What Zodiac Sign In Most Persuasive / Persuadable?

No one denies we live in polarized society at this time.  Further, most everyone seems firm in their position.  Still, people do convert.

How do they convert?

What sign is most persuasive? Are some sign is most persuadable than others?

How persuadable are you?

9 thoughts on “What Zodiac Sign In Most Persuasive / Persuadable?”

  1. Gemini’s are great persuaders. I know one who persuaded the court not to jail his son after he got caught in a child porn sting. “Oh my poor boy (16 at the time), he didn’t know what that was, he’s ‘autistic’ (something I don’t believe for a minute and neither does anyone else who knows them) and he can’t be held responsible for himself.”

  2. Pisces is an easy gut reaction answer to “most persuadable.” I had a progressed Pisces sun throughout childhood and into adulthood and I have Mercury in Pisces in the seventh. I still second guess myself often and whenever someone starts spitting their political or religious beliefs at me I invariably think,”Gee. They know what’s up. I know nada.” And I have a 29 degree Aquarius sun that only aspects my MC/IC and Uranus so I don’t have the healthiest ego in the world. But I’m getting older and more tired of being meek and my progressed sun, moon and Venus are in Aries. I’m starting to finally stand up for myself and my beliefs in my fourth decade. I don’t know much but I know what I know and am no longer easily duped. I’m fighting the second guessing tooth and nail.

    Most persuasive…I would go with Capricorn. When a Capricorn gets it right they are a shining beacon of integrity and mental acuity. My favorite lectures have been from Capricorns because it’s never hot air with them. They walk the walk.

  3. I always took a certain pride in being persuadable, not stodgy. But lately I keep this view to myself. But of course it wasn’t until recently my 30 year old daughter informed me marginalized is not a good thing. I always felt quite comfortable on the fringe because I could move within all sorts of groups, not being glued to one.

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    Bored Neptune Person

    I find Saturn people pretty persuasive, because you feel that they know what they’re talking about and they’re trustworthy.

    Gemini people are like commercials:), I don’t know where to run away from them!

  5. I’m a Scorpio and I’d say I’m rather persuasive.

    I think every sign can be persuasive, it comes down to whom you’d trust – and that depends on whom you’re connecting with most easily (aka synastry dynamics).

    Sometimes we’re the victims, sometimes you are the persuader.

  6. I have to do with lunar Aquariuses and no matter what the sun sign is, they always seem to be very persuadable. They easily believe in people’s words and when somebody has a talent to manipulate and can win one’s heart it’s usually very simple to catch lunar Aquarius.
    Especially by “friendly” gestures.
    There is something with Leo also. People with strong Leo sign are very prone to flatteries, symbolic gestures, compliments.

  7. I’m a scorpio and i think i’m pretty persuasive. And, no doubt, all the other scorpios that i know are also pretty persuasive. So, i’m gonna go with scorpio. But (in my opinion), the second place medal is for the libras. Comment your opinion.

  8. I can’t convince anyone by intending to do so. It’s often without intending to do – that it happens. I am a gemini sun with mercury in taurus. It’s not persuasion but I feel people pay attention when I say something, in the offline anyway.

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