Marked Safe From Politics!

libra balanceWith the election heating up, things are bound to get ugly. I banned politics in the forum some years ago.

I am going to do the same thing on the blog, for this reason: Libra Struggles In Strife-Filled Environment.

See? It’s nothing new. I work here and I really can’t stand seeing people rip each other to shreds. It literally tears at my soul.

This blog will be a sanctuary from politics this season. I have noted this rule on on the sidebar.

Thanks for understanding!

14 thoughts on “Marked Safe From Politics!”

  1. Thank you soooo much, Elsa! I think the space is good for processing or discussing our individual, astrological matters but there’s literally millions of other online sites where people can vent about politics.

    I tell ya, X is like a toxic waste site. I get an awful feeling looking at it even though my purpose is mostly for news on my profession and some hobbies. I feel like I need a HAZMAT suit to look at it!

  2. Yeah,personally I believe whoever is or isn’t well wake the next day like we always do, news people will need adjustments but the rest will
    Roll like a tennis ball,10 S N E 1 ?

  3. I should probably avoid this place then. Since I tend to work politics into my understanding of astrology. I tend to think that the outer planets are overtly political. The Trump and Brexit stuff i have traced back to precise transits of Uranus, so when they both started moving was when Uranus moved into Aries in 2012. Also, the economic crisis we are under seems to me to be Pluto linked. Obviously following on from Plutos movement into Capricorn within a month of the 2008 crash.

    To unhook these planets from their manifestations on the global plain doesn’t seem right to me, in fact in my specific reading it would be dishonest. If someone of Trumps leaning does something that upsets someone then I look to Uranus. Potentially. I would at least consider Uranus on the way to possibly eliminating it. Generally I have found, Uranus’ expression, when the manifestation of politics is switched off it starts to work on the same emotions, bringing up the same refusal to confront, but through a different avenue.

    I used to dread the Sun going over Chiron every year because it would all become Russia, Russia, Russia in the media for about three days and I always found that kind of boring.

    Are you going to stick with this even if something crazy happens around April 8th kind of time? When a title like “Eclipse causes economic crash” brings in loads of views? Jupiter and Uranus conjunction manifestation I imagine will be fairly political.

    I started writing on the next post since my dream interpretation has discussed that in some depth and I think it is a really interesting area. But the energy won’t flow probably because of this limitation. I have a sesqui square from my Saturn to my Mercury. Sesqui squares (I have seven of them) I have found are aspects that if the two planets in question are linked it creates additional energy that is useless and that leads to paranoia, rather like the additional angle from the square. So for me, on some level I put something in my chart to make sure I didn’t ever discipline what I talk about and what my message is.

    Good luck though! I hope the tone of this sounds like it is what it is. Utterly impersonal. Moon within 30 minutes of Uranus natally.

    1. Ah, quick clarification. I used to dread Sun going over Chiron when Chiron was in Pisces. When Chiron went into Aries almost to the day Russia came out with a massive weapons fair and the mainstream media shut up. So it doesn’t happen at least directly anymore. Maybe it will have something to do with April 8th though.

      See, that’s just how I think so I can’t post here.

  4. Economic crash is not politics as we all have to deal with it. You know what I am trying to avoid here.

    As for you avoiding this site, you have done so, intermittently for many years. What else is new!

    1. Well, I came on here between 2017 – 2020, (partly when my medical condition was uncontrolled causing excess anxiety) I think, and came back just recently. So technically I have intermittently come back not intermittently left.

      That was quite a hostile response it seems to me. I do wish you the best though. My spiritual study (the law of one) is very specific on that. Obviously when challenged like that, when a bluff is called of sorts. Of course I will not return that is crazy talk.

      I might check on you though if something crazy happens to see if you actually do stay away from politics though. I expect something BIG to happen.

      1. It was not meant to be hostile. It’s just reality. It’s part of your character or personality, to come and go, which is fine with me. I have Uranus in the 7th.

  5. I can’t stand politics and avoid Twitter. As for being up for a fight, I’ll defend myself or someone wronged, but I fight fair. I have a Libra stellium after all.

  6. I have admitted this is my own sensitivity.

    Thing is, I have to work here and I can’t thrive in a strife-filled environment. Since there are plenty of venues to fight in, I figure this can be place to escape it!

    I want to add, this goes back to my bartending day. From the time I was a teenager, my bar was a place where people could talk about life and share their pains and joys and jokes and stories. But you could not come in and start taking shots at other patrons, or making threats and such. You would get 86’ed for that.

    I don’t want to be throwing people out, either. So I feel this is best. It’s literraly not realistic to think people can discuss politics in 2024, without pain. Further, I have not seen ONE person’s mind change in the last 20 years!

  7. Elsa, your site and your rules. Your site is a wonderful anxiety free destination, free from political poo! ❤️

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