How To Interpret Unaspected Planets And Empty Houses

air-signs“As the builders say, the larger stones do not lie well without the lesser.”

I used to say I don’t have any air in my chart. That’s not strictly true as I have an air sign on an angle and my third and 11th house cusps are in air signs. More specifically, I don’t have any planets in air signs. I do have planets in air houses. So I can’t really say I have “no air.”

The impact of empty houses is similar. While a person may not have any planets in a house, the energy of the sign on the house cusp, and its ruler, still have an impact on the individual and how they experience that house’s matters.

Truly unaspected planets are rare. A planet is considered unaspected if no “major” aspects are made to another planet. However, there are minor aspects to consider as well as aspects to angles and asteroids. I have yet to see a planetary placement that doesn’t interact in some way with something in the chart.

Everything in the chart relates in some small way, even if it only relates by fact of being IN the chart. Think of each planet as a person. All the planets in your chart are people, stuck in a locked room together. Their placements and aspects reflect how they interact in the room and in the task of getting out of the room. Even the ones that don’t seem to be participating or are actively or passively creating slowdowns in the process are participating in the overall task, just by virtue of being present in the room, in the chart. It’s not whether or not they are contributing but the quality of their contribution.

Do you have questionably effective placements, ones that throw a stick in the spokes of “getting out of the room”?

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  1. What a fantastic explanation.

    And will have me thinking for a while. Also have the 3rd and 11th in air. And Descendant…

    I know I say this a LOT. But, man, there are SO many DETAILS.

  2. I have planets in Earth houses – Neptune in the 2nd, Sun and Mercury in the 6th. Jupiter, too, if you use Equal House. I lack planets in Earth signs, though. I like the way that works – that there’s some sort of support there, for the missing element. 🙂

    Questionably effective placements? I’m not sure. They can be effective, if I’m in the right mood. Mars in Pisces isn’t so effective in some ways, but is perfect for certain situations. Moon/Venus in Gemini is supposed to give more of a chance of detachment, but square that Mars – I’m either bouncing back and forth, too soft and teary/passive, or too detached/potentially insensitive. Talkative, too. Those Saturn squares can produce good results, or can be too heavy.

    Mars in Pisces: I’ve been supposed to exercise all day, but keep going for something to eat, or “just have to do this first”. I’ve had two mugs of tea, watched the vampire diaries, and part of an x-men movie, read a little bit, and haven’t done any of the cleaning that I still have to do. Now I’m feeling frustrated by my not just eating that frog, and getting the more distasteful things out of the way first (same thing has happened re: solving problems).

    1. Never apoloigize for communicating dear… I have similiar placements Venus Gem Mars Pisces Saturn Scorp Taurus moon !!! I like to ocmmunicate just journal it could be worth something sorry 6 yrs since just loooked up Elsas blog on empty houses..

  3. I don’t understand this, I have one minor aspect to my Venus. My second house ruled by Taurus is empty.
    Math is not my strong suit, I see it this way
    f(x)=y if and only if g(y)=x

  4. Great food for thought! This is something I’m gonna really have to spend time thinking about. Most of my planets are sort of clustered and seem to all hit on each other…

    So, that means I’ve got a bunch of empty houses/signs. I admit, I overlook them for that reason, but after reading this- they just may deserve a second look.

    1. ‘They all hit on each other.’ I like that. 🙂 Me too. I’m all wound up. My empty houses don’t like visitors.

  5. I also lack Earth planets although I have planets in my 6th house. I don’t have too much problem with taking care of my body but I can overindulge at times.
    However I do have some major issues with most things that represented by the 2nd house. Got Chiron in Taurus also so it’s something I got to work on..

  6. eh..all my planets are heavily aspected. But, just now noticing that I have completely intercepted houses..and that is confusing. I do have empty houses, and I always check the house ruler and that usually does the trick. Excellent stuff this morning 🙂

  7. This is my chart as of today the 13th of June 2011 with all the transits and fixed starts and all that as you can see in the first house I have Aquarius on the Assendent and Pisces completely absorbed into the first house with no planets or even any stars in that house either sign on the other hand I also have Virgo completely absorbed into my 7th house which is shared by Leo and Libra. It is full of stars and has some major planetary players in it as well as my natal Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in Leo in fact they sit on top one another.

  8. So do empty houses only apply to personal(moon, mars etc) planets? Or, can you consider outer planets and asteroids also?

    Example, I don’t have any personal planets in the 10th house. But I do have Chiron in the 10th house. So does that count?

  9. My daughter has an unaspected Scorpio Sun in the 11th. It makes a semi sextile, quincunx, sesquiquadrate, and semi square to NN, SN, MC, and Uranus (respectively). That’s it.

    I personally feel that this is because I was forced to have a C-section on a certain day/time. I had picked a completely different day for her birth, but was over ruled by the powers that be.

  10. ‘ All the planets in your chart are people, stuck in a locked room together. Their placements and aspects reflect how they interact in the room and in the task of getting out of the room. ‘

    Why is getting out of the room a task? I mean – why leave the room?

    I have an unaspected Mercury in Scorpio (third house) – and this, I believe, has been the source of many problems in my life. And, also, I think, the reason I often ask strange questions.

    Anyone else here with an unaspected Mercury?

  11. All of my planets are aspected, but I have many empty houses: 2, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12. I’m including Chiron (in my 7). My tenth house has my NN, though. But all the houses play a part and the signs on the cusps influence them, absolutely!

  12. My 7th house Aries is empty. Its Lord Mars is in Leo aspected by Jupiter. Though I didn’t have any issue with my wives, they due their own thought process and interest have left me inspite of my best efforts to retain them. My second wife married me twice and divorced me twice due to her own interests and thought process.

    In my chart:
    Jupiter(Self efforts) aspect Mars(Partner) let to multiple marriages. All marriages increased my self efforts and cash flow….

  13. My Venus in Sagittarius in the 11th has no aspects. 🙂
    But I really can feel that Venus kicking in sometimes…

    1. Exactly Mist, you can really feel that Venus kicking in! I believe unaspected planets are not given the credit they deserve. They are not ‘anchored’ by any other major planetary body…so essentially they are ‘free’ – which of course means free to express ALL and EVERY element of that planet, unhindered by any other planet.
      I think that’s powerful.
      You should watch venus transits carefully mist 🙂 All that love needs expression!! Tap the deep mine of Venus! 🙂

  14. Hi?
    I have an unaspected saturn – I am a dreamer kind of not structured person – Can you tell me what does that mean?

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