The Façade Is Cracking: Mars In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn

crack in facade

I’ve been prattling on about the veil lifting and hey! It’s happened but now I feel another process underway. It’s tied to the Libra eclipse, taking place mid-month, but this event is already in motion.

Libra represents veneer. The pleasant overlay. Mars is ripping through the sign at this time; it’s violent.

Mars in Libra is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn represents any power structure; it also defends the shadow.  It’s hard to compete with the intensity of Mars Pluto. It’s certainly not for sissies.

Pluto in Capricorn easily scares people to death. Mars provokes.  Lashing out in pain or fear is not likely to help. Forming alliances is better tactic but a pushing to master your own self-control is primary.  STOP yourself from doing the destructive thing.

I am concerned about people who have somehow blocked reality from entering their sphere. It was my husband who brought this to mind when he said of some people we know, “They can never find out. If they ever find out they’ll be crushed.”

I had no response that.  We’re not talking about children here, yet I can see he’s right. So what to do?  I opt to stay in control, with my hand steady.

This reminds me of some years ago when my son and my husband were in a truck, driving through one of those storms that’s just surreal. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t see this harsh climate coming. Your job it to get through it, helping others if and when you can.  Because karma (Capricorn) is involved here. I’m personally taking this as a test. I intend to succeed!

Can you feel this?


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  1. Thankfully I have this natally in my chart, so I know the energies too well, I’m pretty much stuck with this for life 😂 Different signs obviously, but I have Mars in 7th so it’s like a de facto Mars in Libra, I guess?

    However, even I’m still apprehensive and nervous of these energies. I woke up today, not feeling anything, just an eerie silence. Then it hit me nanoseconds later … This is the calm before the storm!

    Lot of energies swirling around, it feels incredibly karmic too. Already seeing people experience the first stirrings of intense comeuppances. Like the sleeping beast of karmic repercussions is stirring from its slumber, and feeling damn hungry.

  2. ” Like the sleeping beast of karmic repercussions is stirring from its slumber, and feeling damn hungry.”

    I see this as well. You’re so much better off to face it directly.

    1. I can try! The most I can do is shadow work, look at areas where I have wronged others and try and make amends. If not with the person, then making amends with myself at least, taking accountability, and prepare for any karmic boomerangs of my own.

      If people think karma “only happens to other people”, whilst they perceive themselves as Mary Poppins, they are so so wrong.

      That said, there are people I know who really are putting their fingers in their ears and are like lalalaaa, it’s astonishing really!

  3. Ps I would love to see an article about just the driving through the surreal storm! And what transits were at play. It must have been a frightening, yet exciting experience.

    It’s a bucket list item of mines to go storm chasing 🙂 maybe when I win the lotto, I’ll book a trip (Pluto in 9th of course. What other holiday ideas would I have!)

  4. Oh yes feeling these energies like crazy. I often come across people asking when does it end and I think “never”☺️.This is earth school man. we get lulls and reprieves and sometimes the crap never touches us but we all have our lessons and levels of consciousness. But I’m definitely feeling the heavy over here and I’m driving as carefully as I can one mile at a time.Thanks Elsa💗

  5. “They can never find out. If they ever find out they’ll be crushed.”

    I am totally feeling this! Except that I want these types up before they get crushed.

  6. Timewise, how is this related to the eclipse in Libra? Is this something that’s culminating afterwards? My 6th house is where the eclipse will happen. I’ve got a lot of new good things happening at work. I’m wondering, as I read these comments, where I should be focusing my attention.

    1. The eclipse is near the Pluto Mars sq. Mars will be in Scorpio, 1 degree, I think.
      So just after the eclipse… well, there will be an aftermath, in my opinion.

  7. If I read this post a few days ago, I’d say that it doesn’t apply to me. After all, although my chart rulers are both Pluto and Mars (Scorpio rising), they are not in any sort of aspect in my chart. Neither does the Solar Eclipse this October at 21 Libra hit anything in my chart.

    But…but…my closest friend is Aries rising and the SE not only falls on her DC, she has Moon conjunct Pluto there.

    So I suppose it’s a period of “crisis from sudden illumination” for her. In an attempt to spare her feelings, I may have 😳 kept very many things to myself. After all, do you just go about blurting out the things you notice?

    Meanwhile, in the 15 years I’ve known her, she has never hesitated to tell me off when I say/do/believe something she perceives as “wrong.” I allowed her to get away with it all – every fallacy, every delusion unchecked – because I’m the more “emotionally robust” of the two. Also, I have always suspected that 1) she can dish it out but she can’t take it in 2) she has contrarian tendencies that make for a certain level of “self-blindness”

    Well, this SE has ripped the blinkers off, that’s for sure. How’s she taking it? I’m just glad I deferred the conversation for as long as possible. 😬😅

    1. I can relate Estella. l ‘had’ an Aries friend for years…l put up with alot. Very one sided…l was always waiting for her to ‘get it’. She never did. This eclipse will sq. off her cardinal T square. Pluto is conj.her Saturn. atm.
      We shared the exact Mars degree.
      After l ended the relationship (she almost killed me. When l asked her to slow down on a winding road she sped up) l changed my life ( dropped
      bad habits). Should have done it sooner.

      1. Thanks for empathising Diane!🙏 With Aries rising and planets, there’s a lot of “what about me?” “How does this apply to me?”

        So much so, when I see someone with Aries anything, I have to wonder whether we should have a relationship or if I should allow the person to go off and supposedly live their best life on their own.

        After she blocked my phone number (imagine doing that based on some perceive hurt instead of talking it out) I sent her an email, wishing her God speed. Then she lashed out because I dumped her (was that not what she was doing by blocking my number?) with my supposed transgression from 15 years ago!!!

        The lack of self-awareness is just staggering!!! Is she a saint? Am I a sinner? WT???

        I wondered, why am I putting up with this???

  8. YES! OMG – your articles the last few days have been what I need. Mars is on my IC square Pluto in my sixth. Pluto is coming up to conjunct my Natal Saturn. Yes! I have what would be called a theological wound now, as well as the childhood home ending, as well as seeing things for what they are not what I want them to be. Trying to control myself. You are spot on.

  9. Mars is on my DC and is conjunct n. Jupiter; Pluto is still square my ASC. It’s a 7/10 square for me, with career being highlighted for a few years now.

    I’m out of vet med and working part time at Lowe’s. I picked up the job very quickly (Mars is my chart ruler, thus I’m super sensitive to these transits), to my benefit. I’m positive if I was still in vet med, I’d be clashing with someone yet again. I don’t look for this stuff, but I attract it. I’m tired of it.

    At this point, I just want to do my job and leave it there when I go home. So I finally learned my lesson and got off the veterinary merry-go-round.

  10. I went back twice …Taurus (Dianne 2 ‘nn’) here, Estella. l take note of your Scorp rising; l have Pluto conj. the Dsc. my South Node is in Aries and Moon(Leo) conj Pluto (wide).

    I find letting go hard. It is crippling. The vast empty space left behind…this last time–not so much. The fun we had was reckless. There was something self-destructive in it and l felt she was happy to take me with her…like two kids playing with matches.

    Honestly, l wish l had a little bit more of that bald-faced Aries in me …maybe l will grow some.

    Your question to self is a good one.

    1. Sorry, just noticed the double NN! 😅

      Was reading your reply and getting my caffeine drive while talking to a second cousin who befriended me through 23andme yesterday. Sorry, should have paid more attention. 🙏

    2. You are a Libra rising so relationships are important to you! I’ve found Libra placements, especially Sun, to put up with a mountain of hurts before they do anything, if at all they ever do. 😬🤔

      I am Scorpio rising with Uranus on AC. Detaching is my speciality. I’m forever detached. I also have Venus conjunct Saturn; so we are either in this for the long haul or not at all.

      My Aries rising friend accused me of being “cold” because I would not hold a pity party for her “anticipated” life difficulties.

      Hey, I have my own and I don’t expect anyone to commiserate with me. She thought her chart was full of air and could be objective about life but I’ve found her to have emotional “knee-jerk” reactions to life’s stimulus.

      1. l am a Picses rising with Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th and Venus opps Saturn. Things in common, Estelle. l commiserate. l do have Nth node in Libra in the 8th and Mars atm. Feeling that for sure. I dont have any other air planets, but l do have big air hses inc. Sun and Moon in the 3rd. l dont alway find air objective, it depends …it always does. Aries does like attention but you dont have to give it to them.Nice talking to you.

        1. Transiting Mars in the 8th.Not natal. I wish l had a bit more Uranus. ( Bit of a T Square with Merc and Nept. Uranus in Leo 6th on top…a bit weak…but there.) Moon con. Uranus too also wide…but there. Chiron in Aqu 12th very big for me. Thanks Estelle you made me value my Uranus a bit more. A have a lot in fixed signs.

          1. Hello again Dianne!!!

            It’s ok, I get called Estelle, Esther, Stella etc etc. My mother named me after her divorce lawyer.😁

            You being Pisces rising with Neptune and Jupiter both in Scorpio in the 9th, makes sense about why you’d be so long-suffering. Either you would be tolerating the suffering like a saint or you would be escaping. For you, I think the latter is a preferable choice.😅 A preponderance of planets in fixed signs means there’s inertia when it comes to embracing change. But once and when you get going, you will definitely be going…sort of like a locomotive engine, you gotta get in the groove first.

            I like everything about my Uranus. I also like my Pluto. I know people don’t generally like those two but as far as having tools in your arsenal, those two are tops.

            Have a great day Dianne! Lovely chatting. 😁

            1. My apologies Estella ( a Freudian slip–that will teach me). My grandmother was called Stella… good observations. l do both escape/suffer… Finding meaning gives me purpose. And l have a Locomotive chart as it happens(Saturn in Cap. leads) Pluto in Virgo on desc. almost stationary…l work with it.
              Yes, l can take my time to change. I wish l had sooner…Uranus 3rd
              is helping me to change the habits of a lifetime.
              You have a great day too. You cheered me up…and l needed it. (Trans Saturn opps Pluto atm)

    3. I should also point out that not only is Uranus on my AC, it squares my Merc and Moon, trines my Sun and Jupiter, sextiles my Mars. I’m “infused” with Uranus. 😬😅

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