Mars In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn – Social Sharks

Shark skulking around

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn describes a situation where a person’s reputation (Capricorn) is attacked (Mars). It’s like being slimed.

To use this energy in a positive way, a person might apply social skills to support and empower others rather than destroy them! In fact, if you find yourself defending a person’s reputation, you can be pretty sure you’re on track!

If you do decide to slime someone, be aware that your reputation at stake as well.  Do you want to be known as someone who attacks and degrades others? Probably not! This is why sharks don’t have a lot of friends!

Are you a shark? Are you a person who social sharks target? Or are you both?

23 thoughts on “Mars In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn – Social Sharks”

  1. I’ve wanted with all my gutt to do some sliming lately but walked the other direction instead. Libra rising, I guess that’s why. Have to work today in Henderson, about 107 degrees. Something or somebody just may get slimed.

  2. I’m being attacked by someone having the Pluto square to her natal Mars in Libra. Double whammy with the Mars transit.

    I have always been so careful of my reputation (Saturn in the 10th house) but I find that I just really don’t care about my reputation at this point. The funny thing is that I’m acting the opposite of what I’m being accused of, it’s really crazy. Thanks square from Neptune to my 12th house Sun/Mercury.

      1. Thanks Elsa! <3

        The loss of the woman is devastating. I've cried as much if not more than when my beloved grandmother died. People who want to leave have to be allowed to do so though.

    1. I have Saturn in the 10th, in Capricorn, to add even more of a Saturny flavor to it too.

      I find that I get to see their demise (small or big) in my lifetime most of the time. For example, in my teenage years I played soccer in high school, and a girl was really cold and snobby to me, she acted like I didn’t exist. A year later she had an injury and had to take a whole semester off. It was nice to see her cold/smug face get a slapping!

      1. I usually see their demise, but I dread this one. I love her, we have been best friends for over 20 years. I feel she’s gone for good though.

  3. Wise advice, Elsa. This makes me think of the poem on the wall at Mother Teresa’s home for children in India, “Do it Anyway”. “In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

  4. Avatar

    I’m getting slammed and what is so refreshing about it is that with every negative action or time someone comes to tell me some nonsense they’ve said, I’ve realised its far more important to not argue my point or degrade myself. Things have been said and done and although I am hurt by peoples actions their own self hurt and pain is a lot more than my own. And with every action, I realise that the way to minimise the pain is to lash out all because they want attention and any attention will do. Sadly I’m not playing that game.

    “hurt people, hurt people”… Very fitting.

  5. Last nite I accidently wandered into shark territory. I tend to do that. Why oh why? Duhhhh!!! I suppose after the wicked weekend realizations on my mind, it was apt to appear in the real. I need to acknowlege that it’s shark(s) and get the hell out of there.

  6. Looked up sharks in Ted’s Animal Wise book. They have an excellent sense of smell. He mentioned smelling what is right for you. He also stated they are ferocious in their endeavors. I think I’m okay with sharks. They are what they are. Extremely focussed on what they want. Nothing wrong with that if I stay out of their way. And if this is shark energy I am starting to feel, I can always use the focussed energy.

  7. Backtracking to let you know you called this one spot-on, Elsa. My DH and I got slimed on 6/12 by DH’s teenage son. (I do not refer to him as ‘stepson’–I barely know the boy.) The situation played out publicly at the kid’s HS graduation ceremony on 6/13. We had to bring all our social skills to bear in order to be publicly (at least) supportive instead of publicly displaying our true feelings about the kid’s attempt to manipulate his father. You gave great advice about how to handle this energy, and in our case we deemed it the right thing to do–no matter how ugly the kid was acting. It was satisfying (though certainly “cold comfort”) to be consciously aware that we could choose our response to an unpleasant situation. Thank you! <3

  8. I am a bit scared as I have Saturn and Pluto in my 12th. It so bad at work already.
    I work in 12th H place so it adds up to ghastly atmosphere.
    Hugs to everyone!

  9. It’s interesting to note that Tr Mars in Libra will exactly square Tr Pluto in Capricorn on November 5th – U.S. Election Day! Yes, there certainly will be a lot of agressive rhetoric, for good and ill, being tossed around leading up to and on that day!

  10. Alice ,in a therapy group 5 years ago
    A young girl said to me, as my world was feeling tough;
    “Stay in your hoolahoop “
    I guess as a child I was also told
    “Stay on your own porch”
    I work with a large group and for me
    I, stay in my hoolahoop. !!good luck
    Best to not worry.I have been quick with” let me get back to you, on that”

  11. Pluto is currently square my 20° Libra Mars.
    I’m not a shark, but with Mars in 12th I might have hidden enemies?
    Since they’re hidden, I don’t know who they are!
    Not a comfortable idea.

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