. He wouldn’t’ even talk to me after so many years of working hard for him he was just so ungrateful and I was glad I left. He told me I would never find a another job that paid as well and he was right but I did find a job that I made me happy.

  18. I’ve been here for years now and hadn’t seen this before. wow, I would have taken it as a sign also…just,wow…to be so free and spontaneous! (im in my Saturn return now..2nd at 2 degrees)how exciting..

  19. I wish things would fall into place like this…ughhhhh.

    Some days I’m tired of Scorpio transformation all the time, rebuilding, starting over. Not everyone has to live like that. I would love for something better than I can imagine to just intervene.

    Sometimes people get a break, yanno?

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