The Quality Of My Energy

The moon is in Capricorn, conjunct Saturn and Pluto. I wrote this ten years ago, using the word, “entitlement”.

In whatever case, it’s interesting, relevant and still, true!

maureen wrote on Attention Seeking Behavior:

“I donโ€™t know how you do it Elsa, but Iโ€™m grateful the universal tides bring you back to shore again and again.”

I don’t do it by any special effort. It’s a rhythm that’s exists in me, innately. I’ve developed a thicker skin but it took years. I have also learned to defend this blog as if it were my home (or my bar). This has helped as well.

There is something about my energy that makes it very easy to use. There is a lot of it for one thing. And it seems readily adaptable. My energy is unique and it comes from the dark (the 8th house), rather than the light.

My fan club is a dark for the most part.ย  Many people root for my suffering and demise in some form, though they like my creative output. In short, my pain makes a meal but this may be subconscious.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with this. I’m waitress in every way shape and form. I show up for work regardless.

What I object to and find highly offensive is the denial of this service. This is the part, I don’t think is personal to me.

Most agree that people have developed a profound sense of entitlement. They’re likely to stay this way until the water to their well run dry.

That this will happen seems inevitable to me but when this will happen is up to the fates.

What is your energy like?

18 thoughts on “The Quality Of My Energy”

  1. I always feel so bad when you speak of how many times people have projected their harshness on you – I sort of just storm through my own life, and I suppose my body language screams “don’t fuck with me”. I certainly hope you know that those who appreciate all your hard work and this wonderful website, far outweigh those who have to be on the attack, for whatever sad reason they have.

  2. Elsa people just hate to hear the truth..
    We just keep putting sun glasses on blind people..
    I always say the truth will set you free even if it punches you in the eye…:)

  3. Elsa I think your energy is awesome, don’t know how you manage to do all you do for your astro-hungry audience ( and btw astro conferences can be mighty boring, but this blog never is!) who else could maintain this incredibly busy and popular, much loved website, but the unique, very giving Elsa.. heartfelt applause from a Mars in Scorpio who could never match ya, hun xx

  4. ps.. “Subconsciously many people root for my suffering and demise in some form as I never actually go down and they like my creative output during periods. In short, my pain makes a meal.”.. Elsa I own up to being curious in a gentle, I hope, caring way, but I don’t know and don’t presume to ask about your personal’d share it if you felt that it should be shared, I guess, and folk need to ask for the right reasons, too, but girl.. your smile lights up your videos.. seems more likely that draws folk to you than anything else. If you have pain,I bet there are more kind hearts out there than you know, simply wishing you well. Take the hugs too.. they’re real can’t take a hug back you know!(())

  5. Dang Elsa- i want you happy and healthy. No prayers for your demise here! And am happy you are serving it up. I like to hear about the dark sure because I have my own, I’ve been there–

  6. (This may be a bit tangential … I’m catching up posts tonight.)

    The thing is – you do such a fantastic job of shoring this place up and fighting the dragons, as I call it, that most of us have No Fucking Clue how many dragons may be bashing the moat at any given time.

    That is truly impressive.

    1. My energy is sensitive (8th house sun and 12th house moon) although some tell me I’m intense, difficult, a power house of a woman (courtesy my strong saturnal chart I guess).

  7. ”I think there is something about my energy that makes it very easy to use. There is a lot of it for one thing and it seems readily adaptable. It is is also unique and it comes from the dark ((the 8th)) not the light.”’

    Hmmmm…. I was wondering now…
    Where does the light energy comes from (QM)

    ”’Most agree that people have developed a profound sense of entitlement and they are probably not going to lose it until the water to their well run dry”’

    I am guessing that it has to be some kind of balance between them then (Question Mark)

  8. That energy of yours draws like a magnet…… lease where I’m concerned. You and this blog are very much appreciated.

  9. I love your energy and that you shed so much light on the dark and on how important it is. It nourishes so many. And gives the dark a great place with great company, just like your favorite bar. Bummer about the crap — no way around that but through I think. The entitlement is more frightening as that piper is one that the collective will have to pay. Boo.

  10. You certainly are “serving us” in every way possible I’d say ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I find the waitress commentary fascinating. Also, the fact that people DENY their own feeding off this energy. The shame (and perhaps a bit of fear) in them is appalling, and they try to hide it with their own entitlement somehow.

    That dynamic is interesting as a subject to be honest. I cannot lie, I feel like an energy waitress myself. And I have discovered the same – that somehow some people act like they are entitled (when they are in reality ashamed of the vulnerable parts they shared with me, not wanting to remember their ‘weak’ moments). That makes them really nasty when they leave again.

    I think you’re the most badass waitress in the vampire bar by the way – dishing out pure blood (compared to some other who feeds off the REALLY bad blood).

  11. Avatar
    Charmaine Desjardin

    Dear God,
    Thank you for Elsa.
    She has raised me up so I can walk on mountains , she has shown me the Rainbows across the Ocean. I am Blessed she shares her guidedence & points the way
    On a cloudy day to where the
    Sun is Shinning !
    Thank You my friend Elsa.

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