Scorpio / 8th House / Pluto – Qualities At 40, 50, 60 Years Old & Beyond

scorpio goddessLynn wrote on: Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto Types – General Qualities:

“Maybe it relates to how you were talking about turning away from people. It’s not easy to be Plutonion, and so misunderstood and under-appreciated and even reviled, when your intentions were not at all prosecutable offenses…quite the opposite. It’s intense!”

You can read the exchange on the other post. I decided this was worthy of starting a new topic…

Scorpio is well known to be self protective. That aside, older Scorpios do tend to get crusty after awhile, particularly if they have a Saturn flavor.

My friend, Ben has a 10th house sun in Scorpio and a strong Saturn. He says things like, he won’t cast his pearls before swine. This is common sentiment among the older Scorpio population.

My husband is the same way. He won’t tell anyone, anything, for the most part. He feels they don’t deserve it, and he’s wasting his breath anyway.

I’m far more open and willing to give. I think it’s because I was born to help. My husband is a soldier. He’s not really required to sit with people.

Ben is a teacher. He does invest in young people, tremendously. But if you’re 40 years old and want to play patty-cake stupidity games with him, he’s not going to do it.

I don’t think he can be blamed for this. I don’t think any of us can be blamed (or blame others) for the choices we make. They represent a natural process of maturing. Time and energy are limited. Your personality and purpose becomes more defined over the years.

What can you say about the older Plutonian?

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  1. Agreed. I’m not going to put up with stupidity or cheating in the game. I’d rather not play.
    Over the years, hopefully it’s called wisdom, you stop defending. Rather you proclaim, this is who I am, this is what I need, this is what I come with. If it’s not for you, move along.
    Next!!! ; )

  2. There’s a lot of truth to this. Scorpio IC types don’t have a problem getting rid of others. The flip side of this is the isolation of old age. I haven’t made a new friend in 10 years, so I’m especially vulnerable to losing any of my old ones. It’s also hard if you’re not married, because you don’t want to put yourself out there for random people to “make an effort to find a partner”.

  3. I’m only 34 but I feel like I’ve been like this my whole life. I’ve never been especially generous with my energy. It used to bug me when I’d hear that people called me a snob. Until I realized that I am in a way. There’s a whole investigation process that has to happen for me to feel comfortable. Usually without their knowledge. I’m still learning how to not get hurt when someone doesn’t appreciate my attention and energy. It’s not fair to expect everyone to understand what it takes for me to give of myself. Virgos have been the best friends for me. They notice the details and subtetly of how I present myself.

  4. I’ll be 67 on Sunday. Scorpio. You conclude with the essential truth I think, “Your personality and purpose becomes more defined over the years.” Being self-protective by nature and astrological signature, being Plutonian is something that I have learned through experience. I have fought and hid, and loss and gained people, places and reputation. At the core of me, my loyalty to regeneration has been the over-arching Scorpio trait to keep me alive and thriving.

    I feel grateful to be alive given all the trials. Many old friends are not friends today. All of my family of origin are on the other side. As Scorpio I use their fuel to help the living … a very Scorpion thing to do. Fortunately for me and my partner, we found each other later in life … two water signs (one who travels side-ways and the other dives deep) it makes for important connections as we age.

    Small talk and small talkers don’t make it long with Scorpios, and old Scorpions don’t have time to waste on it. I feel lucky to have a young generation of family to share, but, I wait for them to ask. It’s a sweet if not long-time in coming. But. That’s what comes for Scorpio with strong Saturn. I’m grateful for that understanding, it’s a fitting birthday gift I think.

    Great question Lynn, and expansive response Elsa.

    1. I wish you a very Happy Birthday Mokihana. 🙂 I enjoy reading your posts. “At the core of me, my loyalty to regeneration has been the over-arching Scorpio trait to keep me alive and thriving.” I hear ya! Sometimes I think I’ve regenerated more than Dr. Who!
      I just turned 60 on the 13th (Scorp stellium) and as I get older time does become more precious to me. It’s not something I want to waste so I’m more careful where I invest my energy and emotions.

  5. Thank you for elaborating on the effect of age to this type , Elsa. I have experienced this to a large degree and it is reassuring to know that this is actually a natural progression that should not carry blame or guilt. I really appreciate the compassion in that .”Scorpio does tend to get crusty after awhile”.I honestly tried my best to fight this but ultimately, I am the queen of crusty, her royal is what it is and I thank you for helping me know what itactually is. I am not rebelling against is important to discriminate where and when you distribute your energy and more importantly with whom. I believe that pluto/scorpio types grieve the loss of energy on the undeserving with a tremendous sense of loss. It is almost like you have given birth and the baby is stillborn. You can not do this forever. When age cathes up with you it has to change if you are to survive.

    1. I hear yah LN. “I believe that pluto/scorpio types grieve the loss of energy on the undeserving with a tremendous sense of loss. It is almost like you have given birth and the baby is stillborn. You can not do this forever. When age cathes up with you it has to change if you are to survive.”

  6. I think this was solidified for me by Saturn in Scorpio. Didn’t want to get lose people. I feel like part of me died in the process but it was the only way through.

  7. Saturn conj asc at zero Gemini opposite 29 Scorpio moon. I’m 42 now. I’m tired of repeating myself and watching people pull the same stupid things over and over. I even told cancer girl honey I love you (Pisces sun) but I simply don’t want to know what your dad’s doing unless it directly affects you kids. I divorced that drama

  8. I am now almost alone in that I have only one friend. Its not that I wont talk to people, its just my natural inclination to not seek out people. I dont really need them, and really they are mostly a shamble. They create so much trouble about them. I have always had to look after myself from an early age, as my home environment was not conducive to being a child. I am alone with my thoughts and imagination. I thought at first that I would lose the ability to talk, or that I would lose it mentally – maybe I have!! But there is always a way, there is always a choice. I have a scorp asc and a moon/pluto/mc conjunction in virgo.

  9. I make friends easily (moon in Libra), but I let go just as easily if there’s too much crazy. Don’t want drama, don’t need it, don’t try to start it, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. The whole idea of Scorpio valuing the quality, as well as being resourceful with energy and feelings seems to be common with many scorps out there.

  10. I agree this is a great post Elsa. I’m 61 years old born 30 October 1955. My sun is only 6* and depending on which house system you use my Sun is either in the 8th or 9th house and my Sun is conjunct Neptune. I’m like no other Scorpio I know of as I’m fairly open, I’m really not very possessive nor am I jealous most people don’t think I’m a Scorpio at all.

  11. I have difficulties over ‘rules’ with a peron who has a strong Pluto Saturn conjunction in Leo. I have had such devotion to this person to do work for others but we have one major ‘rule’ collision and we can’t seem to get passed this. I’m a 8 house sun Capricorn (gem rising) so I take rules and responsibility seriously. There are sub dynamics at work that I haven’t fathomed yet perhaps, but the main ‘collision’ is glaring. Such a waste of plutonic energy used for wheel-spinning and not healing. Where’s the flexibility? Is it plutonic ego or power game rules? I just want to help the people without the handcuffs. Scorpio / plutonic types please enlighten.

  12. The older I get, the more crotical i have become.
    If single I don’t use any dating apps, because I hate the thought of “selling your soul” to the lowest offer. Bad experiences in the love department has made me aware of my own worth and at the same time I don’t want to get caught up in a bad energy because with Libra moon in 8th house and Pluto conj. Saturn in the 8th as well – and a triple planet scorpio energy opposite Chiron, I tend to do just that :-/

    My Chiron is conjunct Algol, the star that make (especially men) end up destroying the feminine energy. Bad cocktail.

  13. Rereading this post, I still agree with all of it- the casting pearls before swine is the quote I’ve used for years, too. I love that your husband just flat out thinks people don’t deserve his opinion, I literally chuckled, because I am the same way. Nope!
    Hahaha- people can stew in their arrogance. lol

  14. anonymoushermit

    I’ve become more giving. Just sayin’. I don’t know how else to be. Serve, or suffer. Pisces Sun, and all!

  15. Totally agree with all of this – I am Venus, Neptune in Scorp. in 1st House, NN Scorp. in 2nd, and Pluto has been travelling right alongside me all my life – it’s been transiting my 4th House for quite a few years – most of my Planets have had its company since birth….( only Uranus near MC and Mars ( Handle of my Bucket Chart) doing their own thing….) – So I echo all of this (2nd Saturn Return not that long ago..); glad it’s not just me turning in to Victor Meldrew!

  16. I remember reading a description in some book years ago :- “The Scorpion is a crusty little creature that likes to hide under rocks…” – Ha! so true……

  17. I am sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aries, Rising Virgo, Pluto in Scorpio. I am getting married to a Scorpio sun male in his early 40’s, and he’s my unicorn. I don’t mess around and I am extremely strict and structured, and he is the only male I’ve ever met on this planet who can bring the same qualities and more to the common ground. Perfect match. Both appreciate truth, honesty, loyalty and dedication. Became best friends first. I keep thanking him for just being on Earth and giving me the honour to become his wife till death do us part.

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