Venus In Scorpio; Venus Conjunct Pluto – Attraction To Taboo

Luncheon on the grass“If you pursue this, it will end badly. You can avoid it if you like. If you don’t avoid it; that’s a choice. You’ll have no reason to complain when dominoes fall in a way you don’t like.”

I wrote that for a client with Venus conjunct Pluto.  She was considering embarking on a relationship that would be considered taboo by most anyone’s standards, including her own.

I wouldn’t assume she’ll resist the pull. I’ve got a lot of planets in the 8th house and I know what it’s like to stand next to a vortex.

Have you ever faced a choice like this? What did you do?

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  1. I did and I rolled with it (packed 8th house, with Scorpio-Sagittarius within). It happened to be an affair with a Scorpio female who was older than me (I have my Scorpio Venus trine Saturn). It went without any repercussion, but my… intimate experience with her happened to become the best I have ever had.

  2. Also had something like this. A taboo relationship. I’ve venus in scorpio conjunct pluto. When I was 13, I had a relationship with a teacher, who was 25. It lasted for about 3 years. Very passionate at first. Close to the end, he beated me heavily on one occasion. Some time after, I manage to have the courage to brake up with him. He refused to accept it, though: he would come to my house, begging for us to get together again. After a while, he started texting me saying that he would kill himself… But it felt like blackmail to me… Then on one day, I received a phone call of a friend of his saying that he had drank some herbicide. He died two days after…

    I thought it couldn’t get any darker, but… When I was 24 my mother went to a psychic, she was concerned about me so she asked her how I was, the psychic connected with me and realized that a spirit was trapped within me, kind of like a roomy, living inside my physical body. She managed to guide him out, not easy though, in the end, she was pretty exhausted, and both her hands were in her own throat, which she felt burning… I didn’t realize, but during those 8 years, I picked up some of his habits, and would often grab my throat with both hands, like I was choking, or something, without understanding why I was doing it, I would also avoid the sunlight, deeply depressed,. couldn’t stand being alive….

    Today, relationships? No, thanks.

  3. Hi, Pluto is conjunct my natal Venus as I write this message. The whole year has been about “which are my true values/ what do I value the most? The deepest?” This was the theme since 2020. My natal venus is at 24 degrees 24 minutes Capricorn. I felt like Proserpina, taken to the depths of earth, facing my fears, estranged from everything familiar… it felt lonely but at the same time Magnetic, like there was purpose in hell… I am still not over the transit, of course, but I start to feel a little bit of relief, like someone who finally will be released from jail or a mental institution ?… I hope this was useful to somebody, it did not trigger any taboos for me, or fatal attraction, it was more about deeply considering my values and my worth .

    1. My P Venus is approaching my N Pluto in less than 1/2 a degree in the 12th house. Venus rules my N 7th and 12th and is in my 10th. So what has happened to me recently? I should also add that Tr NN was on my 8th cusp not too long ago.

      My finances have improved considerably; I thought I owed the tax department 8 times more than what I actually do. So you can imagine my relief.

      My relationships with others are changing. I’m not afraid to be unliked (I have a lot of Cancer and Leo, Moon Venus conjunction) by others. I’ve embraced by loner status (Uranus on AC) and maybe it’s not so bad after all. ?

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