Solar Eclipse in Libra: October 14, 2023 – Discordant Event With Consequences

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The solar eclipse will take place, midday on October 14th at 21 degree Libra. It looks juiced up, if not flat out throbbing. You can expect to be made acutely uncomfortable.

Also, rather than see this energy rise and peak and fall, you can expect some type of “aftermath” period. Some caution is warranted because there are many ways to create discomfort.  Car accident? That’s a good example of of an event with consequences.  But we’re talking about Libra here; it can also be a fight with your spouse.

Obviously, not all couples are going to break up under this, but it’s that type of energy. Or how about one of my Sagittarius clients who blurted her mouth at the woman holding the purse and lost a 12 million dollar inheritance?

If you’re getting the idea you can wind up scarred here, you’re on track. If you’re wondering how I’m drawing this conclusions, Mars in Scorpio square Pluto in Capricorn is way too close for comfort. Uranus is also involved. The whole month looks harsh. I’m sorry.

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  1. My Solar Return is the day before this!
    *double and triple checks for seasickness tablets, tissues, sense of humour and clean underwear*

  2. I think the energies of the Eclipse is already drawing in. I have noticed there have been breakups and divorce announcements going on everywhere, since the Venus retrograde. It’s so weird!!

    When Venus enters Virgo and opposes Saturn straightaway, that will trigger sobering reality checks after the impulsive Venus Leo phase (I wonder if all the breakups/divorce announcements I have heard about have been hasty, or spur of the moment. Especially as Venus had squared Uranus). Virgo is about corrections, Saturn is about consequences.

    Venus in Virgo will be the ruling planet of the Eclipse, and still be within orb of opposing Saturn.

    That funnels into the Solar Eclipse square Pluto, even bigger consequences, which could be longer lasting, maybe even permanent (Saturn ruled sign, Capricorn).

    But as Pluto is also about transformation, relationships could be renewed or revived on a brand new clean slate. Rising from the ashes like a phoenix.

    It’s a South Node Eclipse, and after a spell of Venus and additionally Mercury retrograde, there may be a whole mountain of karmic unfinished business to contend with in relationships. Working through old toxic relationship behaviour patterns.

    I agree, October looks rough!

    1. Thanks for your take on this. 🙏

      It only looks rough if one is work shy. Otherwise, it’s an opportunity to revamp the status quo. Too often, we allow niggling resentments to just pile up until they obscure our view of the other person.

      1. The last sentence is all so true!

        Drawing on that, with Libra energies, I did think of another angle, if this Eclipse is about endings with others, how do Libra deal with them especially if the endings are on “bad terms”?

        Is this where they try to negotiate and where the diplomacy kicks in? An attempt to harmonise? Will we see this happening during the Eclipse?

  3. This has been a real humdinger of a summer for sure. Libra sun, Aries rising, Venus in Virgo and my Libra is in Mars. I surrender 💖🙏🏼😬😂

  4. l feel it coming and l dont like it…it is in my 8th. l have tried to write something half a dozen times and deleted all.
    You are right Elsa, it wont be pretty.

  5. This will oppose natal Jupiter @21 degrees in the 7th. I’ll be sure to report back what happens. My Jupiter has a whole host of trine to the Moon in the 12th and the Saturn/Uranus/IC.

    I didn’t realize the current Pluto is trine natal ASC and Venus in the 8th.

    1. This actually happened today, but a relative hit the bumper of another relative’s car. There was lots of arguing and I found out about the anger issues of one and it goes very deep.

  6. This one is in my 9th house, conjunct Pluto and almost exactly square Mars in 7th. It also falls on my prenatal Eclipse degree too (I have North Node in Libra)

    Oh yay, I can’t wait to see what fun Eclipse Easter eggs of doom I will get 😃 (said no-one ever)

  7. I knew a pair of eclipses were coming. I didn’t realize until just now that the one on the 14th at 21 Libra is in my 8th house, directly opposing my 21-degree 2nd house Venus. Transits to Venus typically don’t end well for me. My dad just went into assisted living about a month ago, and I don’t ever predict death, or even like to think about it, for that matter. But I can’t help but sense a transition in October. I wish I had his chart, but I don’t. He is a Pisces like myself. (He’s about 11 degrees, and I’m at 8 degrees.)

    1. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Pisces are having a rough time now especially with saturn in pisces. The love of my life was a Pisces he passed away suddenly in a car crash in March. At least you’re aware of possible turbulence ahead. Sending strength and prayers your way.

        1. Thanks Elsa! Saturn is square my gemini moon so I have been in a slight depression. But I’m optimistic and know that it will pass.

  8. Oh boy. This eclipse is in my 1st house, Square my Cancer Mars in the 10th and square my bfs 9th house Cancer Sun :/ We work together AND go to school together. I think I’ll go right ahead and explain it to him so we have even more open communication as it occurs. Fingers crossed for everyone!

  9. In my 4th, conjunct my Chiron, opposite Saturn, hard aspects to Mercury and Neptune. Oh, and it’s the day before my ex’s birthday. Ouch.

  10. I don’t know what to expect anymore. This eclipse is hitting my mc/ic axis, home and career have been hit by eclipses and squared by Pluto Saturn in 2020 and have been completely destroyed, wiped out, nothing left..I hope this eclipse brings an end to this painful cycle..

  11. Avatar
    Linda Marrs Broadhurst

    The eclipse on the 14th will be opposite my son and moon conjunct at 21° Aries. Also, my notes are at 20° Aries and libra. I think this might make something happen oh and my son. And Jupiter are in the 10th house so the Eclipse will be in my fourth house.

  12. You apologize. Are you weak?
    We are all masters queing up for some very exciting evolution.
    Be happy for us, master.
    WE signed up for this upheaval and halleluliah it is here!

    Tell us – GO FOR IT!

    1. No, I’m not weak. I have Libra and compassion. I am authentically sorry when I have to to deliver bad or frightening news. Keep in mind, there are many people. near an edge.

      1. I appreciate your compassion. Very much needed now.
        I have been struggling with a form of mastery that takes responsibility for all that happens, including my birth chart. It also frames me as a jerk in most situations.
        Which is also why I couldn’t hack it as a pro astrologer – most clients didn’t want the bad news or take any responsibility for choices made. OR to be made.
        As an Astrologer I starved…

  13. When I used to read for people (astrology and tarot – still do occasionally) I always told them I’m not a psychic and I don’t tell you what you want to hear. I tell you what the chart or the cards are telling you. If that’s not acceptable to you, you’re welcome to find someone who will tell you what you want to hear, but why would you do that?! (Said nicely, of course – I have tons of Libra!)

    That being said, I’ve noticed that online people are more edgy and cranky than usual, and I have to “walk away” from snarky individuals – mostly males who don’t particularly like females or the fact that they have opinions!

  14. Forgot to say that this morning, leading up to the eclipse event, I got out of bed and wanted to go to the supermarket. I bent over to put my pants on and couldn’t stand back up straight. This came out of nowhere. That’s what the eclipse brought me! Let’s see what it takes away. Hopefully, whatever it is that is messing up my lower back out of nowhere! LOL

  15. “Discordant Event With Consequences” could not be more accurate! Just dropped my sister in law off after a weeklong visit; she’s a heavy drinker and really into drugs and likes party scenes, which my husband and I are more quiet introvert types but we still like to drink now and then and have fun, but anyway we still did go out and try to show her a good time. Bought her flight, paid for all her food and drinks while she was here, went out to all our favorite restaurants in the area. Drove her to the coast and puttered around on the beach collecting seashells. We’re very different people, but I thought we were having a good time anyway. Then on the way to her destination last night we stopped so she could pee and while she was in the gas station, we realized she had been drinking several alcoholic beverages in the backseat of the car, and my husband asked her to please finish one of the vodka seltzers that still had some in it before we started driving again because in our state, he would be liable for the ticket for an open alcohol container in the car while driving. She rolled her eyes and proceeded to unload on us, called us narcissists and horrible hosts, said we ruined her vacation, and we didn’t give her enough time at the beach, and we didn’t take her to this store she wanted to go to, and no wonder we ‘have no friends’ because we’re ‘not warm and fuzzy people.’ Said we weren’t family anymore, and that we could go have fun being miserable in our lives, lol. Later she apologized and said she didn’t mean all those things but idk, once that kind of attack is out there, it just can’t be taken back. We will definitely never have her over again. The relationship has been forever altered.

    1. That’s unfortunately what happens when people are not self-aware and refuse to accept that they they are responsible for the consequences of their poor choices. In instances where you point that out, you are immediately labelled as the one who lacks tact and is insensitive.

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