The North And South Node In Astrology: Making Any Progress?

In western astrology the south node, it’s house and sign describes what you are inordinately good at expressing and manifesting in your life. In contrast the opposite point, the north node, it’s house and sign represents what you should incorporate to progress in this life.

Speaking of the soldier’s challenge of manifesting his seventh house north node in Libra, I also have my north node in the seventh house. This means with our south nodes in the first house, we are both very comfortable acting independently in spite of our desire for relationship.

I have Venus in the seventh house, which is definitely going to want to partner and the soldier has Libra (Venus) in the seventh which puts him in a similar situation.

We are currently trying to work this out and I don’t mind saying that while we may love each other very much it is a great strain and struggle. So what about you?

Where is your north node and are you having any luck manifesting it? Tell us.

32 thoughts on “The North And South Node In Astrology: Making Any Progress?”

  1. heh, I have North Node in Gemini in the 7th House(widely conjunct Uranus) and even though I spent most of my adult life practicing serial monogamy, it wasn’t until just before my 45th birthday I got married. It’s worked out very well but we do operate pretty independently too. With a Sagittarius South Node in the 1st fighting it out with Sun/Moon in Libra, it’s no wonder it took so long to commit! Libra longs to be in relationship and Sagittarius South Node wants to go live in some damn monastery . . . πŸ™‚

  2. My Libra North Node is in the 5th house and forms a T-square with Saturn in 7th, Moon in 1st. Aries independence does come naturally. I think I’m here to learn to unblock creativity and let down the drawbridge to a partner.

  3. My N.Node is in Leo in the 9th house. Apparently I should be traveling (poor me, haha). This would do some good, maybe I could let go of the “travel envy” I have towards my husband, lol. What is ironic is that I’m an Army brat and couldn’t wait to finnaly settle somewhere and never move or get on another damn airplane again! But now that I have settled somewhere (TX for 13 years…wow, that’s a long time for me considering I’ve lived in eight diff. states and one foreign country *and I’m only in my twenties*), I wish I could travel. I swore to myself and my husband and kids that after I graduate college and start my teaching career I am going to plan vacations for us every summer. I hope I stick to my word.
    Basically, I should work on being more adventurous, trusting of my intuition, taking more risks, and allowing myself to shine, and finding a spritual path to believe in, and pursuing higher education.
    SOme things are manifesting, like trusting my intuition (the idea freaks me out by the way, I’d rather be oblivious sometimes if that makes any sense). I am always searching for a spiritual path, I feel like I’m getting closer. AND I have been allowing myself to shine which has in fact brought a lot of positivity to my mental state. I’ve been doing well in school for the past year and can’t wait to get back on-campus next month..yay.

  4. Well I had to Google it and a North Node in Taurus “represents a need to get in touch with your own self-worth” with Scorpio creating “a longing for close bonding and mutual empowerment with another person” through focusing “on your own strength, your own values, your own priorities”. I wish they told you HOW to go about doing these things. If I ever figure it out, I’m writing a step-by-step guide to it and plastering it all over the Internet!

  5. Hello Elsa, I’d have a technical question. Sometimes a planet or a node are very close to the cusp of the next house (less than 3 degrees, on a Placidus system) and some interpretations say they are “technically” in the next house. Let’s say the ascendant is 20ΒΊ Aquarius and the north node is 18ΒΊ Aquarius. How would you interpret it? Because having a planet or a node in the 12th house is different from having it in the 1st house. I bring up this question here in case somebody else has been wondering too. Thank you very much!

  6. Oh this is interesting! I just figured out that my husband and I both have our North Nodes in Leo. That really makes sense. Mine is in the second house and his is in the fifth.

    I think that both of our life purposes will have to do with having authority and learning to shine. Mine may have more to do with financial independence and his more to do with believing in himself.

  7. My North node is in Cancer (3rd House) and my South node is in Capricorn (9th House).
    So there’s a need to let go of control, prestige, materialism and move towards emotional sensitivity and nurturing others. Yet I have 3 personal planets(Venus, Mercury, Mars) in Cap around my South Node which find Cap qualities easy, natural and automatic!

    In response to Charlottes comment on HOW to go about moving away form North Node towards the South Node – try using your North Node sign symbols, colours, stones etc.

  8. My North node is in Leo in the 8th house. I probably project a fair number of those qualities, and I do tend to have a few leo or leo like folks around. All the emotional openess and warmth doesn’t feel safe to me. and my sun saturn square makes me hesitant.

    Although, I think I’ll get there one day. I’ve gotten a lot friendlier and more trusting over the last year, and a lot warmer too. And hey! who doesn’t love a little drama? eh?

  9. My NN is in my 2nd house and completely contrary to what I want from life. I have to start earning, collecting, appreciating the material, learning how to make my own money instead of relying on others.
    I so wanted to marry a millionaire πŸ˜‰ but it can’t be.

  10. My NN is in Virgo, 3rd house, conjunct my IC and missing a conjunction to that Mars/Venus/Pluto clusterfuck by one degree. πŸ™‚ I have no idea what any of this means. Help?

  11. Me, too, Joana. Ain’t it a bitch? Mine’s in Taurus in the 2nd house conjunct Venus. An easy enough (and just redundant enough to hit me over the head with it) lesson to glean. But they’re also conjunct my daughter’s Sun, which tells me that I’m better motivated and able to learn this stuff through loving her and providing for her. She’s an antidote for my tired-and-tested SN Scorpio ways, that’s for sure. But ohhhhh, that Scorpio’s easy to fall back on.

  12. My NN is Libra-9th House. I also have Pluto in my 9th and oh the stories I could tell. Road trips with suicidal maniacs, trips to Europe funded by insurance money obtained after being run-over by a car. Departures from church facilitated by a parent’s anger at their inability to get spiritual help for personal issues related to sexual abuse by members of the Church…on and on she goes.

    I have an incredible amount of people in my life with wildly varied experiences, but I only just realized that 3 of the 4 people I’ve known who were in the army/military were Libras, and I am in close range to a myriad teachers, among them pre-school, elementary and highschool teachers, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, and university professors. And of course, my online teachers who share astrology with me! πŸ™‚

    I am compelled towards studies of a religious/philosophical bent (might be my Sag ASC as well as 9th House NN) and have travelled extensively all over the world.

  13. my northnode is in aquarius in the first house. I’m always struggling with feeling the need to be independent and being overly dependent on others, mostly my friends. I think I’m doing pretty well since my sun and ascendant are tied up with my true purpose in life. I’m off making a name for myself and using my words to influence my generation to stand up and take charge. Or I hope that’s what I’m doing..=/ I’m always attracting unique individuals that help me grow and in turn, I help them achieve their true purpose.

  14. north node in 10th. i’m socially fucked, and i need to learn how to ‘be’ in front of people. especially considering the aspects, with my 4th house south node, i’m inclined to opt out and internalize. i don’t like being drawn out of my shell, if you will. saturn’s square my nodes. maybe i’m supposed to “take care” (n.node in cancer) of the public. yuck.

  15. I’ve got north node in Aries in the 2nd house. Real codependent I see. I think I feel it in terms of needing to be self-reliant and caring too much what other people think. The funny thing is I love being on my own, but there is a tension with wanting to live in various forms of society too. Sometimes I especially am surprised about my family. And the fact that when the going gets tough I like to pretend that I’m alone in the world.

  16. My NN in pisces in 1st conj asc. It opposes moon, ura, jup & pluto. The rulers of the nodes (merc/nept) oppose too and form a rectangle (trine/sextile) with them. Being in first it wants me to stand on my own 2 feet, being in pisces to let go and allow to chaos to reign at times and not analyse to death. I read somewhere that the SN is what we want and to get it we have to do the growth needed from the NN. So i’ve always wanted the perfect r’ship but to get it i’ve needed to be more independent and compassionate, to accept and understand imperfection in others and also myself. I think with my NN conj asc i meet what i need to help me grow and think i’ve got it pretty balanced now. I still have problems with dependency and confidence (despite having aries, though saturn is there so..) which i’m working on. My stellium in 7th is quite a powerful pull though and i cant really ignore them, some say they are gifts so for me its all about balance.. finding perfection in imperfection, the logical in the illogical, the (strong) need for r’ship vs the need to be independent, etc

  17. My NN is in Scorpio, 2nd house. I think I need to build a sense of security and values and become more grounded. I can’t fall back on my 8th house Scorpio – manipulating and controlling others (thru sex).

  18. June, maybe another interpretation would be a public life in the healing arts? It’s such a broad term…I can relate a little to the SN in 4th, I think having a 4th House Sun is a bit similar (a need for privacy, for example). My Sun is also square Saturn, and when I had my first SR in Leo I got ‘in touch with my audience’ so to speak. I did that by volunteering at a bunch of art/performance gigs around town. Not sure how good I was, but it was a confidence booster! Good luck to you, I hope you’re not as socially fucked as your mind tells you you are (and I suspect Sun/South Node Square Saturn types rarely are).

  19. Manisha, I knew a fellow once with NN in Taurus in 8th, the exact reverse of yours. His theory was, with SN in Scorpio/8th he was inclined to obsess over his possessions (of which he had very few), but the NN in Taurus/2nd meant he ought to be possessing his obsessions.

    Guess that means you should obsess over your possessions. Got any nice art or other collectibles? πŸ˜‰

  20. 2nd house, Libra.
    things are less important than relationships.

    there’s some major scrooge/miser/poverty-consciousness themes running through elements of my family, including my mother.

  21. MY NN is in Virgo, while my girlfriend’s Moon is in Pisces, opposite my NN!

    In the meantime, her NN is Aquarius, which happens to also be my Moon sign! My Jupiter is in Leo, which conjuncts her South Node.

    What does this mean? Help?

  22. That’s interesting, Tinkerer. I’ve got NN Taurus in 8th house too and I am very confused as to how to interpret it, as all the books I read seem to link up Taurus NN with having a 2nd house NN. All I know is that I have a lot of stuff (some people would be rude enough to call it clutter…) and I have great, great difficulty getting rid of it. Records, reference books, photos – it’s all so important! I now have a pile of books on decluttering…

  23. Just wondering – do you think the house position or the sign of the North Node has most significance? Or both equal? I read somewhere that the house has most relevance. Does anyone agree?

  24. noticing all the other Libra rising people here, where the NN always falls in a sign and in the house opposite that sign e.g. taurus NN in 8th etc.. That’s a lot of flip flopping around!

    I have a Leo NN in the 11th: I’ve been generous with pro bono work of commercial art for groups & causes that I support. In turn, the work would get noticed and land me real jobs. Aquarius SN in the 5th plus Saturn is there — I use to restore art but quickly became miserable doing that.
    … Adding to the confusing flip flopping I have Uranus in Leo/11th.

  25. oh your funny, i have nth node in Gem in 10th and south odviously in the 4th as Sag. Lol I love that monastry bit this rat race i have had nearly take me out, I miss my cave…

  26. june me too socially #@^&*(, 10th North Node in Gemini.
    It was my Leo rising however that led me to acting and 10th cusp taurus to singing.
    Great in front of people toastmasters etc, but group friends, Im with you. I have sun in Cap so ambition is my test as well as a concrete material success here.
    That 4th house south has been a downfall but now after studying these nodes i am moving on, Want to write a book (best seller of course)

  27. NN 7th House in Scorpio. I don’t know how to interpret Scorpio + the house of Libra… And, no, haven’t made any progress in finding a partner.

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