The Aries Moon Mother

I told a gal in consultation that her need for independence (Moon in Aries) was as valid as another person’s need to partner. This is somewhat tricky because she is a mother.

Aries is self-centered which does not describe the quintessential Mom, however Aries Moon have much to offer their children.

They are natural leaders and their children learn to be self-reliant. They learn to fight which is just as important as learning to compromise.

Tell us about your Aries Moon Mom or if you are an Aries Moon Mom, tell us about that…

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  1. My mum’s an aries moon. She has a great many faults and is not a natural born mother type. She is…insanely self-absorbed and selfish.

    But you are right, all of her children learned to fight for everything and we are all extremely self reliant.

  2. My sister has an aries moon and I remember once were were in major construction on a major 6 lane highway passing through the middle of Columbus Oh. We were stopped in the construction traffic for a long time, when my sister gets out of the car, walks over to the orange cones…and moves them! So we just drove right on by all the other cars! Just thinking about that event from many years ago brings tears to my eyes from laughing! Awesome!

    She has been a mother for several years and boy oh boy the selfish word would definitely apply but her oldest son, who’s a great kid, is(and always has been)incredibly independent and mature for his age and absolutely laid back, sort of as if there is nothing much more that could shock him in this world that he hasn’t already witnessed.

    1. Lol! I can see myself absolutely doing that! Aries moon Mom… my kids go, “Oh no!” But, in my mind I just feel directly pulled to do whatever it is, sometimes with apology… Like: “I’m sorry but I can’t help myself, just gotta correct this here”, And, oh I do believe it’s abdolutely made my children more direct and able to self advocate. What is really funny though, is I have 4 Libra planets. So when younger my Aries moon would propel me to speak out directly and my Libra planets would then make me feel like ,Omg! What did I just do or say?!” As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to just accept myself, as is and understand others need someone to lead, direct, take care of it”. It’s more tome efficient, if not anything else. Lol

  3. I’ve always had the need to be independent, and yeah, I even recognize the selfishness that goes with that. Especially in my role as a mom.

    About four years ago, I hit the wall and shattered so hard the only way I could stay out of a hospital was to agree to weekly visits with a shrink. The day he asked me why I was so submissive pissed me off beyond words! I was enraged. That MFer said I was submissive. Who the hell does he think he is???

    But he was right. He was right! And it still took me another three years to do something about it.

    I have stifled that Aries moon for years and years. Finally, all these years later, I understand your comment about Apple Pie Mom. (I’m a little slow. Obviously! See above paragraph for proof!)

    Elsa, thank you. That was the most powerful thing you could have explained to me, what you wrote today. It makes me feel more certain I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing than anything else.

  4. i was talking to an aries moon friend today, who just had her bf move in with her. when i asked how things were going she said – ‘surprisingly well. i was a little worried about it because i like my space and i like things a certain way, but there haven’t been any problems’. it’s funny, i think she actually overestimates her need for independence sometimes.

  5. My friend’s an aries moon and as a mother – she pretty much makes most stuff about her . This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them – It’s just how she is.
    Self absorbed but unaware that she is – She is so much fun and overcompensates with her kids by giving them what they ask (out of guilt)- all the while complaining how much she is put out!
    I love her though – regardless – It’s just how she is

  6. As an Aries Moon mother and grandmother,who treasures the love that flows from them all, it’s hard to be that honest about oneself. My kids mean the world to me,butoh, dear, I was a lousy teenage mum to my Aries son, so scared of the responsibility and definitely didn’t handle it all well.He is an awesome chap, despite his mothering,a great human being, and so wise. With my daughter,everything was wonderful and she says she had a fantastic childhood, with a mother who was a lot more emotionally settled by then, yet I overindulged her so she’s had a harder time being a mature adult. There are lots of things I could say that I’m not proud of, wish I could have a time machine to go and put right and yes, be less self absorbed, but the kids and my grandkids are the blessings I count daily. I spoil my kids whenever possible and tell them I adore them.. but I do think I am selfish and self absorbed.

    Listening to my two kids and the grandkids is wonderful, they fascinate me.. and listening matters a lot too. My family and friends say I do too much, and they see me as caring and kind, but I know where I am selfish,so my hands are up here.
    Seems like a very prominent Aries Moon as it conjuncts Jupiter and trines MC and Pluto and opposes Saturn/Neptune and squares Uranus in 5th..(my chart ruler) My biggest life lessons have been about motherhood and mothering..and the Aries Moon has helped me to be breadwinner and a tiger for my hubby when he had some years of heart trouble and surgery.

    Maybe I need the motivated Aries Moon to balance out my dreamy Piscean/Neptune stuff..oh but it’s terribly embarassing sometimes being as emotionally impulsive as me though!! Be nice to swap the Aries Moon for a Taurus one maybe now and then..any offers?

  7. Thanks Lynne E. And by the way, my sister’s son is an Aries too. Maybe he needs to pickup on what she shows him about Aries qualities in order to be the best independent character he was obviously born to be. And quite honestly, I believe this world could use A LOT more of that energy!!!

  8. People with Aries are self centred, yep,that’s true, but call an Aries to be a hero for you, and ok yes, it helps to say “you’re the ONLY one who could manage to do this awesome thing, please help!”..then you’ll see that energy…Also if Aries gets mad about having to do something boring they don’t want to do, they often pour such anger into it that they do an amazingly fine job! (Thinking of several folk I know..also of how well I use the occasional anger burst to clean the house!) While your typical Virgoan types will just quietly have been helping anyway..not making a song and dance about it. (Aries Moon blushing, having been outed by Elsa’s ability to tug out our honesty on her blog!)

  9. It’s funny, it makes me think of an aquarius moon type of mothering as well… Maybe it isn’t as self-absorbed, maybe a little too out there,slightly flaky… but an excellent aspect for kids to feel free, to feel as though the possibilities of life are boundless…you know ?

    1. I’m an Aqua moon mom and my husbands an Aries moon. I wonder how people see us as parents? I think we are cool parents.LOL Our family is very Mars-y. Lots of tempers and Independence and lots of speaking out when things aren’t right.

  10. awww..wise kvk.. you’re wise. Also meant to ask ( but was way too self absorbed of course!!) Kris do you feel as I do that having your Moon sign under the microscope makes you feel emotional? Funny..but I feel like the wee girl inside is more exposed by this thread.. do you? You had a rotten time Kris and I’m so sorry for that.Hope it’s easing now. Some things take a while to get your balance back from. Sending you hugs(()) Aries Moons can have tough emotional battles/challenging childhoods and they can also feel energised by caretaking for others. I have a mug with a hen on it saying Cluck-Cluck.. given by a good friend!

    1. You are not wrong. My mother (deceased) and brother have Leo Moon. Selfish, self-centered, controlling, abusive, Jekyll/Hyde… need I go on?!

  11. Here’s a twist, my natal Moon is in Leo (now progressed to Aquarius) and my son is an Aries. He is energetic , independent, easily motivate, hot tempered and yes… selfish. My son and I are very different; sometimes people are surprised we get along so well. After all Aries-Cap clashes are legendary. With my Sun in Cap, others assume that I’m controlling and/or hard on my son, it’s really not like that.

    What I could say about my Leo-Moon self is that I do think of my son as “royalty,” I’ll loyally defend him to the death, I don’t like anyone messing around with my cub, and while I am protective, I understand and allow my little Aries his freedom. In fact I can be too permissive at times. It’s more of a watchful eye from a distance. However, I am strict when it comes to respecting others. My moon in 7H demands consideration, sensitivity and respect for others feelings. My little Aries can sometimes be absent minded of others and even downright inconsiderate. Still just as often, his Moon in Virgo, he likes to “help” and even cater to others.

    When it comes to the legendary Leo pride, I’m proud of my little guy in a very, just-because-you-are-you Leo way. All the Leo’s I know are this way, pride for the sake of it more or less. People get jealous or wish they have that kind of pride. They go nuts trying to figure out what we are so proud about. Pride just because… Leo Pride.

    Sun and ASC in Cap so I take my responsibilities seriously and appear seriously about them. Also, it’s stereotypical that Leo wants all the attention for them selves, but my Moon is in my 7th house and I put others before myself and prefer to be behind the scenes. I’m actually so preoccupied by how others feel that I forget my own feelings or have to project them onto others to address them. So for me at least, it’s not an attention loving placement, it’s a very nurturing, mothering, supportive of others placement.

    Moon in 7H usually causes my relationships to go through subtle shifts and changes. The changes can be cyclical. In my experience it leads those who know me to feel that I will stick around through anything. I believe my son will feel the same way – that I’m here for him no matter what.

    Mercury retrograde in Cap, while others use the tone or volume of their voice to get their little kings and queens in line, I effectively get the job done with silence or, Venus in Scorpio – just a look.

  12. One Aries Moon mother I know has eight children. Her Sun is in Cancer. Her method for keeping her household in order was divide and conquer. She pitted her children against one another. They all love and are excessively loyal to her and their father but are very competitive, jealous, and distrusting of one another. She’s very open and unapologetic about the fact that this is her fault. She believes that their success as adults is due to the competitive spirit that she instilled in them. I assume that the disillusion of their brotherly-sisterly bonds was a small price to pay for the great gift she offered. They really are some of the most competitive (and ruthless) people I’ve ever come across.

  13. Just a thought, maybe we should get our kids to write this blog about the real lowdown on what kind of mothers we actually are,although, of course, those comments will be coloured by their own Moons… Darby Costello once gave a talk about your kid’s Moon and what it said about you, and that was just brilliant!

  14. Yeah, Aries Moon Mom – independent and loving to be different. Never wanted kids – would have interfered too much with the great life I was living … until…and I’ve forgotten what astrological conjunction, but at 38 and 42 I became the mother of sons who inspired books. The Natural Way to Better Babies, Better Pregnancy, Better Birth & Bonding, Better Breastfeeding – talk about the earth mother of the year. Boys had the totally involved mother for a decade – mind you, everything about how I birthed, nurtured and parented was different!

  15. my mom is an aries moon. self-centered to a fault but you know that’s how she operates as she was left alone most of the time as a child and dealt with psychotic,combative mother. my mom is very naive about people, doesn’t understand guile, but very quick to enter into verbal warfare, egotistical and pugnacious with her daughters especially, distrustful/resentful of other women. her cap sun makes a strange combo. the sage vs. the angry child. i know a lot of other aries moon females quite well and they all have this quality of emotional naivete, a lack of guile but a perpetual en-guarde-ness, quick to take offense, a force to be reckoned with… also full of life and contagiously energetic.

  16. my mother has an aries moon, and I have a capricorn moon. We are both leos and I think the most frustrating thing about my mother is the fact that while the wrong tone or word choice on my part can set off fireworks, she never takes responsibility for the weight of the things she says in anger. I know that she works hard and has always provided for me materially but her emotional selfishness has always been apparent to me even as a child.

  17. I’m an Aries Moon Mom and I can definitely be selfish or better yet pretty confident when it comes to my opinion and what I want for me and mine. I’ve never taken shit lightly when it comes to other inputs especially on my life. I can be very feisty once offended
    But not hard to compromise with. I do see both sides to things. As a Mother, I’m very loving and care for my son tremendously. I’m not all rainbows and sunshine though. I do need my space and do expect my son to be independent and aware of his surroundings. I’m not a fan of needy people which explains why I now only want one child. That’s my boy so I do what I have to do to take care of him. My son and everyone knows I can be a hot head but that’s me! Love me or leave me the fuck alone. I dont mind either. Extremely competitive at times and I do love attention and recognition for what I do. Just feels good to know I’m doing something right even when I know my truth. Makes sense? I can be extremely energetic when in my element. A sense of freedom and individuality is what I strive For and instill with my son. I can go on but that’s it for the most part lol

  18. My mother was a Aries Sun, with Moon in Aquarius and Scorpio Ascendant. She had three sisters. Her father told them “no matter what you want OR do…first you have to learn something to do for a living. Al four the girls became a teacher. And before they get married al four were teachers. In The Netherlands woman may not have a job when they get married. They have to become house wifes.This all happens almost a hundred years ago. Talking about going your own way. And fight for survive. And save yourself! All four the sisters devorced their husbands. And earned their own money.

  19. My Mom was an Aries sun, aqua moon.. She was a wife and a mother and miserable. She had 7 kids because of my Sag dad that did not believe in birth control. As a child I did not understand how she could be so mean. Since I have forgiven her as she was not created for the role she was stuck with. I am positive she would have been much happier born a man.

  20. My Sagittarius son has an Aries moon, oh yeah! A good person, very self-centered and very confident (conjunct Jupiter). He’s a mountain goat, a mountain man, a climber, etc. etc. and loves to be alone in nature.

    He was helping me set up my Airbnb today (first time ever!) and he said something that made me say so you only do something for someone if you get something in return? (This rankles my double Libra Gemini/Cancer Moon cusp 29 55′) He said yep. Who does stuff for me? Nobody! I said well did you ever think that you’re so self reliant and quiet that nobody feels like they CAN offer? Plus, your Virgo rising wants everything “just so” so really what do you expect?!

    My father is an Aries and yeah, he’s self centered but he’s very stealthy about it. Nobody suspected it but me and his ex-wife. His third wife (deceased) was an Uber Leo type and she didn’t care. She ruled the roost anyway.

  21. My mom is an Aries moon. She keeps talking about how independent she is but it is not the case. Expects everyone else to take care of things. I guess is the Desc in Aries projecting all that and mars in Leo with other 2 planets in Leo.
    Very creative and lively but yes, extremely self centered…

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    Joy Shayne Laughter

    “They are natural leaders and their children learn to be self-reliant. They learn to fight which is just as important as learning to compromise.” Describes my Mom to a T. She was a newspaper editor and ran the newsroom of a local daily, in an era where women just didn’t do that. Then she got an administrative spot in a university journalism program, wrote her own job description, and fought for students’ good education and early careers, especially the women. Carving out family time? Didn’t really happen. But we kids did learn how to eat in restaurants and respect the servers! And she taught me how to consume “news” like an eagle-eyed, steel-trap-mind editor. #InLovingMemory

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    Sharyn Bailey

    My late adoptive mother had moon in Aries & could be one of the most selfish, self absorbed individuals I have ever known (I am now 59). She didn’t tell me I was adopted until I was 44 because ‘she was afraid of losing me’ despite the fact that I had experienced deep emotional pain and anguish for years.

    On top of that she had lied to my face about it when at 13, my alcoholic father told my friends I was adopted who in turn told me. So all that heart breaking betrayal – for this HSP/empath, double Scorpio & that’s just the start of it. There was silent treatment, no justice sought for a music teacher that molested me at 10, a 16 year old who raped me at 11, & then she even used the silent when I fell pregnant at 30 because she was trying to coerce me to have an abortion.

    So extra love & blessings to anyone with a moon in Aries mother. You will need it – especially if you’re sensitive.

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