The Gaslighting Algorithm

GASLIGHTING CONTROLA man put forth the idea the Twitter algorithm is gaslighting people by feeding them content that will trigger them.  He’s an engineer. He says you can call it “The Gaslighting Algorithm”.

His claim is completely believable. It may be true or it might not be true.  Saturn in Pisces strikes again!

If we’re used to being contained in a cluster (Twitter Clusters, Claustrophobia, Blinders), it makes sense we might feel assaulted when other other content seeps into their time line. I’m not saying this is what’s happening. But I’m thinking of it because it’s also claimed that people are not interested in the truth. They only want to be reassured, they’re right.

I think that truth bit is the case for the majority of the people, though I did not say the vast majority!  We may be 51/49 percent in this regard but I do think it’s valid and I don’t think I’m alone in this, considering how many of us have learned to hold our tongue.

I’m putting this out here because it’s a good example of what we’re dealing with right now. Reality obscured.

And a gaslighter can point away from themselves at anything or anyone. In fact, this is standard behavior  in that world. It’s become ridiculously common.

This is no remark on the tweeter.  He just triggering my thinking, when the algorithm unironically sent him my way.

What do you think? Do you prefer not to be shown things you may object to?

10 thoughts on “The Gaslighting Algorithm”

  1. I admit to limiting my intake of contrariness
    My take on it is; my Capricorn Moon needs to hold up in her cave (like a mother bear) to find my own inner bearings)
    I do very little internet (You’re mostly it!) and find most of my contrary opinions come from my husband who has many strong and different angles and strong affinity for numbers as truth…narrative is oversold in his world. This argument turns me upside down Cave and boundary setting for me helps Its important to weigh the yin and yang Saturn rules my chart. An old woman with strong Saturn and a good cave and Uranus sextile that Saturn makes life at this end of things rich!

  2. I tend to like to spar. I learn new things, meet new people and it helps me hone my ideas. I also just like to keep my finger on various pulses. I’m a curious person!

    I’m always aware how a person’s friends tend to agree with them; or even say they agree with them, just to keep the peace. This is potentially damaging as your inner circle, reliably sides with you, providing you with the illusion, you are in fact, right all the time.

    Over time this kind of thing can cause people to leave their marriages, or whatever, when the other point of view is erradicated.

    What I don’t understand, is why other views are so intolerable. I have theories! Maybe I should to try to figure this out.

    1. I agree but sometimes contrariness can become tiring over time, (whether from media, social media or people), then you just end up not wanting to share your thoughts. I know someone who says I’m not being a friend when I disagree with so I’ve learned to listen to more to them to understand rather than forcing the “to be understood” with my agenda. In general though I like a good spar myself once in awhile. Just not all the time.

      I am not a big social media person except on here and a bit on YT. Anymore is too much no matter if contrary or not. I don’t like being baited with click bait so I try really hard to ignore it.

  3. It’s a lot easier to feel one way or the other. Containing conflicting feelings can be stressful on the body over time. I think the tendency to avoid seeing the other side could come from a need for self-preservation.

      1. Thanks, Moki. I used to feel a lot of shame over “self-sabotage” and self undoing behaviors (12h mars), until I realized that it was actually a form of self preservation. It’s become much easier to address my unhealthy behaviors now without carrying the guilt, and having a new perspective on my own humanity.

  4. I’m not much for Twitter, but I am not surprised if the algorithm tries to trigger people. I do spend a fair amount of time on YouTube, and have felt like the algorithm there tries to trigger me, moreso late at night. That tells me it’s time to go to sleep. Lol

    I feel like we used to be able to disagree online. Now, it seems there’s a certain way of thinking that’s “right”, and the gatekeepers will shut down anyone who tries to discuss anything. It’s like every website is a cult. No great for anyone like me who wants to know why and what if…

  5. I used to really like twitter, but I don’t go there any more. Elon has an axe to grind, and there are other social media websites that I go to now. Nothing dramatic. I still have my account. I just don’t open it very often. I started to feel better when I quit – that and Youtube. I told myself I would take two weeks off six weeks ago, and I felt so much better emotionally, I just stuck with it.

  6. Google has been using it for years. They discovered that outrage keeps people engaged the most. They suss out your particular trigger and just keep feeding it.

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