The Nadir, Imum Coeli, IC

nadir midheaven zodiac Vintage cigarette card“Home, home is where you wear your hat. I feel so break up I want to go home.”
–Lord John Whorfin, Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

The Imum Coeli, IC, is the angle opposite the midheaven. Where the midheaven represents, among other things, the career, the IC is the home. It is ruled by the moon and resonates to our our security base and our feelings. The sign on the IC, and that sign’s ruler, its sign, placement and aspects, describe our inner selves and our baseline of security. Our moon is the feeling body that goes prancing about in the world from time to time. The moon can be in any house but the IC is at the base of the chart. Our IC is is more fully internal. It is also interesting to see how the moon placement relates to the IC.

Where is your IC and its ruler? Do you feel it describes your home base?

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  1. IC in Pisces, Moon in Aries in the fourth house. My home is probably THE most important thing to me… I can’t function properly if I don’t have a steady home base- I get totally scattered & depressed. It almost takes a bomb to get me out of the house as well. One of the best things in life is hanging out at home on my own with my dogs! Love it, Love it, LOVE IT =)

  2. IC in Libra, Venus in the 9th house in Aries. I have Scorpio in the 4th house – occulted with Neptune there. I have never felt like i have had a home. I was always the peacemaker in my parents house – and I used to like to disappear into the wood work.

    The full moon in three weeks is conjunct the IC – what does this mean? 28degrees Libra – thanks!


  3. IC in Taurus, its ruler (Venus) in the 5th.

    I feel very blessed in this area, I couldn’t ask for a better home life. 🙂

  4. Now we’ve got a theme going 😉 My IC is in Taurus with Chiron conjunct (had a difficult childhood in some ways but not the worst). I definitely associate home and family with good food! I feel incomplete when my refrigerator is not stocked.

    Ruler venus is in Virgo conjunct my sun and NN in the 8th house, getting along fairly well with other planets.

  5. IC in Libra with Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th and squared by my venus in aquarius in the 7th.

    I was born out of wedlock a la Da Vinci, so there might have been some underlying power struggles between my parents, and things they still haven’t told me.

    There are many things I love about my home base and upbringing, but sometimes it is scarily profound.

  6. I just commented on your MC post, why not do IC too 😀 Mines in Cancer,conjunct my NN .My Moon is Taurus in the 1st or 2cd house depending on house system used.

    I personally feel the influence of both houses,but it’s in Taurus and if in the second house,it’s still the same kind of energy so it’s hard for me to differentiate.

    Anyway the Moons only aspect is an opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio,it has a minor aspect to the Sun I guess but it’s not heavily aspected.It’s my handle planet too ,for my chart shape 😛

    I feel a very Lunar influence and it’s very Taurean in nature with notes of Cancer mixed in.My Momma’s a Cancer so it’s natural for the way I was raised to figure into how I like my home to feel.I like soft and plushy,warm,pretty ,not terribly rigid,mis-match but cohesive looking ^^ I try anyway:) I also have great respect for more modern designs but I personally would choose a big La-Z-Boy over a sculptured polycarbonate chair.

    I read in a Moon sign book ( the author escapes me at the moment ) where she describes my Moons nature as “Happiness is a warm puppy.” and that is completely true for me,even in a literal sense lol

    My home is my home base and it’s very important to me.The financial security to keep it in order to pay rent and other house expenses is vitally important for me to feel secure.I don’t think I’ll ever feel completely secure until I have my own house and the mortgage has been paid in full .I also don’t fancy moving very much either.I get all frazzled 😛

  7. IC Scorpio – LOL – something fitting about that! conjunct neptune. As for rulership, Scorpio is ruled by either Mars or Pluto. In my chart, guess it doesn’t matter since I have a Mars/Pluto conjunction in the 1st house.

    Yes homelife growing up was confusing and foggy. Lots of strange and unusual events happened which are obscured by the mists of time. Very Neptunian.

  8. My IC is cancer. My dad, who i didn’t see much of between the ages of
    9- 20, always felt like home to me. We both share aquarian moons. He always felt like a mother to me too. So much LOVE!!! 🙂

  9. IC in Scorpio. I love my privacy a lot! Ruler pluto, is in the 4th so yeah, double the privacy and I feel comfortable. Don’t probe me bro.

  10. Virgo on the IC, Mercury in the 4th in Libra. I don’t feel very Virgo about my homelife at all. It can get messy. I used to move on an average of once a year. Maybe that has do with the Venus/Uranus/Pluto conjunction sitting on my IC. Now that I’ve been in the same house for 10 years (except for a two-year move out), I find myself restless with it.

  11. IC in Sag 3rd house, Jupiter cj Uranus 10th square Neptune and opposite Chiron. Moved probably 100 times in my life. My Chiron’s hurting and I want a home but will my dream ever come true? Neptune and Saturn 2nd.

  12. IC is Aries (dun dun dunhhhh)
    ruler of IC is in 12h/asc in sadge.
    chart ruler saturn is in the 4th h

    cancer rules 7h

    moon is in gemini 6h

    I grew up working in family business – restaurant, around a lot of old men.

  13. You’re like Jerry Lewis, you give me hope to carry on, then you leave me in the lurch while you strap on your six-guns…

  14. oh..there is no place like home…

    IC in Aries, Mars in Pisces/H3
    Moon cj Jupiter cj IC (opp Pluto cj MC)

    I’ve found it just now (after a long nomad life) with the Pluto transit sq to my natal moon …(and simultaneously my MC direction).

    I’m going to be working from home now, self-employed (would that be Aries?). In the future I’d like to have a guest house (a mix of the Aries and Jupiter maybe?) with a sprititual tone to it, don’t know yet how or what…

  15. Mine is in Gemini. With Merc in Scorp in the 9th. Moon in Pisces in the 1st. I guess that means my home base is mutable? That it changes a lot..well, sort of. I’ve moved several times, but my “home” base as far as mentally the ground I stand on is ever changing. I’ll have to think about

  16. My IC is in Leo. My Moon is in the fourth house.
    I love being in the house. I have a lot of family antiques that I love.

  17. My IC is in Sagittarius with Saturn conjunct and opposing Chiron and squaring all the stuff in my 7th. Moved back home after college and got stuck, it’s spring break and everyone is home all the time I want to rip my hair out lol. What a drag.

  18. My IC is in Aquarius with Jupiter conjunct. Its ruler, Uranus is in the 10th house opposing it. This is such a cool combo, I think.

    It’s played out in a couple of ways. I’ve moved a ton, and many of those moves have been BIG and happened quickly. I thrive on the adventure of moving, and am itching to do so again!

    Another way I think it’s played out is that I’ve been working from home for years, although it doesn’t really matter to me ‘where’ that home is.

    My Moon is in the 1st, so I think it feels comfortable no matter where ‘I’ am at.

  19. Mine is in Scorpio, along with Mars, Venus and Neptune. I just mentioned yesterday how much I like Scorpio moons. 🙂

    In addition to the Mars already in Scorpio, Pluto’s in the first, hard aspect to moon in the 10th. Plenty of aspects fired up with these bad boys. Public versus private life and what others consider acceptable versus repulsive of who I am is a long term theme for me.

  20. My IC is Taurus and my Sagittarian Venus is in the 10th house and conjunct Neptune. I have no planets in Taurus, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Taurus-heavy folks.

    There is always, ALWAYS food in my house. My home has a lot of unfinished DIY projects, found furniture from the curb, and artwork from friends and thrift stores. It’s comfortable, cavelike, and not at all sterile (very much like my personality!)

  21. IC in Gemini (so not strange that I have moved home about 11 times in my life, until now…), my home is very important to me and I like to change things (furniture, paint the walls. Moon is in Taurus (3rd house) so… I’m a good cook and lots of people come to my house for dinner and drinks! I don’t know if it has to do with Gemini-IC but my only problem is I always have and had noisy neighbours. I hate that.

  22. IC in Aquarius MC in Leo. My early home life was quirky with lots of moves. My parents are very unique and never dull …Dad has the Aquarian moon with Sadge Sun btw. My moon is in my tenth house in Virgo as is my Uranus. As for my homelife, lots of moves and I love stimulation. Professionally, my career is a highly Uranian-Leo career based in technology sales…I like these placements.

  23. IC in Leo, 3rd house, devoid of planetary graces
    MC in Aqua, 9th house, also devoid of planetary graces

    Ruler of IC? First house, with a Mercury (12H waving) Asc Saturn Sun stack-up.

    Ruler of MC? Saturn is in 1H as mentioned, Uranus is in 5H which is . . . yep. Leo!

    Ruler of MC also trine said MC, so

    I am a VERY FREAKING SHINY (weird) shiny chicken. I can be happy anywhere, because I will always shine through. Sadge moon will roll with that.

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    Blessed Place

    IC in Sagittarius. My home is my refuge and is very important to me – but I’ve had to move many times, not from my own choice. Every time I think I’ve made it something has pulled the rug from under me feet – pretty literally. I think I’m finally there… and I’ve become a bit of a recluse and almost never have people round any more!

    I’ve lived in four different countries, in the UK and mainland Europe, which is quite |Sag

    1. Hi – My IC is 25 Sag and we have a full moon coming up in June right on that degree!!! My home is important to me and I also consider that point in my chart a representation of a home somewhere out in the sky at the center of the galaxy – considered to be around 26 Sag. Cheers.

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    Blessed Place

    PS My IC has an opposition to my North Node, which prob explains all the upheaval, and it’s in H3 (so conjunct my SN). No adjacent planets

  26. IC in Aquarius, Uranus conjunct Sag Jupiter in 1st house and square 10th house Sun. Moon in 9th house Leo, conjunct Mars (ruler of my Scorpio rising).

    These are enough aspects to show one of the biggest themes of my chart: soul exploration, curious about everything, rebellious need to individuate but also find the deeper meaning/truths, live by and hone my principles. I’d be content to have a home in the country where I can read books all day and write and contemplate. My dad was an avid reader, very much into a life of learning (and eccentric!) But so far my life has led me to a corporate job in the big city (10th House Sun).

  27. IC is in Capricorn with a conjunct Uranus/Neptune/Saturn stellium. Home is my la-la-lazy-land, but it’s sporadic and I don’t have a lot of stuff. I consider myself a professional couch surfer and when people used to ask what my address was, I’d give them my license plate and car model. Moon is in Pisces/6th.

  28. IC in Cancer. Moon in Cancer conjuncts this, therefore Midheaven in Capricorn opposes.

    My moon is my strongest sign – having sextiles with both Venus and Saturn. This aspect makes me a whole lot more grounded than other water moons.

  29. How strange… I just tried to comment and it looks like my comment was wiped out. Please excuse me if somehow I double post.

    Tropical IC Virgo
    Sidereal IC Leo

    Mercury in 6th house placidus
    Sun in 5th house
    Moon conjunct IC in 3rd house

    Sun quintile Moon
    Sun conjunct Mercury
    Mercury square Moon

    I moved frequently for no particular reason. I want my home to be a place where I can be myself/express myself and do what I want.

  30. I am so confused! My IC is in leo in the 4th house, but my moon is in cancer in the 3rd house. What does the moon have to do with the IC? I am trying to learn more about astrology so if someone could help explain this, that would be amazing!

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    Brittany Blakey

    My Pluto in Scorpio is directly on top of my IC conjunct my Libra South Node. My 4th house also has my moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. I definitely feel my internal world is very Scorpio. It is my baseline and then I have an emotional outlook on the world like a Sag Moon.

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