The Clash Between Libra & Capricorn

t bone car accidentLibra squares Capricorn.  I have planets in both signs so I can tell you how this works.

Libra is a people-pleaser. There is no way around this. If you’re a Libra and you are not pleasing people, it’s something else in your chart, stepping in front.

Capricorn needs to maintain their integrity. It absolutely hates to be disingenuous.  You see the potential clash.

For a real-life example, Isis, just suggested I publish my book. She has no earthly idea how much I would like to do this to please her. LIBRA! I want to say, “Of course! My pleasure!”

But Capricorn has a different perspective. This side of me has judged the work and decided it’s a fail.  So now what?  There is a big line there.  So Capricorn comes in and says, “NO”.  Then Libra is very sad for being so mean!

Capricorn should show a bit more appreciation for Libra, who covers Capricorn’s many fears with it’s easy social grace.  I don’t know that Capricorn can manage this, in spite of managing everything else. <- joke.

Now if the request does not require Capricorn to compromise their integrity, then everything is go.  But when there is a conflict, Capricorn almost always gets it’s way.

The only exception to this rule I can think of is in situations where manners are required.  Capricorn bends a bit here so as to not be embarrassed in public.

You can read the exchange I’m referencing here: Trends: Influencers

Do you have Libra and Capricorn in your chart? How do you see these signs play (or not play) together?


12 thoughts on “The Clash Between Libra & Capricorn”

  1. I have moon and Venus in Capricorn in the 12th and Saturn in Libra. I have read that it is a mural reception. I think that the social grace goes a long way , but I tell you when that Capricorn fear comes in especially having it in the 12th house it is huge. My Saturn is in the 9th house squaring the moon and Venus.

  2. I have my sun and venus in Capricorn and my ascendent and mars in Libra; I’m your super people pleaser, always have been so concerned about what people think but the older I’ve gotten the less I care. One of the very few perks of getting older! 😁

  3. I have zero Libra but Cap Venus and Mercury. This blog describes it well, though.

    We have friends, the wife is Libra and husband is Capricorn. She is 1000% the delightful and gracious person and the perfect person to handle calls at their business. He’s got the whole plan going forward for the business he created. He’s funny though because I keep picking up on some Neptune around him (he’s 61 and I don’t know much about his birth chart). Anyway, they are an adorable couple.

  4. Sometimes it’s really much easier to personate the planets, as if they were in a play.

    Your post reminded me of this.

    And yes. Mars Capricorn, Moon Libra. Saturn and Pluto sat on top of each other, kissing in 1982 in Libra.

    Yes, dignity and grace and boundaries. Which is hard from the 12th house point of view 😉

  5. I don’t have cap in my chart , Pluto libra, moon libra and rising in Libra. I loved to please people. And people know to find me when they are in trouble or pain. But I’m coming out of that fog. And my next quest is to learn to set boundaries.

    I have to do care for me and then the rest will settle .

  6. I’m thinking this is why I have such a hard time now with Pluto in Cap bc I have nothing, zip, nada in Cap besides the Descendant in very late Cap. I’ve sought partners who give me that order n structure.

  7. Oh, I have known Libra[s] that absolutely have not cared about pleasing anyone but themselves. They have been nothing like what Astrologers make them out to be.

    Also, I have known a few Capricorns and one in particular was my mother who clashed with her Libra brother who was selfish and did only what he wanted to do.

    I have seen clashes between Capricorn and Libra throughout my life and it isn’t pretty or civil.

  8. I see it as people trying to find out something, “who am I?” The Libra person seeks to answer this through relationships and personal interactions, the Capricorn person through manifestation of form in the external world. I think these can overlap nicely, as in Allie’s example. The Capricorn would view the relationship as a ‘form’ or structure which defines them, perhaps formalising it through marriage. The Libra could appreciate the Caps need for form within which they can more deeply explore the exchanges of self and other in myriad ways.

  9. Cappy here; sun moon saturn , Libra
    North node! Boom! I I am over committed too long of a wrong marriage now thousands of hours in a job ;gets me awake way too early , home too late .boss (Aquarius)decided he needed a break in the middle of chaos for a week #!? two girls in the office one Capricorn and 1 libra Cappy says can’t be done llibra “ we will fix it we’ll do it yeah Lets don’t have no worries next three or four days we got it under control ,giving me double !!all my shifts I’m a fiddle ,I’m making those airy sounds the spooky Halloween 13 !?stuck in the fog kind of
    feeling ,fortunately we just do one day at a time 10 minutes at a time ,( little ant marching a hot dog up a hill,starving dog watching close!!!!”yikes
    The Ferris wheel no bar to hold me in
    But you know still
    Need paycheck

    1. lol raerae sending Light🤍

      I just set **some* kind of boundary with my baby daddy I have no idea what to do about our relationship together. I do not know! I just want to laugh and have a good time with him (nodding at my 12th house). On the parallel; learning to rely on myself for the first time in my life. I told him let me get on solid ground, let me heal. Making big decisions under all this personal fog is not right. Boundaries.

  10. I’ve got a Libra stellium with Saturn leading, and I can selectively fawn like crazy, like some mad skill. Learning to set boundaries has been solidly developed in my lifetime. Interestingly, with Saturn ruling my fifth house, saying No and setting boundaries actually brings me pleasure. When I was younger, this was inverted, I constantly tried to please people and was frequently rejected. As an adult, I love being alone, and doing what pleases ME (that Libra stellium is in my first house), although there are a small hand full of those that I will always be eager to please, as their pleasure is my pleasure.

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