The 8th House and the Scorpio Moon Compare Notes

Scorpio and the 8th house are associated with the shadow of the collective… repulsiveness and so forth. The soldier and I on the weekend:

“I wish I could be more normal. Lord knows I’ve tried. I have tried, but I just can’t seem to do it,” he said.

“Do what?”

“Be normal. Work 9-5. Not have this kind of life Be normal, P. Just be a regular person.”


“Not that you’re much better off,” he said.

“What do you mean? I’m normal.”

“You are not.”

“Yes I am! I am so normal,” I said.

“P, you’re an astrologer,” he said. “That’s what you are and I am what I am.”

“Well yeah,” I said. I thought for four seconds. “Okay, I get your point. It seems normal to me but it sure is not. I have had enough men try to take me home to meet their families… do you know what that’s like?”


“You’re bringing an astrologer home? A what? Oh for Godsakes we are going to kill her at our first opportunity! Could you possibly drag home anything worse than that? Is she bringing her crystal ball with her?”

He laughed.

“Yep. You kill people and I’m an astrologer. I see what you mean. There’s not much difference is there?”

He shook his head.

“Well I have no problem with either one of us,” I said.

“Either do I. Either do I, P. Either do I.”

3 thoughts on “The 8th House and the Scorpio Moon Compare Notes”

  1. LOL! For years I was tagged as an “Artist”. So when I did outrageous things, it was always OK because I was an “Artist”. A Sufi teacher told us about a term his daughter coined, ‘Weirt’ – as in way beyond weird . . . then he told me I was “Weirt” and meant it in a complimentary way. Guess that means the kind of person who keeps popping out of every box Society tries to show them in!! 🙂

  2. That’s funny. In the liberal arts college I go to, the odd thing to do is to aspire to a 9 to 5 job. One guy graduated, came back a year later, and told me that he was doing real estate. He told me that I was the only one who responded, “Cool.” Usually what happens is that while you might not end up with a job that has anything to do with what you studied, it definitely pays less than you expected.

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