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burning house“From beneath you it devours.”
–Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m loving all the comments on the MC and IC posts. In particular Brex’s comment on a Gemini IC and having noisy neighbors made me think of some of my own experiences with a Scorpio IC. Having a Scorpio IC I tend to be rather private in my home. As a young person I found it never worked out to have roommates. I can live with family but not “outsiders.” Because of this I often lived in duplexes, the type that were split up houses, as they were more affordable. They were always up-down duplexes. Sometimes I lived up and sometimes I was under.

Pluto rules Scorpio and is associated with the underworld and the shadow. The times when I lived in the upper half of a house the neighbors on the lower half expressed the shadow. When I lived under I was the one pegged as “dirty.”

In my first single-living situation an ex-boyfriend moved into the unit below me. He listened to everything I said and would shout nasty retorts from below. I stopped singing along to my music as I could hear him laughing and mocking me. Eventually he broke into my apartment and tried to rape me. Because of this I was able to break my lease and move out.

My favorite living situation was one where I lived in the ground floor unit. A retired man lived upstairs. We didn’t interact often but when we did he would tell me how much I reminded him of his favorite porn star. He even brought me tapes so I could see. Oddly enough that didn’t bother me very much. It was pretty clear he was just a garden-variety, oddball creeper but not a threat. I actually felt fairly safe there. He thought I was the strange one. I loved living there and was sad when it burned to the ground a few months after I moved out.

Looking back I can see that I always felt safer when it was I who expressed the shadow (Pluto in the second, ownership). There was always Pluto depth oddity (my Pluto is conjunct Uranus) whenever I lived up/down. When I live in a stand-alone house, nothing, well, except for the murders next door. Yikes. Did I mention Pluto was transiting my 3rd and 4th houses during my young adulthood?

Do you have a living situation story that mirrors your IC placement?

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  1. IC opposing Uranus/11th–I lived happily in communal squats when I was younger, with punks and recent immigrants and weirdos.

    IC/Chiron/Mercury conjunct–I tend to get swallowed up by the pain of whoever I’m living with. It was only recently (last summer) I realized this about myself and so I kicked out my roommate and started therapy. I come home to an empty house and not someone else’s pain and it is helpful for me.

    I hope I overcome this and get to the bottom of it soon, though, because this way of life isn’t really sustainable, for me or for my partner.

  2. I have Cancer on the IC – with Sun in Cancer too so I have to make wherever I live “home” very quickly. I pride myself on making somewhere look like I’ve lived there forever after only a few days – plants, pictures, family photos (lots) and books. I’ve just moved house from somewhere I lived for 18 years, (try separating a Cancerian from anything they don’t want to leave!) back to my old home town, not far from my mother. I’m astonished that, having been away from this town effectively for 30 years, I feel at home again pretty much instantly even though the apartment is so different from where I was. I tend to fill my home with friends, usually female (Venus in Leo in the 4th) although it also acts as a very private bolt hole for me. I have to lock myself away sometimes with no company, to restore myself (Moon ruling the IC is in the 12th).

  3. My IC is in Leo in the 4th house conjunct Uranus. I had my daughter, her partner, their baby, my son and his girlfriend all living with me for a couple of years.
    My daughter has her IC in Scorpio in the 4th house conjunct Pluto… she complained constantly about the presence of her brother’s girlfriend, saying she never shuts up and it would be so much better if it was just her brother there.
    The girlfriend has her IC in Aquarius in the 3rd house lol.
    My son has his IC in Cancer in the 4th house (conjunct his sister’s Mars).
    I just realised my older son also has his IC in the 4th house. His is in Sadge though so he didn’t live with us as an adult πŸ˜€
    When my marriage went down the gurgler we had a family counselling session and the counsellor ended up in tears saying what a wonderful family we had… gotta love a 4th house family πŸ™‚

  4. My IC is Cancer so I need a place that’s kinda like my getaway or ‘shell’ when I feel insecure or scared. A place away from that noisy world right outside my shell.

    I also once knew someone with a Virgo IC and they thought of their workplace as ‘home’. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m not sure what orb you use. My Uranus/Pluto conjunction is within 9 degrees of my IC.

    I had the very next door neighbor on BOTH sides of my house commit suicide last year within a few months of each other.

    Freaked me out! Thank goodness they didn’t kill themselves at home. I cried over the woman she was so sweet. The man was elderly and terminally ill.

  6. My IC is Scorpio too, except that it’s conjunct Neptune from the 3rd house. I had a split-level condo, which helped keep privacy from my housemates who lived downstairs except for the kitchen. But my favorite housemate was a Pisces who infiltrated all her stuff in with mine (should bother me as a Virgo, but oddly not at all) and used to hang out and drink wine with me *way* too often! I’m sure it was the Neptune/IC influence there! With all my uptight Virgo/Scorp, I always find Pisces types a kick to be around. πŸ™‚

    1. I know this post is like relatively old, but I’ve stumbled across it for the second time in a year (ish) when I first started learning about the IC.

      I have Scorpio as my IC, as well as Mars, Venus, and Pluto in Sag in the fourth house. I haven’t had too many extreme experiences such as you, Les, but I’ve always experienced some kind of conflict with the people I’ve lived with. As a child I didn’t feel open with my family so I expressed more of that privacy piece. But as I’ve gotten older, I find that I’m often just wanting the home to be a place where I can actually feel open expressing my feelings and getting along with my roommates. I’m pretty easy to live with but I find it often lacking when I can’t or don’t form a good relationship with roomies.

      I’m a quadruple scorpio, having my sun, moon, mercury, and chiron all in the scorpio in the third house. So being open is pretty important to me – having that emotional safety. I’ve also moved eleven times in five years, and my family has been evicted five times in my life. so things always changing, having a chaotic living situation, and basically finding difficulty with the older women that I tend to live with.

  7. when saturn and uranus were squaring my IC & saturn in aries I lived in a really violent 1980’s crack neighborhood in detroit. automatic weapons allll night loooong. I had a big scary biker-looking friend (sweetest guy in the world) who would sit on the front porch with me so people would think I was his girl.

    I think t. neptune in the 1st helped protect me.

    ((tam)) – ugh.

  8. I don’t what to say, that my Libra Saturn opposes my Aries IC. My mother ran the house like we were in the Army, strangely enough my father was from the army and so was my Godfather. I hated it. I live my life like a fairy.

  9. I’m a Capricorn with a Scorpio ascendant, Moon and Neptune. My IC is Aquarius, squaring the Moon and Neptune. It’s also somewhat conjunct to Saturn at 1deg Pisces and somewhat opposing a conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. I’ve mainly lived in council houses, but once I owned a house of my own. Well, there was mold, thanks to shoddy plumbing, which cost me the house to repair. The building is currently owned by an extremely anal couple of low-grade psychopaths. The neighbors miss me. In council houses I’ve been threatened with a knife, I’ve had a fight with an unsuccessful fratricidal murderer who tried to strangle his girlfriend, I’ve defended my home with a sword against an outpatient gone psychotic, I’ve had a feud with a jailbird/psycho/paranoid couple, my friendly odd neighbor drank himself to death, my depressed neighbor took to denaturated spirits and one of his drinking buddies immolated himself upstairs. People are so afraid of this building they don’t want to live here in spite of the rental housing shortage. Out of eight apartments three are occupied and that means me, the pretty lady next door and the quiet guy upstairs. Teenage parties within a hundred yard radius WILL turn into riots or at least fistfights. Somehow, the forces of darkness rise against me on a regular basis, as if I were a threat to them. Well, I guess I am, since my Moon’s first aspect is Neptune, which should mean that peace is my first priority, come hell or high water. Indeed, I will bring peace unto the heathen. At gunpoint, if necessary. Yes, I believe the darkness is afraid of me, just like the murderer I knocked out of his socks. Oddly enough, my travel horoscope says about this town:”In this place you will become a white knight”. Yeah, practice makes perfect, but I’d really like some peace for a change.

    To most of the decent folks in the neighborhood I’m a local hero. To people pretending to be decent I’m a suspicious character, possibly a pervert or a closet drunk. Criminals fear me. Some people may think I’m a foreigner. Some foreigners think I may be a foreigner. One foreigner yells at me, but he yells at his wife too, so I guess he really loves me. The Iraqi couple doesn’t want me near their kids. The old Afghan lady may be in love with me, but is afraid to say it, because you just can’t be an Afghan woman in love with a Christian and live till sunrise. The very nice old lady artist is slowly losing her feet to some strange vascular dystrophy. The really nice lady with the huge Irish Wolfhound moved into a hut in the woods, where she’s happy and at peace. I’m happy for her. My daughter just dumped her schizoid boyfriend and I’m happy for her too. My head is aching and I know that means something terrible is going to happen to somebody two days from now. Maybe an earthquake somewhere.

  10. I still need to read your posts in the IC and MC. My IC is in Aquarius, and we moved a lot. We once lived in a group of flats that were built on top of a factory, we’ve lived with family, my house/mother was the one my cousins came to – and a couple of friends – when help or advice was needed. (Sadge mother, Libra Moon.) I’ve always felt that we were moving into homes, making them homes/decorating/making it inviting, only to move out and somewhere new – it’s like we’ve been making them homes for other people.

  11. Pisces IC. I am constantly trying to “keep it together” while stressing out that I am not. I desire to have a peaceful oasis but in my wanting that so badly and not really wanting to stay organized it makes for a more stressful environment. But there are whirlwind days I Virgo up and then get to enjoy the peace and beauty of my environment. Then I feel quilty because I am not doing enough. UGH! πŸ˜›

  12. Sag IC. Moved a lot. I like to rearrange my room. I’ve taken off and just… whoosh gone… a lot, when I was younger. Move cross country with a bag of stuff.
    Someone once told me that with Sag IC I prefer one big room and not lots of little ones. I don’t know if that’s true though…
    Really happy Pluto is leaving my 4th!
    Maybe this is partly why I’ve always had Sag female friends – or why they liked me, pursued me. So friendly and feel like home, eh?

  13. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    MP I’m sure it’s true of the big room fetish for Sag IC – I have the same thing, I have to have at least one big room and I get depressed if I don’t. My current living room is big with a 35 ft high ceiling which makes it feel even bigger, and my previous apartment had a small bedroom kitchen etc but a very big living room as well.

    It’s apparently also the case that we Sag ICs like big houses – I certainly do. I’ve always lived in the biggest house I could just about afford, and as a kid I always want to live in a big house when I grew up. The only time I’ve managed it was when working as a cook-houskeeper! And true to Sag IC, I’ve lived abroad, andf even in the UK I’ve several times moved somewhere ‘strange’ to me.

    My IC is in H3, and this apparently means you’ll leave the place you grew up and probably live in a very different way from your parents – def true of me.
    “We might be the one person in the family, for example, who has gone to university, or who lives in another country or culture, or who adopts a different religion or philosophy from the rest of the family.”

    Totally true on all counts!

  14. I have a Scorpio IC too – also conjunct Neptune in the 3rd, opposite Jupiter conjunct the MC.

    Good points about privacy. I’ve never been able to tolerate a roommate…and just like Les said above the only one that I somehow managed to enjoy being roommates with was a Pisces. I haven’t had a roommate since then – other then men who I was romantically involved with.

    I seem to need a lot of space and down time on my own.

  15. Satori, was it Marilyn Chambers?

    I am so lucky. I’ve had some of the quirkiest, fascinating, most lovable characters for neighbors. They liked me and I liked them.

  16. Libra on IC. Yes, yes lots of peace, and balance, and BEAUTY! I want my house to look like the pages of House Beautiful!

    But I have pluto in my third and always seem to combust with a neighbor over something. Probably because they were dissing my new curtains. = )

  17. Hi there. My Ic is in gemini. The most frustrating thing growing up was the fact that all of my friends moved at least once. i have stayed in the same house all my life, my dad has also grown up in the same house. The only time i moved was when i went to university, far far away. now im back home and all i want to do is bolt. i hat being in the same place for very long. and you can imagine the psychic remnants in the house which im constantly bombarded with (Pisces asc, pluto and moon in 8th)

  18. Hey Mahchi, funny we have a similar aspect. Besides Neptune on my IC (5 degrees from the IC from the 3rd), Jupiter is also there conjunct Neptune (so 7 degrees from the IC).

    Interestingly, I moved into my own apartment, alone, the day my progressed Sun was exactly conjunct my IC in Scorpio. I so needed that privacy!

  19. Now, what did I say about that earthquake? 7,1 Richter, east of Sendai. The bad thing is, this was not two days after my headache, which may mean there’s something cooking down there and this was just a warning before the real hit. We’ll see tomorrow.

  20. yes, he was in the house but he and his cats all got out without any problem. sorry I wasn’t specific!

    and Brizo, it was whoever played Emmanuelle. I’m not even sure it was just one person or who it was in the tapes he wanted me to see. I have neptune square the AC/DC.

  21. i have uranus on cusp of fourth and fifth, i’ve lived in some interesting set up’s as well. I love these stories of the places that meant “home” to us? who we meet there, what happened, the character of the residence?

  22. I have Sagittarius on the IC. I always remember Howard Sasportas writing ‘I imagine them living on a ranch…’. Have ended up adjacent to riding stables and 10 mins from the airport. 4th house saturn in capricorn keeps me quiet however..

  23. I have Pluto in the 4th. I have lived in haunted homes more than once. Our house was robbed several times when I was a kid. Who was always there to witness the crime? You got it. I also have Virgo on the IC. I haveto really hink about that one because I hadn’t experiecned that aspect that I knw of. I do feel at home with Virgoan women but that’s about it.

  24. Oh yes….and my childhood home burned down twice. and then was rebuilt. Very Pheonix like. Both times by my mother’s cooking…lol. She was banned from the kitchen after the second incident.

  25. Yes,I am a Scorpio IC.It sounds lethal,creepy and sorry and intense.we have our share of look around s among the room corners.we place every objects strategically.there is a great need to be emotional all the time.we can fight from the heart and we can remain silent for years.may be ages.two of my son’s too have Scorpio IC s and there is always a power struggle subconsciously.we need to scream and justify our stance.but there is more to it then death,regeneration,privacy and borderline madness.

  26. What an interesting story with the duplex thing. Besides Pluto, it reminds me of Persephone going above and into the underworld. I have a taurus ic. Relaxing, cooking, comfort within means. I have my curtains, my flowers and my blankets. Not a surprise that my favorite space of the house is the kitchen and the yard. I like serenity at home.

  27. I can’t even imagine to have to live with roommates. Family I can tolerate. On a side note, I’m a Capricorn moon/sun with a Leo rising like you! With a Scorpio IC!

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