The Difference Between A Transiting Planet And The Same Planet In Your Solar Return

sun zodiac scarf vintageIcarus asks:

“Mars will be in Gemini for a long time. How will this affect people who have this in solar return? What will differentiate?”

I can see why this is confusing. I can break it down.

Mars will be stuck in Gemini for seven months. This will stir the affairs of the house(s) it’s transiting in your Natal chart. It will also energize any natal planets or other points (like the ascendant) that it aspects over the course of the seven months. Mars is direct, then retrograde, then direct. It will cover 29 degrees of Gemini so the planet is moving and the effects morph. PERIOD. This is it for the transit to your natal chart.

Now because Mars will be stuck in Gemini for seven months, people who have their birthdays during this period will have Mars in Gemini in their Solar Return chart. The Solar Return chart is snapshot of the planets at the time an place when the sun returns to where is was it was when you were born. This charts stands alone.

Looking at your Solar Return, you’ll find Mars in a certain house, making certain aspects to other Solar Return planets.  Mars in this chart is stationary. If Mars is well-aspected or favorable in some way, the benefits will be static throughout the year.  Let’s say this is the case.

With Mars in Gemini, well aspected in your Solar Return, you will have this mental energy available that helps you. Maybe you think fast or something.

Now back to your natal chart, you will still be contending with Mars in Gemini moving around for seven months.  It may or may not be favorable to your natal chart.  Whatever the situation is, you’ll have to deal with it.

So you’ve got two unique situations but on individual; this is why it’s confusing. The fact is, both charts play.  It may be hard to comprehend – to really get this, you have to pay attention to life. But as an example…

Mars in Gemini trines my natal Mars and Mercury in Libra, this is a favorable transit for me. You can plainly see, I am writing like a bat out of hell.

I will also have my birthday during this period. Mars in Gemini in my Solar Return is jacked. It’s badly clashing and here’s the key – these situations do not cancel each other out.  So what can I expect?

I expect to write like a bat out of here, thanks to the transit to my natal chart.
I also expect people to get angry with me over what I write or how I write or what I don’t write or whatever else might piss them off.

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5 thoughts on “The Difference Between A Transiting Planet And The Same Planet In Your Solar Return”

  1. wow, that was elaborate!! Much thanks.

    Since my b-day is year-end when it turns retro in Gemini.

    Not to mention it will be in the 8th house of SR, placed in the 8th natal Scorpio sign, and again as a ruler of Scorpio rising in SR, the 8th natural sign!! DEEP tranformations. But where/

    GOSH!! is there any place where I can hide?

  2. Morning Elsa!! I’m not up on the lingo and I get confused.. what if my natal chart has Mars in Gemini?? What kind of effect will this bring?

  3. Great read!!!

    My natal Jup is in Gemini…..this could be fun!

    I’ll be careful driving and try to avoid a confrontation with Mars/police. I’ve noticed watching planets in my chart that I can at least expect more police out on the roads when my chart has any Mars aspect.

    I appreciate the men in blue but don’t like tickets I cannot afford.

    Last week we celebrated four family birthdays/solar returns. We will all be experiencing this transit in our solar returns.

    I love the crispness of your writing now. You could write a book! What transit at 10 years old inspired the road trip to circle k? I’ve been wanting to go back and record more things from life. Looks like this could be your time!?!

    1. I wrote a book, twenty years. Heaven, I Mean Circle K, was the title story.

      I never thought about the transits. What I was doing and what I did seemed perfectly normal at the time. In fact, I had no idea any of my experience was unusual until people offered their feedback.

      Anyway, I used to write all day and all night; true stories. It was terrific fun. I’d do it again if I could afford it, which I can’t. 🙂

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