What Are You Puzzling Over With Mars In Gemini?

Mars heroI find myself writing a lot with Mars in Gemini. I’m also seeking intellectual challenge with Jupiter in Aries opposing Mercury.  This climate is really good for code-cracking; tinkering and putting the pieces together until you figure it out.

I like this kind of thing so I’m happy with the current situation. I’m currently trying to understand things like Web3 and the next generation stock market.  QR codes for everything, NFTs, etc.

I’m also trying to figure how who I am post Pluto crossing my ascendant. This transit forces you to start from ZERO at best.  I mean that to be funny, ha ha.

My garden also took a bit too much energy this year.  I planted a lot, anticipating that people around me were likely to struggle with rising costs. I wanted to grow enough to share and while I succeeded at this, I’m not sure I can handle this much work, while trying to maintain this blog.

That brings me to this blog… I am not sure how to continue it. Search no longer supplies traffic to blogs, especially this one. I’m suppressed on every platform so the future is quite cloudy.

I’m also contemplating establishing a private forum but the perimeters and the entire vision of such a thing is undefined and will take mental energy to resolve. I’m supposed to be teaching a class on Saturn in Pisces right now.

This is is a sampling off a longer list of ideas or curiosities I have at this time. It occurs to me, a seven-month long transit of Mars in Gemini is called for night now.  We need the hopped-up intelligence!

What’s puzzling you at this time?

12 thoughts on “What Are You Puzzling Over With Mars In Gemini?”

  1. Patreon, Elsa. All the other bloggers and astrology content providers use it. I currently donate $5 each month on your Kofi platform as my appreciation for your efforts here. I find your time and info valuable and therefore worth paying for. You can have people subscribe to different levels of your services. Perhaps your basic plan starts at $5 a month and then you charge $10 or $12 for more in depth and extended blog topics? I am currently subscribed to 2 astrology patreon pages so I spend $20 a month to read their exclusive articles that are posted for their members. Make it worth your time to do what you do…then you can hire someone to help harvest that garden.😉

    1. I really appreciate your support. Thank you! But I don’t see Patreon as a good solution for me, primarily because I don’t work as a writer. My skill is in helping people solve problems, especially difficult problems. I find clients and clients find me by having my work be broadly accessible.

      I am also heavily into service. I care about this more than anything else. If I put a paywall up, people who may really need what I provide will not be able to access it. A lot of people are truly suffering right now and living close to an edge. I help to ground people and want to continue this.

      Bottom line, money, while I need to make it, is not as important to me as helping people. I can switch to a newsletter only, to save overhead. Beyond that, I’ll have to rely on people to share it. I can’t do this myself due to censorship.

      Also, I’m sure people understand how these platforms work. You can write or make videos or whatever, but you’re not going to get any exposure unless you’re in the club. Basically, the conditions that allowed me to start this blog and become successful no longer exist, even if it seems they do, on the surface.

      1. there are 1/mo options for patreon… but even maybe making your newsletter paid? I mean, I appreciate your integrity but you can’t work for free so… it’s integrity to yourself, also. Surely you can find the right happy medium, pun intended.

        1. I understand. I just don’t think is viable and when I say this, I am not being obtuse or difficult though it may seem that way. I have A LOT of experience in this field.

          I am a successful consulting astrologer by anyone’s measure, where I’ve failed as a writer. I’m just being honest. You can’t read my stories and think I can’t write. I can write like a son-of-a-bitch and it doesn’t matter. The idea it does matter is an illusion which is something I know after pounding a keyboard for the better part of 30 years.

          Don’t think I haven’t learned anything or put more succinctly, don’t think I have not been informed in a variety of ways by a variety of people.

          Anyway, I know I sound argumentative but I’m really just trying to explain.

          You could even ask, “What does God want?” which is a question I ask on a regular basis. I do not believe God wants me to put a paywall around what I offer. If I did, I would do it!

          I have a LONG history here. I’m supposed to be the porch light that’s always on. Anyone who wants or needs to access it, it’s my job to keep it lit.

          And again, I make money by consulting which I know helps people as I have clients who have been with me twenty years, never mind their kids and even their grandkids, etc.

          I know what I want to be… I would like to TELL STORIES. I have a marvelous time telling them but it’s not viable at this time.

          I like consulting very much, as well. It’s always interesting and I get to speak with people all over the world, which I love. I also help a good number of people and in many cases, the problems and the pain is overwhelming. I don’t think there are that many people who can deal with situations like this in an effective way, especially in thirty minutes! You’ve got to know what you’re doing and do it very, very well.

          So this is my skill. And if I take money for writing, I need to perform for the small group, perhaps cutting out the person who needs my help the most.

          Um… I am pretty strong Jupiter person. I’m sure you’ve heard about hiding your light under a bushel basket. That’s what a paywall accomplishes and it’s just not for me.

          I don’t know that people appreciate the level of my intensity and focus and commitment. I will die on this hill, and in fact I am doing it now. I just don’t think God is going to allow that to happen. Even if He does, it’s okay with me.

          Do I mean this? Of course I mean it. I mean every word I have ever written, over these decades and if that were to happen, I would learn something which is another thing I love.

          I am open to blockchain though, depending, and will publish my book as an NFT at some point… I think.

          Bottom line, I am an effective astrologer out to help people. Publishing this blog and my newsletter is the very best use of my energy, so I continue to show up every day to make an effort to use and share my experience and expertise.

          I could also put it this way, I would rather starve than cross God and this is because I am intelligent.

          *** Disclaimer *** I am not saying people who charge for writing are pissing off, God. I am saying that this is what I have discerned to be my job or my lot in life. I concern myself with what others do. I know they aren’t me! 🙂

          1. Bravo Elsa, I admire your integrity. I have seen others with your talents/gifts, lose them when money becomes the priority. You will always be taken care of.

  2. This Mars transit is in my natal 9th house, which has its cusp in Taurus and is therefore under Uranus’ influence (by transit). I have a study process going but it is unusual. It involves developing my relationship to nature, natural law, and the natural within me in order to operate from faith. It feels a bit like the journey of Dr Strange.

  3. and, yes with natal Mars in Gemini and Aries Mercury, I’m in my element. This energy is super helpful with my graduate applications and starting new writing and teaching work.

  4. I can’t offer financial help, but, I’m here, and struggling my best to understand – as ever. I’m here again, hoping to help if I can.
    My natal Mars is in my 9th, conjunct my MC in Cancer. Transiting Mars crosses my 8th and 9th houses… ought to be somewhat useful, maybe?
    Anyhoo, the constraints that have been keeping me away are lifted, now.
    Looking forward to everyone’s insights.

  5. I know a lot of people are taking to doing short clips on Tick Tok and Instagram lately to generate or boost their presence everywhere. Facebook, love it or hate it, is still a huge platform. I run a dog rescue, and if we didn’t have Facebook, we would be unable to save 1/10th of the dogs we do.

    As to Mars in Gemini. My IC is 4 Gemini. I have recently begun to wonder if it is time to buy a piece of rural property to put a smaller home and sell my 4 bedroom/2 bath home in suburban St. Louis. I believe Mars in my 4th house is giving me a push toward what I want to do with regard to my home base.

  6. I didn’t read the aboves but I will say as a splash chart with natal Gemini mars and Virgo venus (however that tidbit contributes) that websites can get traffic with a multi pillared refferal tequniche. Search engines give juice with outbound links. There are web bookmarking like pintrist, and repurposing for other platforms where people are lugging about their days and more likely to come across your work rather than on google, leading to the hub which is already easily accessed on mobile , which in turn will boost your juice on googs. Opposite of bushel

  7. Hello, Please consider joining the The People’s Health And Healing Alliance. It started in the UK but there is interest in the USA too. Your services to those needing health and healing could be invaluable, and this alliance has the same sense of service that you do. It’s not about money, it’s about solving the problems. Also, the same group is now starting The People’s Food And Farming Alliance. And it looks like you are already a step ahead of us on that one 🙂 so since you are already growing food for others, getting into a hub of like minded foodies could be useful. Also, perhaps there’d be a way of advertising astrology services on any communications that get posted for these efforts.

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