Pluto In Capricorn In Human Form

don QuixoteI’ve had a lot of emails about my back, it’s crazy healing and such. People want the astrology so here is is.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are currently crossing my ascendant (my physical body).  Mars in Aries is squaring the stellium, this is textbook astrology.  But there’s more to it.

The 12th house hides things. My spine has been deformed and rotting for a number of years. It’s a burden (Saturn)!  It’s a true hardship, but even if I try to convey the situation, it’s denied.   Matter of fact, I fell a few months ago and went to the emergency room. They did a CT of my spine and said I may or may not need surgery. Um..?

When my surgeon cut into my back, all was revealed. I often talk about Pluto and turning up rocks to see what’s squirming beneath them. Bunch of worms, usually. Well that’s what happened in this hospital and if you have the whole picture, it’s even more stark.

Due to Covid, the fact we have animals, and the distance between my home and the hospital, I was dropped off at Valet Parking the day of my surgery. I went in alone. I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me. I didn’t care.  This was a date I was going to keep, no matter what.

My surgeon specializes in spine deformities which is what I had. When you’re really good at something, you want to use your skills. I’m really good at something myself so I understand this! So regardless of anything else, there are two people here who just couldn’t wait for this surgery. That would be the cutter and the cuttee!

As the planets crossed into my first house, the horror of my back was truly revealed. You see the astrology.  The 12th house fog dissipates and the burden is exposed. My surgeon was not disappointed! I bet he usually is!

Now I know astrology so I’m lying in my bed… whichever bed it happened to be at the time, knowing what’s happening here.  This was a climax from my perspective. I knew I could die but I thought I would probably just do what I always do, get up and move on.

I told them this by the way. “Them” means “everyone”.

When you have surgery of this magnitude, you’re asked a lot of questions by a number of people over a number of weeks or in this case, months. I know I can’t take a gift for granted but I told the truth at every turn. “I am a very good surgical candidate,” I explained, recalling the six batches of scones I baked, a day after I had a hysterectomy. “I tend to do really well and heal quickly…”

You know the nurse is thinking, “Whatever.”  But they ask so I answer, “I will probably just get up and walk. I don’t know why this is but I really don’t expect a lot of problems once this surgery is done.”


“It’s just a thing with me. Everything comes together pretty quickly…this is what’s occurred in the past, but don’t give me too many pain drugs or I will turn into a horrible bitch – very bad – this is not a joke.”

It’s at this point they count me crazy, perhaps, but I just don’t feel I should lie.

black box theoryEverything I said, played out of course.  I wish I could say I was not a bitch! But I was a bitch. I was a monstrous bitch, which is exactly what happens if I am given normal pain medication.

For medical people, I am talking about one Percocet or in this case, one Norco 10.  You put that in me, you’re going to regret it.

No one believes me when I say that but they sure as hell find out. It’s such a mess. I know the things I know but mostly, I don’t know. This stuff is supernatural and so clearly up to God.

My husband thinks of God and love in terms of His being a black box. You can see all these wires going into the box, or snails or flowers or whatever… something comes out the other end of the box, but we can’t see how the ingredients become the result. We don’t know why, either.

For whose benefit (beside my own), am I able to get myself out of bed after spine surgery and walk around as if I’m in the park, looking for a picnic?

Here’s the first part of this:

Pluto Transit The 12th House (mine) – Culmination – Spine Healing – update

I will write about the second surgery next and about some of the people involved in this. Just something to read if you like this kind of thing. Something for everyone, in a way.

Because I am not some kind of “light being”. I am raw and I am flawed, but I still have to live.  And this is pretty much what this stellium in Capricorn looks like, in human form, as it emerges from the hidden 12th house.

15 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn In Human Form”

  1. That last paragraph!!! Does this stellium or Mars hit your Mercury? You are writing knockout posts throughout this whole thing. I read it and said ‘wow!’ And my husband said ‘Must be another post from Elsa’ . Yup.

    Dancing on the edge of the sword!!

  2. You know, I’ve been calling myself “swamp thing” throughout the entire Pluto in Cap / 12th transit. This was essentially, “Swamp Thing Goes the City, Rises and Walks”. But you can’t be too happy because she’s kind of a bitch, lol.

    You should hear Mars in Libra apologize for being a bitch in the absolute middle of being a bitch! It’s surreal. I think I managed not to swear, but I don’t need to swear. The point comes where I am a nurse terrorist. I WARN THEM. But you can’t warn people against something like this.

    Drugs are so weird. If you tell people not to give you too much, they think it’s a drug addict trick. Once they think that, the more you say, the deeper the hole.

  3. Elsa, I’ve had the same transits since 2010 with Pluto, then Saturn, and more recently Jupiter transiting my 12th (28 degree Cap rising). I’ve read all of your posts on this and relate to most. Don’t need back surgery (ever, I hope) but would like a reading; are you doing them now? You get this cluster more than most do. Also, I have the same reaction to pain meds: Two Tylenol w/ Codeine and I’m crying all day; would rather go without it. Wishing you a very quick recovery & hoping you’re doing well! ??

  4. Oh yes you are a light being! Girl, you are an absolute inspiration. I’ve got that stellium tr the 12th, I’ll do my best to walk the talk too. Ya just gotta, right? My darlin hub can confirm bitchiness (not necessarily drug induced) but forward really is the only direction. Keep shining!

  5. 29 degee Capricorn rising here. Those outer planets have been lurking in the 12th and squaring Aries Sun in the 4th. Something which was hidden sixty years fell out of me yesterday. Full moon as well. At 15 years of age, was sitting in the back seat of a car and in the front were a newly engaged couple in their 20s. Beside me was nice gal called Margaret. We had just decided to go for a run in the country when a voice inside my head said loudly “Get out of the car” I did nothing. It commanded “GET OUT OF THE CAR!” accompanied by a feeling of panic. Out I hopped. The newspaper article said they hit a tree, died instantly. I stuck that news article behind my wardrobe door and never discussed it. I hid the experience away. Buried it in deep shock, innocence lost. Yesterday out it came and I’m sharing it widely.

  6. I love the “blank stares” and nurse thinking “whatever” but you knew the outcome because you know yourself and the Astrology!

  7. So Happy for you my fellow Cap ascendant! I too am beating the odds so far, the blood infection has been healed, the scope of my heart was good, not perfect, but they will recheck in Nov, the 3rd if you can believe it! I am praying no heart surg! Please keep the updates coming! Love that you are doing so well!

  8. I am a fellow Cap ascendant. My brother-in-law has a Cap Sun (Jan18th). I have had aggravating problems from the last several years that I contributed to pluto/saturn/jupiter stellium in the 12th house. However, my brother-in-law started acting really out of it and I had to drag him to the Dr kicking and screaming. Turns out he has a brain mass and it had a cyst on top of it and was causing terrible confusion for him. We found a great neurosurgeon and he removed the cyst and is on meds to shrink the mass. Yep, Cap in the 12th!!

  9. I don’t fully understand all this , all I want is for you to be out of pain and healed .Your courage is an inspiration. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  10. I don’t fully understand all this , all I want is for you to be out of pain and healed .Your courage is an inspiration. May God bless you and keep you safe. Thank you for your help and advice

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