The Matriarch Of Your Family

moonThe moon-ruled matriarch of a family has a lot of power and influence.  I was thinking about this in terms of astrology and landed a simple idea.

Do you think the qualities of the matriarch color the  character and the behavior of the other people in the family?  It seems this is the case.

As an example, my mother was a double Aquarius with Pluto in Leo opposing her sun.

Everyone in my family is eccentric and independent. We also have dramatic shadow-sides.

What do you think? Are you living you’re mother’s schema?

7 thoughts on “The Matriarch Of Your Family”

  1. Hell yea. After being gone almost a year and a half at a soul retreat, err soul revival (a lot of blood sweat and tears, and intense shadow work) I had to come back to my mom’s house, and finish putting my life together. I have definitely taken to her routine and ways of doing things. It makes me uncomfortable emotionally, physically, and mentally. She is a good woman, not spiritual but good I work very hard to not upset her ways or complain about them. I have to admit there are sometimes I have to dig deep to take care of myself (truly) under her regime. Today I try to take care of myself and part of that, is her being ok with me. All that being said, I will be very happy when I am in my own place.

  2. Ha, I was just thinking about this last night. Yes. My mom has a Capricorn Moon, her mom has a Capricorn Moon, and HER mom also had a Capricorn Moon. I have Saturn and Pluto on my IC. My Moon in Pisces is conjunct my Sun (combust) and in the 8th house. Completely burned and overtaken by the Suns rays. My Moon also rules the 12th house in my chart – invisible.

    And NN is at 0 Cancer. Go figure…

    I know Capricorn and Pisces are not incompatible per se, but something with the Moon in my chart is jacked. It squares my Nodes. I’m supposed to transcend something to do with Capricorn/Saturn? Who knows?

    But I definitely have the Saturn/Moon (IC) signature. Restriction. Internal bleakness. Emotional severity.

  3. My Momma a Leo, she was a dancer with the USO where she met my daddy on a blind date , after hooking up with my dad she work for the Pentagon writing letters to bereaved widows she told me that’s where she got creative , she gave me all my faith And creative eyes ;my daddy was Texican he quit school in second grade he was a cowboy cattleman Scorpio his mother had been married off at 13 to a 40 year old man that one day had a log too big and his hands rolled into the fire high heart attack , he gave me all my strength and fear ,both my parents had grandparents that were Indian one from the deep south and my mothers from the Canadian area . this gives me my familiar luxe what is the guy on the buffalo nickel ,I guess my folks ,had strong undeniable attraction for each other
    This created My strong desires ,daddy after 11 births found himself with a woman two feet Taller 20 years younger and a lot darker than my mom ?but Momma never let go , these are the ingredients that are the soup of me.
    These days I’m in a fog swimming can’t see land don’t feel weak not sure if you’re supposed to see everything crystal clear I have deep contentment in this water it’s cold but I know this water it affects every cell of my body ,my strokes are slow
    Treading water, am I living my my
    Mother’s schema ,hell yeah!
    The oak tree has strong roots, The shape of the leaves and the acorns they don’t change just the colors

  4. Our emotional unconscious that resides in the IC, the Black Moon , and the Moon Nodes can feel like a significant matriarchal influence. The Black Moon especially has a magnetic hunger that draws us out of the pre physical realm into the specific womb of our mother.
    But taking it all back inwardly as pieces of ourselves it becomes something else.

  5. I have Moon/Pluto and my mother was a Scorpio (as I am). She kept me under her wing (for good and I’ll) to the point where I became co-dependent on her. She could not celebrate me unless it was her idea/doing. We had a deep, if not painful love/dislike relationship- and her need for power in her marriage has translated down to me constantly trying to keep my power in my relationship- but I am learning to soften and relax more. Still traces of her schema remain.

  6. Ha! No, definitely not living her rules. She has Sadge sun and Aries rising. I have Aries rising and Cancer sun. Her sun is opposite my Venus and we don’t share the same values. My Moon squares natal Pluto and she has a mental illness.

    I was supposed to be the scapegoat but because of my stepmother’s strange and rigid rules I spent a lot of time alone reading.

    I laugh at how dysfunctional it all is now – none of my parents valued reading or education – they were worried about television.

    I didn’t get to watch TV because of the “democracy” and I always lost with two brothers. They had no idea what I was reading half the time and wouldn’t have understood it anyway.

    But my reading was basically their undoing. Outsmarted by your ten year old, lol.

    Stepmother is a cold Aquarius, rigid and controlling. I can’t stand going over there and I am estranged from her and my Dad.

    It’s easier to work with my mom’s mental illness than the rigidity of my dad and his wife.

    Also, the fact that I am competent and educated means people listen to me generally and on some level my mom listens too. She is a misogynist and would rather listen to a male but they have all abandoned her, including her son.

    So, by default I am the matriarch. I set the rules now and make sure my mom has a roof over her head and bills get paid and I don’t tolerate abuse anymore. It’s my way because nobody else is around.

  7. I wish I could know for sure. My family is broken apart, so it’s possible but I don’t know that I’ll know. I’m guessing it’s so – my mother is sensitive and non-confrontational. Maybe some of that plays out. But what a crummy example – how boring! Haha

    I’ve now started to wonder what I will be like as a family matriarch, if I’m lucky enough to live that long and have grandchildren and all that. Between my husband and me, we are intense. We will probably have a lot of intensity follow us. Lots of Scorpio and Pluto influence here. Combined with a fire sign fun side that likes to show up to lighten it. Hmm…Italian? 😆

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