Venus Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Whose Values Are These?

Peter-Paul-Rubens-Venus-and-AdonisI have a client who is a beautiful woman, and that’s not all she’s going for her. She’s demanding in love, however, she has Venus in the 12th house and when she does fall for someone, she falls completely.

As an example, she was once mixed up with a man who said he would only be willing to be in a relationship if it were open. She instantly convinced herself that this is what she wanted too.

Venus Neptune types are influenced. People associate Venus with love and money, but Venus also has to do with what you value and think is tasteful. If you have Venus mashed with Neptune, you’re susceptible to waking up to realize you may be living another person’s ideal. On top of that, it’s nearly impossible to discern if this is actually the case.

If you have Venus in Pisces, Venus in the 12th, Venus in aspect to Neptune or Neptune in the 7th house, this post applies to you. Venus will enter Pisces on February 25th, conjunct Neptune exactly on the 28th, so this seems an ideal time to post on this topic.

26 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Whose Values Are These?”

  1. I have Venus in 12th, and more than once I have told myself I wanted something because a man wanted me to want it, or someone close to me as well. I relate, unfortunately. A timely post indeed!

  2. I have Venus trine 12th House Neptune–I have definitely lived with someone’s ideal. I spent 8 years with someone who had me convinced that asking for something=demanding. It took the relationship ending to realize that not only am I not demanding, I had been willing to accept shockingly little, and willing to put up with many things others wouldn’t dream of, all in the name of love–AND trying to prove that I wasn’t demanding!!

    I still love my ex, deeply. I always will–that’s 12th House Neptune + Venus for you. I am happier without him in my life and no longer have any contact with him, but the love never goes away for Venus/Neptune. I obscure it for my own peace of mind.

    I’m with someone else, someone who has Moon/Neptune square Venus. This relationship is so beautiful, fun, loving, and fulfilling…nothing prison-like at all. It feels good to be happy!

  3. Never had a relationship, I’m pathetic when it comes to love. It doesn’t help I’m gay. And to have venus opposite neptune makes me blind. I was just thinking today that I get weirdly attached to delilah type of girls then they disappear at the drop of a hat. I Men stay away from Delilah types or lesbians for that matter and especially women with reptilian eyes! They just want me or your attention to feel better and are completely selfish. If I am not cursed in matters of eros I don’t know what the hell it is. I can’t find a true love or true friend for that matter. And I am at my saturn return. However I did not take chances on love for about I don’t know ten or less times and that is because I am huge on chemistry. If it ain’t there I am not looking. And when its there its just a head combustion that goes up in smoke. FML. I sound totally bitter for a twenty something. I think what it is, is that when I was younger I was able to get anyone I wanted but I liked my freedom (gemini in me) now that I want someone they want their freedom from me. Piece of mierda! Just gloating about it makes me feel better though and I do not trust most women even though I am attracted to some. Goes the same for men. Strangely enough I do like being alone too. I can handle it better than other people. Its a weird combo there :/

  4. Thanks for this post, Elsa. Last night I looked up to see the sky cluttered with stars and planets and thought, “Pisces is packing ’em in.”

    I’m feeling the impact of Pisces and went back to some of your other Venus-Neptune posts for more back-up and found this one from a year ago.

    I have Natal Neptune in a grand trine. I’m affected by others. In the post from 1/2012 I relate to needing to hide, or dive (into Neptune) for I am a Mermaid in need of restoration.

  5. Kash-,loved what you wrote,I can relate to the first part.Venus 12th Leo and Nep in the 5th.Nep transiting my 7th.I am attracting men left and right who I wouldn’t even consider in times past.I have to consistently remind myself not to get delusional and fall for these men just because they show so much interest.I get attention from men every time I leave my house but that doesn’t mean we should be together.Neptune transiting 7th feels like I’m being forced to accept that I may be waiting for a REAL relationship for a very looooong time.Until then I fight not to fall for Neptune’s lies.

  6. Oh yes I have Venusnsquare Neptune. I think I do a lot in relationships and I am more making the sacrifices and bending backwards in relationships. I have Neptune in 5 the, which makes me imagine, dream, or romanticize what I want on a grand level. Jupiter conjunct Venus.

  7. Man I know has Moon cj Neptune in Libra square Venus cj Uranus in Cancer. Appearances and playing nicey-nice are all important. If a woman, I’d say flirt or c**k-teaser. Always looking around for some other girl/woman. Deflects any self-responsibility. Emotionally and physically ‘frigid’. I’ve had two ‘reputable’ astrologers say they cannot make head nor tail of his chart….

  8. And what about when two Venus-Neptune people get together?

    I actually had this experience myself and it ended in major heartbreak for both of us. I feel that we both tried to live up to unrealistic values to keep our relationship and make something out of all that deep felt love. He ended lying -most importantly to himself- and letting his addiction problems get totally out of control, tearing everything and everyone up. I ended with burnout and depression that will take a long time to heal.

  9. @kash “I obscure it for my own peace of mind.”

    For the first time, I am identifying with that. Venus in the 12th in Cancer. Moon trine Neptune.

  10. My venus is 30minutes from conjunct my 12th house cusp. She’s also in a 8degree square with pluto and 6degree trine to uranus. Let’s just say I’m getting to this course, it’s on my plate to take. I just want to make sure I have the time to devote that will make it worth my while (as I’m sure the content that Elsa provides will be more than worth it)

  11. Venus conjunct Pluto sextiles Neptune.

    Yes. I have done that all my life! The high side rules, though.

    Everything is always sparkly, for one, and it’s nice to have that dreamy-ness to take the edge off of a very harsh world.

    I am the same, @ Kash. I wish them well and love on…but with some, yeah. You gotta “go on somewhere”.

  12. Oh crap, I’ve got both my Venus (Capricorn) AND my Neptune (also Capricorn) in the 12th house…

    Does that mean I’m a conjunct? I don’t quite understand the whole conjunct/trine thing, I’m rather new to the inner workings of astrology.

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