The Benefits of Saturn – Decrease

Saturn decreaseI recently came upon a great translation of the ancient Greek Orphic Hymn to Saturn. One line really stuck out to me – “To whom perfection and decrease belong.” I think this is a little difficult for many of us to wrap our heads around. Decrease? How is that something to praise?

Living in a world that expects constant progress, growth, and expansion, it’s understandable that we sometimes fail to recognize the beauty of decrease. But I think it’s an important quality, and an essential aspect of what makes Saturn great.

·        Decrease can save us. While most of us can see the beauty of growth, it has its dark side. What is cancer other than unchecked growth? What about infection? Is that not a result of bacterial, fungal, or viral growth overwhelming our system? What about a pandemic? Isn’t that the rapid expansion of a virus throughout the world? In these situations, Saturn is exactly the ally we need. The energy of decrease puts an end to out of control expansion and gives us the chance to fight back.

·        Decrease can save us – from ourselves. A number of society’s ills can be traced to the expectation that growth and expansion be everlasting. Through increased industrialization and consumption, we’ve depleted the planet of its vital resources and likely irreversibly changed the climate. It’s clear that we need to curb the growth. During the early days of lockdown, the number of vehicles on the road decreased significantly, and this led to a significant reduction in pollution and the amount of carbon being put into the air. Once again, decrease wins the day.

·        Decrease can make life easier. Remember early 2019, when Tidying Up with Marie Kondo swept the nation? If you’re not familiar, she urged viewers to go through everything they own and throw out anything that didn’t spark joy. Her version of hyper-simplification became a huge hit, and many people felt a noticeable sense of peace and clarity when giving her ideas a try. And even if that doesn’t appeal to you, all of us have certainly had moments when there was just too much – too much work, too many social obligations, too many competing priorities. In moments like this, Saturn’s energy of decrease is a soothing balm.

I don’t discount Saturn’s malefic aspects, and I certainly don’t mean to make the argument that decrease is always a good thing. Anyone who’s ever taken a pay cut knows that it can be awful. But I do think that there is a flip side to that energy. If we’re mindful of what we’re going through and choose to work with Saturn in a mindful and intention way, there’s a lot of benefit to be had.

Do you have any stories of decrease or simplification being a positive thing? 

10 thoughts on “The Benefits of Saturn – Decrease”

  1. I have been purging things from my house since June and it’s be great. My goal is to only have the same about of stuff as there is reasonable storage. I’m sick of plastic lids and containers flying out of the cabinets at me, and having trouble closing drawers due to the amount of clothes in them.

  2. My progressed ascendant is at 29 degrees Sagittarius. Put on weight in last few years. End of March 2021 my ascendant goes into Capricorn. I also have Saturn in Aquarius exactly on the solar return ascendant next year. I’m working on diet and exercise. I’m hoping my weight decreases!

  3. I love the downsizing of Saturn in Capricorn, the capability and self sufficiency. People growing their own vegetables and pickling and canning, people building their own houses. I don’t do it myself.. I remain incapable. I only just tried making a mushroom burger and some other random food. A guy I know who is a black feminist but also is somehow into QAnon conspiracies said that we are busying ourselves fighting for BLM and climate change when Elon musk put the chip into that pig .. that we should think about AI and the singularity. The recession blindsided us, the issues of every next Pluto transit slap me hard as soon as they begin.. the things that were happening under our nose.. how could we be so stupid and focus on things so pointless.. Pluto in Aquarius doesn’t blindside everyone. But I wonder if he doesn’t have a point. Institutionalized racism and climate change are not new issues. Even if both sides tend to simplify their interpretations, I like to see us active, finally, after so many years.

    I don’t learn Saturn lessons easily. But after my Saturn Neptune transit I lost a lot of my stuff. I like having less and knowing I can do with less. But I still have way too much compared to most. Neptune is hitting my 2nd so I finally bought a new pair of shoes. If something calls out to me, whatev. Saturn in Sagittarius is about freedom, correct me if I’m wrong. I got rid of a lot of bolt ons. Also my tastes in food.. I would rather have good friends than rich food. I don’t get Saturn in Sagittarius the same as others.. just to reflect freedom and youth rather than just perform adulthood.. to self actualize according your own definition of that.. and not to kowtow to others definitions of what an adult looks like.. then again gen z is roasting us for taking forever to grow up and figure out what we want.. I wonder if I had different tools would I have done it differently.. would I do it differently now? I’m having a fucking Saturn transit now. So yeah I’m falling short of my own expectations right now. And anyone’s. Crap.

    1. The canners are scramblin. You got lids? I got rings but no lids. Can’t find lids. Drove to another town and bought em out. That’s just some of the tales.

      And was it Neptune squaring Saturn, your transit?. That was an interesting one. I read it’s the toughest. Like if you can get through that you can get through anything. Because I saw it coming I used that time to get a degree so I could stay focused. And it was a natural resources tech degree so I was traipsing through the wilds monitoring wildlife, lugging surveying equipment around, pushing through water up to my chest in my waders, running chainsaws and brush cutters and the like. I had to keep going. But it was all I did during that time. Neptune square Saturn, well I think I only had the energy to do what was absolutely necessary. Schoolin.

      1. I still don’t know how to can, notch 🙁

        I have to tell you, I lost money and the belief that I would be ok or ever anything good.. that possibly my life could go to shit (I have a good amount of Jupiter in my chart)

        I’m hating my sun Neptune transit, I don’t know why.. I’m neither here nor there.
        I was told to establish goals before the transit and move toward them.. but I’m tired all the time and I’ve started watching weird crap too

  4. I sound like I’m on crack.. but I’m really locked up in fear of Pluto in Aquarius.. but yeah as for Saturn stuff, I’m no expert at this point.. I’m a slow learner.. I have Saturn/MC and still no career I can stand behind and multiple employment gaps.. it’s hard to comment when I’m being asked the question ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ And ‘are you gonna get up or piss yourself and your life away again?’ that’s a big part of my mars Pluto transit.. also Saturn in Capricorn seems to have to do wi

  5. Saturn’s lessons are long-playing, some of them need to be experienced in spirals — again and again but different. Those are the Saturn Returns. I look at my Second SR in 2007 and can reflect on what was still not a clear message. By the time Saturn transited Virgo in 2008 his message was much clearer! I nearly lost my marriage to convolutions of thinking, stablized enough to see we would need to recalibrate our relationship to weather major loss. Health, definition of Home, and Safety in the world at large. With the remaining savings we had, we built the wagon home we now live in. Saturn has taught us to live with less and live with what and who is loved; AND who truly loves us for the people we really are. A dozen years, a dozen moves, and today my husband is sorting out the back of the truck once again to loss what is junk and tow only what’s basic.
    It’s a long road show. Decreasing consumption and expectations is process. I’m for it, and know it’s not for wimps or pretenders. This is wild times — digging deep, breaking bones/rules/hearts; and what character we discover in ourselves time and again. Strong old elder folk carrying very whacky ways living in a wagon.

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