The End Result Of A Pluto Transit

Pluto GherardiA friend asked me how a Pluto transit works. “Is there an “end result” or does it move forward?”

I can see why this would be asked. Pluto is associated with death.  For some this would be the ultimate, “end result”!  But I feel things move forward, post a Pluto transit, even if physical death is involved. I’ll explain.

When Pluto crossed my ascendent, I had all the major surgeries. This transit impacted my family (4th) and my husband (7th) and my job (10th).  I am beyond these things now. I’ve absorbed the impact or whatever, and exist on the other side.

In the case of physical death; I saw plenty of it during this period.  My father died, as did my neighbor, who was a grandfather figure to me. In both cases, I am left as their legacy.  For example, my neighbor fed the neighborhood with his garden.  This is my job now.

There’s also the exchange of energy in form of inheritance.  “Goods of the dead”, to be released or received.  This is always significant.

So yeah. Life goes on and people heal (with scars).  They gain insight,  deeper understanding and hopefully,  compassion for the human condition.

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How did you come through your Pluto transit?


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  1. Pluto into 12th house (Placidus) my adoptive mother passed away, I was 5 years old. I understood that there are things that are beyond the power of the adults around me. I began to fear that my Dad could also vanish from one day to the other and I began to cling to him for dear life. It slowly got better and
    Pluto conj my AC was a huge shift, so was the 1st house transit, painful but ultimately liberating, surely I stood on my own feet at the end of this transit.
    Pluto through the 2nd – slowly building a material and social foundation for life, marriage, kids, business – despite Pluto conj my Neptune, Troe Node, Moon and Mars it was a good time of growth through learning life lessons, both painful and blissful, concluding ‘what I value’ or ‘what has value’ and what doesn’t. At the beginning of Pluto through Sag we (family) emigrated to the other end of the world – great time of freedom and adventure – and at the very beginning of Pluto into Cap my hubby passed away from cancer. Pluto settling into Cap I began my own career – yeah quite late but I’ve been told that the ‘late bloomer’ signature is in my chart – and now, with Pluto dipping into Cap one more time this year before the real AQ transit begins, I contemplate moving on from the work I have done since 2012 and draw on my creative potential that has always been there but that I never prioritised – I have also overcome reluctance/fear to teach, to speak and to present myself to the public, will see where it leads but one thing is clear – looking back: The ENTRY into a new sign was always a ‘break with the old’ and ‘the beginning of something new’ – and all these years I knew nothing about Pluot transits…

    Pluto has now been conjunct all my planets except for Venus, Chiron and Uranus and traveled 5 signs and I know I am ready for Pluto through AQ in the 5th house.

  2. Pluto is just out of my 9th. I’ve got a long time with it in my 10th now, but I’m basically sitting here dazed and confused by that transit. My life got turned so upside down and there’s no going back. I don’t know if I’ll feel recuperated, ever.

  3. Pluto just out of my 6th, and now beyond conjunction with DC though it will hover close again in Fall 2024.

    I began to be able to bear down and stay with work for longer periods. Got colon cancer and came through it into remission. Began practicing daily yoga and meditation. (That came undone once I got degree 2019 and had to return to full time work; hopeful I can re-establish). “Status” became a more conscious concept to me, seeing how it operates in our society.
    After loved one’s suicide May 2021 I came to a standstill only now climbing out, decided I need shock of an anti depressant. I can imagine deep work happening in that uncomfortable stillness. And I have been plumbing depths with therapy.

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    2. I still have this transit, Pluto is on the last degree of my 6H and I know what you’ve been through especially work wise. I hope you are fully recovered from cancer. This transit is the worst. I too had an allergic reaction when Pluto was in early degrees of my 6H. It was not an abrupt incident, it was slow developing it took at least 24H and had no idea. That was very plutonic, sneaky, out of nowhere and developing in silence.I was rushed to the emergency but never had something similar after that..

  4. Pluto on an angle in my 10th was challenging but there was positive change afterwards, like a rebirth.
    Pluto on my sun & mercury now is painful but I try to remind myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Pluto is transiting my 4th and almost exactly opposite my Mid Heaven point at 1st frade on Leo. I am facing major problems with my finances and family, having to reinvent myself in every possible way as well my relationships in general. Self isolation, depression, anxiety and stress. Unreliable living conditions and lack of self awareness. It seems the Pluto-MH exact opposition will remain this whole year. What can I do to get through this without being crazed? Any advices are welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Pluto just left my 4th house, it was difficult but rewarding. Difficult because the thing to do on this transit is to slow down and look inward and into the past, which is difficult when faced with acute life challenges. Yet, if one resists, Pluto might force it which is even more difficult.
      I have learned that the solution is not out there and circumstances are the way I look at them. For that I had to acknowledge family dynamics, generational trauma, forgive everyone including myself.
      It’s worth it, I wish you well!

  6. It was my 8th house and was the briefest Pluto transit of my life, but it was still profound.

    I met a therapist who specialized in trauma and then another with the same thing but used a different approach. Our working relationships made huge, healing impacts on my life.

    There were deaths of elders and also men of influence in my life (Capricorn!) that changed the power dynamic in many areas of my life. My siblings, others around me, and I (finally) cycled into our own power. Some of us were able to benefit from this through highly deserved inheritances of sorts. The interesting thing was people who did got authority or money they didn’t previously have, and both cos of succession (it was left to them) and by consent (those around them agreed they should have it, though not without some jealousy).

    I then was relieved of a significant debt (8th house) thanks to years of service.

    Finally, the secretive energy exchange of the 8th house was not so mysterious to me. I got a better sense of power dynamics *and exchanges* in relationships, especially intimate ones. Not a bad thing, by the way. It was being fully aware that a partner needs us just as we need them and that a big part of a relationship is that exchange itself.

    This transit humbled me, but it appears to have come with some rewards I hope I never take for granted.

  7. I like how you described Pluto transiting your first house while affecting all the relevant angles (4,7&10)
    It’s still in my 4th while changing signs so it stills like a ‘whew’ moment.
    It affected my first (physical – cancer survivor, HCV treated/survivor, colon surgery/survivor)
    then the 4th (aunt transition, survived an eviction and a ‘move’ to new home as survivor of brief homelessness) 7th (from the heights of love to no love at all, various ups n downs of all other kinds of relationships) and 10th (retirement from one job/profession to some of my best work in my other profession as musician/entertainer).
    All ‘results’ seem permanent as – can’t believe i just walked through all this- nothing will ever be the same or like it was.
    Nothings particularly fixed but things are resolved to the point where it’s up to me to maintain or mess up.
    The warnings are so true n dire it seems ‘messing up’ is not an option.
    It’s been heavy, depressing, liberating, lonely at times, introspective, retrospective, enlightening and even hopeful but a helluva ride just the same. Thank you.

  8. Wow! The suffering and trauma that people here have been through, my heart goes out to you!❤️ “…have been through…” is important, however! I’m touched by the resilience, humility, and insight that you developed during those daunting experiences! Kudos to you, brave souls, and best wishes in your rebirth!
    In 2010, Pluto in Capricorn squared my Libra stellium while Uranus went into Aries to oppose. I call the following seven years my “trauma years.”It was a difficult period for the whole world and particularly dark for Cardinal signs. The financial crash left me unemployed, soon followed by a cancer diagnosis, which ended my 37 year marriage (he couldn’t handle it), while my mother slipped into dementia. Unemployment lasted 4 years and the divorce (5 ugly yrs) forced the sale of the house. There were times when I didn’t want to live, but I had wonderful emotional support from my siblings and my children and close friends.(pluto transit in 3rd house) Now I’m thriving and realize that I learned so much by surviving the trauma. My life is different but it’s good! I feel that I’m a better person for having experienced grief.
    I think Pluto in Aquarius will force us to look at the shadow side of science, technology, and community, and possibly force us to redefine freedom!
    Thx, Elsa, for this forum to share experiences and thoughts.

  9. 29 Cap rising. Among other things, Pluto rules sexuality and the genitals and the latter is where my physical purification has been taking place. Suffering purifies. I’ll not complain, but will be very grateful when it is over.

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