Leo Mars Makes a Scene

I mentioned my Leo Mars recently, as it came out in my reaction to a certain Virgo Mars. Anyway, it got me thinking, with all this Leo energy in my chart (I also have Leo rising) I might be a little…


Albert reminds me of this almost everyday. He says nothing. He just has this look. I will be carrying on over something and as I turn to survey my audience, I see his eyes are slightly widened, the corners of his lips are fighting not to pull back. His efforts not to laugh are making his face look like a butt trying not to fart.

Perfect. I love it. Albert has a restrained Capricorn Mars that is working overtime to keep it together, but he can barely contain his Sagittarian glee which eats up my Leo energy with a spoon and spills out of every pore.

“All is lost!” he exclaims in reference to the time I slightly burned dinner and threw myself on the sofa wailing “All is lost! All is lost!”


One time, at his parents he was making a frozen pizza and wanted to know if anyone else wanted any. Did he need to make 2 pizzas? He held up the boxes and said “two pizzas?”

It triggered [Shakespeare Mode.] I said “Two pizzas or not two pizzas, that is the question.”

Mild amusement around the room, a smattering of polite laughter triggered [Continue Shakespeare Mode.] I worked that lazy-boy recliner as my stage as I preformed the rest of the soliloquy interjecting pizza related words wherever I could. “…to take arms against a sea of cheese…” Stuff like that.

Everyone just sat there like “wut?”

Albert said “So two pizzas then?”

As he unwrapped the pizzas and put them in the oven, he shouted “I can’t believe you know that, but you can’t remember the quadratic formula.”

“Your Virgo moon is showing.” I replied.


Are you Dramatic!?

20 thoughts on “Leo Mars Makes a Scene”

  1. Ha–no. Hyperbolic, yes. Dramatic, no (yes I really do think there is a difference). My guy has a stellium in Leo–my Saturn is the same degree as his Leo Sun. Obviously we hooked up because of this.

    Quitting smoking has turned up the drama. I love it. I love him. I love Leo!

  2. I wish you guys could have seen the drama this morning. It was classic Leo, throw in the Mars in Cancer.

    “Oh my gad I have to go, I have to go. I’m so late I have to go!!!” Tossing clothes aside and knocking shit over and hand wringing. It was almost 10 minutes of “I really have to go.” Okay Mars in Cancer, GO! LOL. I have Mars in Aries trine Saturn in Leo.

  3. The worst (getting embroiled in the drama) is that I experience a lot of fear (Saturn) with it. I mean, he had me convinced he was going to die/get fired within the hour. Then he called “oh, you, I love you so much, we are good! I’m tooooooootally fine.” Maybe it’s irrational but I got scared.

  4. Ha! I have the same house and position. You know how to make a Leo mars sad? Tell them not to be dramatic, and never laugh at their antics.

    “All is lost!” Heh.

  5. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a Leo mars. I tend to either ” but, alas!” or ” rejoice therefore.”

    ” But, alas” is useful. I was going to go to Burger King at eleven thirty PM, but alas. I should have worked out today, but alas. I planned to stop after that last glass of champagne….but, alas.

  6. I don’t think I’m dramatic… Cap moon kinda holds that at bay I suspect. Although, I have a 5th house Jupiter and a lot of aspects to my Leo pluto and Leo Uranus… but they include aspects to Neptune… so maybe I am dramatic and just don’t know it lol
    One of my closest friends has Leo Venus, Mercury and Mars… she bursts into song at every opportunity. Just say something minor and she will find a song to go with what you said. Very entertaining ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. The only thing I would suggest is try laughing at it and turning it into positive drama. Like when he does that, you throw your head back and scream “The Horror! The Horror!”

    Please note I have no experience with dramatic children other than myself, I have no idea if thats actually a good idea or if it will cause things to spiral out of control.

    Try at your own risk.

  8. My 3yo is definitely showing his Leo rising these days.. sheesh. His brother will be bothering him (as usual)and he’ll just throw a WAY out of proportion scream fit.. plus he’s a Taurus.. so it’s DOUBLE LOUD screaming fit.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    The other day… his bro was mildly messing with him.. the 3yo.. he looks at me, he says.. “Im going to cry now!” and sure enough.. he throws back his head.. (super dramatic) and WAILS!!! like someone killed our cat. Yeeks… lol.. any advice on toning down the drama?

  9. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would do this to my Leo kid — I would sit right down on the floor and start to cry too, really loudly — not in a mocking manner, more as in, well if we’re all doing it, I’ll play! Wahhhhh…it’s so sad! Its so bad! What can we do? I’d get giggles in no time.

  10. Mars in Leo here — can totally relate to the OTT aspect of life. I recommend wearing scarves for added flair/swish/drama when entering or exiting a room (Aries sun) — 7th house Mars in Leo — I like my men FEISTY — and my favorite ones have had — yes, you guessed it — Mars in LEO. Hahaha! Fun posting, Nota!

  11. This Exact 7H Venus Mars Leo Conjunction is a fan of herself!! Yes sir! I love saying, you know when a person with Mars Leo, enters the room. Dennis Rodman!! Frank Sinatra! Talk about making a dramatic entrance, with a mane of hair, Amy Winehouse!! I worship mine! I always swag!! Leo energy loves to shine, and get LOUD! If I feel some type of way, everyone knows it!! Im not just extra, Iโ€™m legit a romance god!! My 7H Venus Mars Leo Conjunction, loves being Inlove. I love falling in love, and Iโ€™m legit addicted to heartbreak!! Im good with it tho, cause I could never do anything boring and basic. Not even if I pretended to try. You know when Mars Leo enters the room. Joe Exotic & Carol Baskin BOTH have Mars in Leo.

    Guess thatโ€™s why they went to WAR over CATS, right?! ??????

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