Confusing Symptoms? Having Trouble Getting Diagnosed?

medicineIf you have Saturn and Neptune Mashed in your chart, chances are you’re misdiagnosed.  I realize that’s a strong statement, but I believe it at this point.

I’m talking about, Saturn in Pisces, Saturn in the 12th, Neptune in Capricorn, Saturn aspecting Neptune, Neptune in the 10th or Neptune conjunct the midheaven.  The mistakes and the consequences of the mistakes are often overwhelming.

The Saturn Neptune mashup is strong in my chart

Saturn in Pisces – Missed Diagnosis / Misdiagnosed

Saturn Square Neptune Clouds Medical Diagnosis

People Who Have Trouble Getting Diagnosed With (Or Without) Illness

Saturn In Pisces: Misdiagnosis & Children

Here, I am misdiagnosed with Avascular Necrosis.

I’ve also been told I have breast cancer (I don’t), MS (I don’t), as well as being told, my neck was so bad, if I got in a car accident, my carotid artery would be severed and I would die (Didn’t happen). I’ve lost count of how many things I have that I don’t have. I’ve also lost count of how many MRI’s I’ve had, totally unnecessary. I even had a doctor order a “full body cancer scan”, while seeing him for a sore back. I have no earthly idea what he was thinking.

Then there was the time I was in a bad car accident. I had a broken rib, which I could point to. “It’s hurts bad, here, right here”.  Still it took three appointments, for me to be understood. It’s a crazy burden, what else can I say?

Posting today to follow up on this:

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – Unexpected Luck & Opportunity – what did you get?

I just discovered I’ve been treated for a condition I don’t have for the last 22 years.  I’m now working on another favorable revelation.  I don’t think I have Lupus.

Yes, I was diagnosed with Lupus a dozen years ago. It’s a very serious illness. Lucky for me, I was treated with Plaquenil, only. The drug is pretty innocuous in my case.  Hard core drugs are often used so I dodged that bullet.

Still, I have been dumping these pills into my body for more than a decade.  Suspecting this, I cut my dose in half some months ago and have had no problems. I am down to a quarter dose as of this week as I think I’ve figured out what happened here.

I have an allergic reaction to sugar alcohols, such as Sorbitol and Mannitol.  I used to consume GOBS of this stuff, twenty years ago. Apparently the use or rather overuse of something like this, causes the body to develop an allergy?

In whatever case, I believe the allergy symptoms (sores on my face and arms) where misdiagnosed as “acne” at first – six months on antibiotics. When that failed, I was tagged with Lupus and the rest is history.

Please be aware that numerous medications include these compounds and the severity of the reaction, for me, is out of this world, at this point.

I found this out by eating a delicious cake, over the weekend. It was gift, sent from a bakery in California.  Four of us ate it, one of us couldn’t breathe. Be advised these compounds a used in commercial baking. It’s so obvious, once you think about it.  “Twinkies” aren’t normal cake, you bake in your kitchen.

I know I am going on and on, but I also know I’m not the only one caught is this type scenario. If something is twitching in the back of your mind, you may want to pay attention and spare yourself a lot of misery.

One more thing. Marketing!  Do you know they deem sugar alcohols to be good for oral health?  It’s because they aren’t sugar!  See how tricky that is? Your teeth do not benefit from Sorbitol!

Who can relate?

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  1. Neptune in Cap. I haven’t been misdiagnosed, thank goodness, but it did take many years to get a diagnosis, and I’m the one who discovered it.

  2. Wow Elsa, what you have been thru, is totally nutty! I have a semi-sextile between Saturn and Neptune. I have had some problems with being diagnosed correctly, but nowhere near what, you have experienced!

    1. Breast cancer – get this.
      When I was 12, I bought this dirt bike for $50. I did not know how to ride it and had no one teach me, but I got on it anyway, thinking I would learn. Classic, I know.

      It did not occur to me to start slow or whatever. I kick-started the bike; drove forward, fast, a couple or three yards, before I flew over the handlebars… this was in the desert.

      I landed on my chest and slid, which pulled down my tube top; long story short, I got a small rock embedded in my breast, by the nipple. I got it out of there… alcohol, peroxide. I don’t remember. I took care of myself and moved on.

      Eventually, I became mammogram age. Of course, I told them about the scar… I have told every mammo place for decades. But then they call me and tell me I have cancer, including a referral to an oncologist, set to start treatment.

      Time and stress, right? It turns out there were alarmed by this scar, which has been there since I since I was 12. It’s uncanny. I was furious over this… beginning of the end of these tests for me.

      1. Oh that’s horrible scaring you with this.
        But then again I’ve lost my cousin from Breast cancer at 39. Because the doctor said it was only a cyst and send her home.

        1. I’m so sorry. Who is taking account for these horrible outcomes? It’s just insane. Medicine is a Science and it’s always evolving but confusing breast cancer for a cyst? At least take a biopsy!

      2. oh wowwww. this is similar to my experience. I crashed my mountain bike some years ago, nasty bruise on my breast from the end of the handlebar, and it took some time to stop being tender.
        incidentally, first mammo ever resulted in a needle biopsy in the same area. fast forward 20+ years, and many mammograms later, and there’s an “architectural distortion” they say is not caused by scarring. but it’s *exactly where the aforementioned injury was…
        the second biopsy, they “missed”, necessitating a repeat a few months later. last year SUCKED.
        I’m clear, thankfully, but still feel the aftereffects and regrowing nerves. I’m not excited one bit about the next scan, but will stay vigilant.
        I’ve mentioned before, I have a difficult time with doctors/health pros. Saturn in late degree of Pisces 11th H (they can almost see but never quite do). Neptune retro in Scorpio 6th house. Not sure what effect that has.

  3. Hi ,


    Today I went in for an appointment with the gynecologist, because I’m having so many hot flashes it’s not even funny anymore . Unregular periods. Brain fog and poor sleep because of the hot flashes. I take magnesium , vitamine D, B .

    The gynecologist was direct , she said when I just sat down, I can’t help you . You aren’t pre-menopausal. So I said wow , and that having seen me 1 minute without testing .
    She said you take contraception pil and that has enough estrogen so it’s out of the question .
    Gynecologist: im sorry to say this but I suspect it’s mental.
    I again looked at her . And said what ? So you made that out of ? What ?
    She stood up with other words: consult is over.
    Leaving me without words.
    Saturn just went into my 6th alom with Mars , opposing my natal Saturn .
    But I won’t give up and call my doctor again and asking for another gynecologist.

    It angers me at the same time.
    But I have to accept that there are doctors who are incapable!


      1. For a woman gynecologist to say that to another woman is unbelievable! Hormones do and can cause all of the above! I’d at least take your levels etc. I hope you get a better Gyno!

        1. Yes I was flabbergasted. She didn’t look that old , so maybe she’s not pre-menopausal. But still. And she wouldn’t hear anything about it. She was so sure of herself. Nope you are on contraceptive so that’s that. And that’s enough. I was like where did you follow your education?

          In 2 weeks my thyroid level is going to be tested for the second time. But I know my own body.

          I’ll push my GP for another referral.

    1. Look into Progesterone cream (like Pro-Gest), and read “What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Peri-Menopause” by two doctors. Diet and thyroid do effect hormone levels, can cause Estrogen Dominance.

      1. My childhood doctor, Dr. John Lee wrote a book on this and I tried it. It’s not a magic bullet because it’s expensive and trial and error- but it did help ease my pre-menstrual issues and later I took Chaste Berry when in perimenopause. Great results with both!

      2. Thank you Warped I’ll search for that book.

        I’ve collected a few articles from a gynecologist here in Holland. And let the GP read it. Last night again hot flashes not being able to sleep. It’s not in my head it’s real. And I hate it when doctors neglect their patients . And it’s irritating that most of The gynecologists and GP’s don’t keep up with new research about peri menopause.

        The Dutch gynecologist that wrote extensively about it also said that the contraceptive pill isn’t enough to mask the symptoms . And that the pil has a whole other type of Estrogen in it. And in fact that it could be harmful in the end.

        With Neptune ruling my 6th I’ve never had much luck with doctors. I’ve suffered from endometriosis for years , and it took 5 years to come to conclusion that I had it. No apologies. They kept sending me home with the message , this is part of being a woman. Well that’s total rubbish!

  4. aparently i have sat sex nep. who knew. in my case i had an intuition that i had breast cancer, but i had no symptoms. luckily my obgyn sent me for an ultrasound.
    ive had autoimmune issues my whole life-vitiligo, fatty liver, chronic low vitamin d. for which there is no official cause of cure. but i think ive found it-one night i was awoken by acid reflux from a pizza i ate, it make me think i might have grain allergy. A week later i saw a video connecting all my issues with a hidden grain allergy. I am currently grain free. and along with low dose naltrexone, i feel like im slowly getting back to normal.

  5. A friend of mine has had heart problems since birth and I’ve lost track of how many things she’s been diagnosed and un-diagnosed with, “you need a heart transplant” vs. “never mind, you don’t,” her heart acts up and they have no idea why and then it stops, repeat constantly, the best minds at Stanford can’t figure out even a little bit what’s wrong with her. It’s a mess.

  6. I have had problems with misdiagnosis from the time I was born…or doctor just couldn’t figure out what is wrong with me! Neptune Moon conjunct in 6th house of health. I have a cousin who has 6th house ruled by Pisces and has similar issues. You have to take matters into your own hands and do your own heavy research. Learning astrology health is important.

  7. Neptune in Sagittarius in 11th house – i have hashimotos and generally GPs will tell you your numbers are all looking good yet ignore the symptoms people who have it feel…auto immune is tricky as its just not visible and people suffer silently. I think we all need to take matters in our own hand…AIP diet helps

  8. That’s terrible Elsa about all your misdiagnosis’s! Crazy! Can you sue for mal practice? At least emotional distress?
    At first I thought, well that is kind of happening to me-I have a back pain and suddenly I am thrown into MRI machines, X-Ray and C-Scans. Suddenly I have spinal stenosis, and scoliosis? No one has ever told me that before, not even Chiropractors! Anyway started PT etc. No harm no fowl but lots of time taken up. Today I go for an Endoscopy- I hope to God they don’t f that up! They did say no lesions found in the Barrium X-Ray at least but maybe a “slight” hernia and another condition that I could see in the images.
    And it doesn’t help they found a friend of mine close to me as any sister, dead in her home, after not being heard from by several friends. I am distraught over that. No more phone calls, interesting talks with peels of laughter and wil miss her immensely! Thank God she seems to have gone peacefully!

      1. Sorry to hear that you too have had this experience and three times now! 😢 I remember this feeling when my dad passed in 2016-foggy, floating, crying unexpectedly. I just pray she is now at peace and the autopsy confirms natural causes, which they do suspect. I am just so glad we had a good conversation two weeks before and shared a movie. Have her vm’s too.

    1. Oh I’m so sorry for your loss!
      And I hope your health will improve. And that the endoscopy goes well.


      1. Thank you Dahlia! It’s been hard-at least there’s a small group of us getting more news out to scoter as we hear things and we can console each other. Thanks again.

        The good news is the procedure went without a hitch. Other tests needed but I already think I know what might be going on and it’s not too serious as they said (mis diagnosis!)

        1. AstroJazz I’m sending prayers to you. Dealing with loss and also health problems . I hope they figure it out and find a solution for you!!!
          O and thank you for the tip on the chasteberry . I’ll search it online.

  9. Yes, Saturn quincunx Neptune, part of 2 yods: misdiagnosed!

    I now have a doctor who hooks me up to a computer and out come the results. This is software which was developed for Russian astronauts. It’s costly but it saves me a whole lot of time.

  10. Hi Elsa, how do you suggest dealing with this? I know lots of people who have this and I do also. Doctors don’t listen. Is it better to put it in writing, say it really loud? I’m not sure what the answer is. I have Saturn in 12th sextile my Neptune and have this problem even witht he dentist. Mercury and my Virgo planets say I want to deal with it all efficiently and strategically but have not found a way to do it except to complain after the fact (often in writing to the administration).

  11. Saturn and Neptune conjunct AND Pisces Ascendant. I am allergic to many medications.There are basically no antibiotics I can use so I take gobs of vitamin C and zinc and keep my immune system boosted with rounds of astragalus.I use Traditional Chinese Medicine for my health and have a great acupuncturist.

    I have been misdiagnosed with heart problems where there are none. I have a primary doctor I HAVE to see once a year to keep my Medicare plan and she keeps pushing BP meds on me..because my BP goes UP when I am in her office! Modern medicine also has decided a BP of 130/80 is is not. ANd, At home my BP is lower! .I eat a mostly plant based diet ,use herbs, and was treated very poorly this year in her office over my health choices. Evidently I known nothing about my own health and fitness. I am firing her.

    I suffered AWFUL LIFE CHANGING migraines from age 9-20.. no one could help me. till I found chiropractic care and a nutritionist on my own.I was cured. I have to seek out odd,herbal, and unusual methods of healing. .Western medicine just does not work for me!

    I have never taken any of the drugs other people use: Never a valium or a xanax, never a percocet or a muscle relaxer..I just know these drugs would do me in!

    In high school , the 60’s were the height of drug culture and I KNEW i would not ever do drugs..I did not experiment.I was a writer a poet and an artist and. I LOVE my own head.. I was always scared to death that a drug would mess me up for life.

    Once we KNOW these sensitivities, we can design a life of health and fitness around what we know about ourselves, and seek out alternatives. I still get so much push back..I don’t share “advice” with anyone.You do you.

    But I wish every once in a while someone would pat me on the back for making it this far.. I am 70 and have avoided the cancers and health issues that my family suffered from, and I am very GRATEFUL. and humble about that.

    Educate yourself! Don’t let western medicine own you, or intimidate you especially if you have these planetary signatures!!! . Tradition Chinese medicine understands the body in completely different,authentic ways.. maybe give it a look! It will empower you to find that there are some different ways of promoting health.

    1. You are an inspiration. thank you for this post. It seems that all the conventional medicine doctors are like the ones you have now. More people are now going in the direction that you are by taking control of their diet and lifestyle.

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