Using Astrology To Identify Pathology Or Tag People

rantares posted to the boards to ask what in a chart might show cowardice. I don’t think this can be seen in a chart and after reading some of the comments made, I wanted to elaborate:

Aspects are not going to tell you something like this.  Even if you found 1000 “cowards” with a certain aspect in their chart, you could easily find 1000 non-cowards with the same aspect which would nullify your research.

My husband has a debilitated Mars in Cancer and not a drop of cowardice in his entire body. That alone is all you need to understand this can’t be seen in a chart.”

You might as well be saying that all dark-haired people, or people over 6 ft, have a personality trait. It’s simply not true.

Do you know a nice person with a horrible chart? I do!

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  1. It makes a case for a quote i recently posted by an astrologer who said that wise people defeat their planets, or in other words, their past (karma) and function more from the exercise of free will. Maybe people who dont live up to their chart have transcended some of their planets influence on them?

  2. I don’t agree with that, Dre. Aspects in a person’s chart, always, always play. It’s just that energy is neutral until you direct it and any and all energy has a positive expression. 🙂

  3. Oh dear, there are horrible charts?

    But I do like that all energy has positive expression. Just takes some time to understand how that can work.

    New moon was close to PoF. Things starting pulling together so I got a read on what that is. It is what it is, so I could let stuff go, and focus on making it work. But it is work. And I don’t always pay very well attention.

  4. That’s what I think, Dre. It’s like electricity. Electricity is energy, and it is not inherently good or bad. You can light up a Christmas tree with it, or you can kill a man so there you go.

  5. i don’t have the experience of an astrologer, but i had few relationships with men who have their mars squared or opposed by neptune and whitout any doubt they were pure cowards and they proved to me..but in same time maybe they were brave and honest with others i don’t know…

  6. My grandfather had his Sun at the anaretic degree of Cancer squaring his debilitated Scorpio Moon. He had a t-square involving Saturn (Cap) opposing Pluto squared by Uranus (Aries).In addition Uranus was conjunct his AC.Pluto tightly conjunct his Sun and Venus, all of them opposed Saturn.

    He had a tough life, but he was the nicest man I’ve ever met. And I’m not idealising him, it’s a fact.Cancer made him super kind and caring, plus he had a tight out of sign Sun-Jupiter conjunction that probably helped him keep positive.

  7. I think we don’t get to see all the faces a person can show to the world…i will see the ugly face while his bother will see his good face. I always see the ugly face a person show to the world…sooner or later it comes out and we have to deal long enough with somebody and to be put in diferent situations to his reactions to it. One can be nice and helpfull and u name it with his friends, while he is monster with his children or his wife and those people who so only the good face will say his chart is not appling, while his wife will say the opposite.

  8. My grandfather was very with me and my brother and idealise him but my mother remembers bad times with him and when i defend him she sais i am wrong and that i cannot see him in the real light. So how do u read the chart? with objectivity or with subjectivity?

  9. Oops, earlier comment said “new moon”, but it actually was the “full moon” conjuncting PoF. Like a full PoF, with the sun in opposition. Will be watching solar oppositions closer.

    Fruition. I think I can celebrate that.

  10. The image I hold of my grandfather is based on my time spent with him and the stories I’ve been told by his wife and daughter as well as people who knew him.When I read his chart I see what is there and link it to the man he was.

    With Uranus conjunct his AC in Aries squaring Cancer stellium and Neptune in his 6th, he could have been an alcohol addict with a violent streak. But he wasn’t, instead he channeled all of his energy into something constructive and for that my hat goes off to him.

  11. I agree with Elsa in regards to aspects in one’s chart always playing out, in one form or another. My Mars/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in 12th used to get me into so much trouble until I learned who to re-direct that energy (from controlling others to controlling myself).

  12. within me there is an endless need for explanation. it is the reason i am interested in astrology in the first place. i will hold an idea in my head and search until i find the cause.

    sometimes i mistakenly reverse concepts. rather than see a chart and extrapolate the possibilities that exist, i take a characteristic that I see, and look for an aspect within a chart upon which to place blame.

    but i’m starting to realize perhaps the lesson i am currently being taught in life, is that sometimes.. things just are. the full explanation isn’t meant for me to know…. i should accept what is, learn what i am meant to for my own part, and be appreciative of the experience as a whole ..

    OMG – that’s so hard for me to do!!!!!!

    energy flow is neither positive or negative, it just is.. flowing from one side to another, in circles and swirls. ever working towards equilibrium.

    just imagine the universe in complete equilibrium. nothing exists but a pale blue light and a low hum… at this moment, the vastness of all that is has become one. it instantaneously collapses back upon itself, and explodes viciously outward.. a new primordial soup to stew.

    how we get to the vast equilibrium is through a balance of energy.. every transference, acute and necessary.

    and to get there.. sometimes, it just is.

  13. My husband has a very hard chart — and has had a correspondingly sad and difficult life at times. But he has made hay of it all, primarily because he used his intense Saturn and Pluto energy and found teachers who helped him see his incredible reservoir of strength. And now he is, himself, someone who helps others to transform. He’s the very best of what Scorpio energy can be.

  14. This is a good point to make because people are not charts, people are people. People have free will. It’s like watching the show INTERVENTION and the same storyline appears – that the addict is this way because of a trauma during childhood. Not everyone who had a traumatic childhood abuses drugs. And not everyone who abuses drugs had a traumatic childhood.

  15. I have a debilitated mars in cancer too. It’s a tough position but it’s not about cowardice. It’s more about feeling responsible, even to your enemies. A lot of high level world-renowned athletes and warriors have this placement.

    Plus at that kind of mythological level you can start to play word games. ” You’re a coward, because you’re afraid to be seen as a coward.”

    Etc. That’s why I think if you really want to know astrology you have to learn it for yourself. Reading other people’s interpretations can be interesting but its a mythical system and you can’t let *their* reality color *your* experience.

    People *hate* mars square neptune, for example. I have actually had astrologers refuse to interpret my chart after seeing that configuration because they expected me to be a criminal. Ridiculous.

  16. An astrologer should not read any chart without due respect to the creation! It is like being a doctor… You should respect the person’s right to live and realize his/her full potential and do your best to show your customer the pitfalls and opportunities that are provided by the very design that is displayed in the chart. If astrology taught me anything it’s that everyone deserves respect, for each design bears an incredible potential, yet it is up to the person how to use it! I have seen great charts that are used to create miserable life forms too 😉 So I agree with you completely ELSA…

  17. There are many people who succeeded with Raja Yoga, but life is mixed with happiness and sorrows. Even a poor man has happiness, just like a rich man having sorrows.

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